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Holy mackerel

This is going to be gay as hell!

Author: narcolepticPolkadot

Tera f2p - non -founder player feelings.

Posted by narcolepticPolkadot Thursday February 14 2013 at 5:08AM
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As non-founder (no elite status-player) I can say, that tera has a massive playing abilities including graphic,guilds,pvp,quests,mobs and exp.

However Tera f2p has a big negative for GM staff. The non-founder players are feeling disciminated since there is no controll at all over the chat.

Since the game became f2p  I got a feeling that Gm´s don´t give a flying plankton about the society in the game.

Sadly Tera is not the first or the last MMORPG  which stopped to care about players when it was forced to become f2p.


+ and -  in sort for non -founders

+ Even though you  did not have paid for VIP status, you have quite many possibilities open.

+ Free mount ( perma)

+ The price for armor/weapon  in broker are quite balanced (wonder for how long).

+ Open chat options.

+  "Great combat System" ( adding  from @Purutzil)

+ "Great Graphcis"  ( adding  from @Purutzil)


-  Rude behavior of players mostly racism, discrimination expecially at non elite status players or players from Brazil or Europeans.(Focus on USA server)

(thiefs, nasty slurs and calling them by words I can´t publish here).

- GM´s are not online for controlling ingame society.( I am not even suprised)

-  Some instances are limited.

- With no life status too fast leveling. Max lvl is 60 and to my friend it took not even  2 weeks to reach 50+ with regular plaing time 5-7 h/ day

- Engame gets boring if you are not on pvp server.

- If you hate plaing  on low graphic don´t even DL it.

- Long dl / patch (mostly unstabile).



This is just my opinion of this game. I can´t deny that Tera has a beautifull graphic, however the society and GM ignorance discust me .


With love- NPD

 (?°?°??? ???







f0dell54 writes: Regular play time 5-7 hours a day...... Shit they better be getting paided to play games. Your friend need to get outside and get some fresh air and sun light. Wed Feb 20 2013 8:23AM Report
alkarionlog writes:

feh, so all the problem are the same ever since I played the beta huh?


also he get to lvl 60 playing 5 hours a day? damn why he took so long? I get to lvl 35 playing ONE weekend.


@f0dell54 why so mad someone can play more then you huh?

Wed Feb 20 2013 8:38AM Report
Ukiha writes:

I  have to agree on the rude  behavior from Tera's community,first time i got in the game, i had to disable the global chat.Why? because this "kids" were talking about rape,pedophilia,they were even being racist against other players with no reason at all.

All of this was on EU version of the game,GMs were also inexistant in the game (no shit?! it's Frogster/Gameforge).

The sad thing about this game is that it seems both communities are the worst in both sides players and GMs.

Wed Feb 20 2013 2:15PM Report
spookydom writes: I don't play games where racist scum are alowed to run rampant or give said publishers of that game my money for allowing it to happen. That's why I uninstalled. Nice game, shame about all the racists. Thu Feb 21 2013 9:12AM Report
Purutzil writes: Where the "Great combat System" Pro? or "Great Graphcis"? Not quite sure what computer your playing on that you can't have graphics notched up. My $800 computer thats about ~1 year old can run it with most stuff on high.  Thu Feb 21 2013 1:25PM Report
Nephaerius writes: Downloaded the entire game in less than an hour. Runs flawlessly with everything maxed out on only my single 6850. As far as chat goes, ignore it. You're complaining about a problem prevalent in every single game. Thu Feb 21 2013 2:49PM Report
narcolepticPolkadot writes:

@ Purutzil - Yeah I am focusing  for players that doesn´t have a good pc . I have 2 pc´s at my home  1 lappy that needs nearly everything on low and one normal pc which is able to run nearly everything on high graphics.


I was just suggesting for the players with not-that-good-pc :)

Wed May 15 2013 4:32AM Report writes:
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