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Gamers With Depression

I want to share my story of gaming and depression with other people in hopes that they can relate and hopefully gather strength from the knowledge that depression is not everlasting and can be fought, that video games don't cause depression and violence.

Author: maxedits576

Gamers With Depression: Sense of Belonging

Posted by maxedits576 Wednesday April 3 2013 at 9:11PM
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The real world can be tough, horribly unfortunate, and cruel. Lousy circumstances can break any person's spirit but this is where that sense of belonging manifests. Say you had a bad day at school. Maybe somebody teased you about your raggedy clothes, or bullied you into giving up your snack, or maybe you got in trouble with the teacher. Whatever the situation was, you were now upset, maybe even depressed. You didn't want to go outside after school, you wanted to go home and be alone because when you were alone, you were not being judged, teased, or abused. Of course, this left a void....I believe this void is the reason we turn to video games.


You finally fit in. Whether you were saving princesses, defeating some resurrected evil, or simply trying to beat your friends to the finish line, you belonged. You had a purpose! You were the hero that the kingdom expected to save the day. You were the underdog everyone cheered for. You were important. Nobody could call you weak or useless, nobody could bring you down. This is the belonging you needed. Through this medium, you could pick yourself back up again and hopefully apply it to the real world.


How could you be depressed when there was a whole world waiting for you to save them? It is easy to be swallowed by the increasing pressure of real world stress so I think being able to go into a world where none of that matters and immerse yourself in it is a fantastic way to dig yourself out of depression. Not only was this an escape, but also a learning tool with regards to handling certain situations in the real world. Anytime you got pushed down you could think back to when your favorite character got back up and stood his ground. Not to say that you should pounce on the bully, but that your mentality was strong and determined not to let this person bring you down.


What was your first game that let you escape reality and gave you a sense of belonging? Did you still get that feeling as you became older?


ellobo29 writes:

Although, yes gaming can give you that artifical sence of accomplishment. And getting that uber sword of uberness can feel amasing and unfortunatly is fleeting. Like drinking alcohol to suppress your problems. When u sober up the issues are still there. Lets face it, no mmo last forever. Then all that hard work and the 100's of hours to accomplish so much is all gone. Get outside and accomplish something that lasts!

Gaming feels bests to you have set boundaries when too much is too much, and when you have your responsibilities and priorities set. And know that im ready to tackle the real world the next day.

There are many times when i have spent too long raiding the night before and didnt get enough sleep. Woke up next morning and felt like crap at work and didnt get enough done at work.... what am i supposed to tell my boss... "sorry man, i had a late night on WOW the other day, but it was crazy, you should have been there!" Now my whole day is ruined......That for me creates true depression.

Fortunately ive grown, and have a better sence of self-control now then i did when i was a teen.....Just my opinion.

Thu Apr 04 2013 8:19AM Report
maxedits576 writes:

@Ellobo29 Yea, I think i will need to touch on the responsibility of being a gamer and balancing your actual life but i think that sense of accomplishment can be used in the real world. If you are having a particularly down day, you might flip through some screenshots and see the picture from the first time your guild took down Ragnaros in Vanilla WoW and think of how AWESOME you felt when he finally died after you wiped for the 20th time. That point also ties into using the dedication you gather in games to real world. If you are the type to go above and beyond to get that new piece of gear, at some point, I would hope that that mentality fits in to your actual mindset. You may say to yourself, i don't like the way i look so i am gonna start dieting. You know what its like to grind a boss for 3 months, can't be too hard to grind out a diet for a few months either. 


All in moderation is something i need to talk about in a future post though, thank you.

Thu Apr 04 2013 6:26PM Report
mysticaluna writes:

True, because what if someday the unthinkable happens? You lose a loved one, or your partner divorces you, or someone who you thought was a friend just turns around and betrays you, things happen, and you should always have a good independent source of happiness that no one can take away from you.

If you focus all of your time on friends or family, they can drain your energy, but you should balance everything and have your own personal fun to avoid that... 

Sat Apr 06 2013 5:15AM Report
supergfunk writes: Life is ALL about balance! Wed Apr 10 2013 5:09PM Report writes:
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