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My Take on Everything

My opinion on what is going on with MMOs. Released or not. This will not be a rant blog. It will be opinions on current status of MMOs.

Author: matraque

Star Wars Galaxies - What are we really missing? - Part 1

Posted by matraque Sunday September 16 2007 at 4:44PM
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Yes, we all loved SWG.  I started playing in beta 3.  I remember... I got my beta invite the day after i watched A New Hope (had not listened to a SW film in years!).  I was not actively playing an MMO back then so it was a welcomed gift.

What got me in SWG was the SW universe (like probably most of us).  I honestly did not care of the features and gameplay.  It was Star Wars FFS and that is all i needed to get hooked.  I was playing a SW game in a settings i liked.  The classic SW time line (EP IV V VI).  I did not care at all about the rest.  That was back in beta.

The game was, even like today's MMOs, launched unfinished (I can probably even mention broken).  We keep playing because of the community and our guild.  I don't think anyone can say they were playing the game because of the content (especially before JTL).  Raph vision was "Let em create the content".  It worked to a certain degree.

What went wrong?  The inability of the Devs to create content and fix the game.  Basically, the absence of wiliness IMO.  SW is one of the best IP on the world... how can you not find something to add to you game?  At first, they had the monthly story (brilliant idea).  It got scrapped after chapter II if i remember correctly.  Then, the started to add a couple dungeons here and there (Corvette, DWB and Geolab).  But, the worst part of SWG was the holocron (the one that let that stupid idea should have been fired on the spot).  IMO, the holocrons KILLED SWG.  That is where it started to go downhill.  Allowing Jedi in SWG was the biggest mistake ever.  If you wanted Jedi in SOE (or the people that kept whining and whining to get it) you should have created the game in using the "new" Star Wars or something ala KOTOR.

Thats the end of part 1, thanks for reading!

Nasa writes:

I played because of the features, gameplay and the content. If the game is good then the community is normally good too

Sun Sep 16 2007 7:06PM Report
winston2020 writes:

Horrendous game.  I just downloaded and the trial version...

I played it for 5 minutes and deleted it.  Terrible controls, generic, stupid quests, lame proffessions, choppy graphics... I mean what does the game actually have to offer? 

It is a true crime that they've taken star wars, which has the potential to be the best MMORPG ever, and made it into a game I can't play for five minutes without cursing!

Here's hoping Star Trek Online lives up to the name...

Sun Sep 16 2007 7:15PM Report
Perilous1 writes:

It's not Star Wars without Jedi. Argue all you want but without them it's a hollow game world. Now, you can say that you never went for Jedi and were able to enjoy the game just fine, that is perfectly alright to say. But your post isn't about general facts, just your opinion, that should be made clear up front. I agree completely that they never should have released Holocrons that helped you along in becoming a Jedi, not knowing which professions would unlock Jedi was nice and mysterious, like the Jedi themselves.

I can't wait until one of the Emulation teams releases a pre-CU server. I worked with such a group briefly but my c++ wasn't up to the challege. You should know that the communities surrounding these emulations in development have been repeatedly polled as to which unlock method they prefer for Jedi. Every poll has been resoundingly in favor of the hologrind method. The Combat Upgrade and NGE were nails in the coffin for that game and every MMO I play now can't hold my attention for more than a few months at a time. I constantly yearn for a return to pre-CU SWG.

Sun Sep 16 2007 11:16PM Report
Cpt.Stubbing writes:

No content and the biggest worlds to explore it on. On top of that, Zillions of bugs and no REAL attempt to fix them. Sandbox is GREAT but it needed a main quest line, and side-quests for those who wanted to play them. Oh sure they added quests, but they were BUGGED. Again I say come on STO.

Sun Sep 16 2007 11:57PM Report
Torak writes:

SWG has always been in bad shape, dispite what the angry vets say. (See any review at release) The problem really was just plain old bad management. They switched directions years after launch and have been juggling around with it from the start. There was never any focus or clear direction.

Mon Sep 17 2007 2:31AM Report
Bandar558 writes:

I have to go against the part where you stated what would SWG be without jedi..  Originally the SWG mmo didnt focus directly on the jedis perspective of Star wars.. SWG was an interactive mmo focusing on the a different aspect of Star wars.. it was meant to show a perspective to Star wars fans, so they can see and feel the experiance of how it was like in the SW universe as the civilian population.. it even stated that way before Close/Open Beta.  George Lucas said everything had pretty much been shown revolving Star wars besides for Quote "how it was to the civilians and not the view of Jedi/sith."  it was subject to have an appeal of being a normal everyday civilian in the SW universe with the imperial cracking down with contrabands and such.  that was pretty much the intent for SWG.. and it was a brilliant aspect. consitering  that SWG timeline started right after the destruction of the death star over Endor, and during those Times jedi was almost vanished.. with the exception of Luke Skywalker.  So yea i have to disagree with the fact that SW isnt really SW without jedis. Especially when the SW mmo you play was meant to focus on the Aspect of the Civilian life of star wars, not just the narrow minded view of the jedi.   I was commited to SWG for a long time.. i played since Beta up until NGE release. and i also toughed it out through the CU (that was bad enough but toleratable).. i quit 2 days after the NGE...   thats just my 2 cents on the topic

Mon Sep 17 2007 6:21AM Report
sgtredleg writes:

I too played SWG pre JTL. Was it buggy? You bet it was, but we still played. And we had fun defending towns against the Empire. The fights were large and very laggy, but we still played and had fun. After the battle most players would be in a cantina just talking forever about the fight and how this one or that one died 4 or 5 times and what it would cost to replace armor or weapons and how long they would have to grind to get the money.

Then JTL came out. Everyone took to the stars. I wasn't all that good at it but thats just me. At this time the guild I was with decided to move our town to another planet where we would have a chance to build up to at least a point of having a shuttleport as the planet we were on had already maxed on player towns with them. When the Jedi aspect started many decided to become one. Now if my memory serves me right, there would only be a limited number allowed at different levels. Which to me was fine as I had no intention of becoming one. For myself I didn't want to see even one player Jedi. I felt it should be an NPC position only, but I could live with it as there could be only so many. Lo and behold, there are Jedi running all over the place. The town battles had 20-30 on each side. These fights started to become Jedi/Sithe battlegrounds where others were not needed or wanted except as cannon fodder. As an already nerfed Master Combat Medic I never stood a chance of getting beyound about 20 secs from the start of a battle before I was killed. The MCM and BH (Bounty Hunter) were the 2 profs that were supposed to be the bain of Jedi/Sithe. It was nowhere close to that. Yes I feel the Jedi aspect in SWG was the real start in the downfall of the game. CU was tollerated for the most part  and NGE finished the game off. I would love it if SWG was to be brought back in its original form. For me I would go right back to playing it again. Oh and I did try it after NGE was introduced-20 mins was all I could handle of this .

Mon Sep 17 2007 7:16AM Report
Darth_Pete writes:

SWG was great game.. but then most people stopped "playing" it and started grinding jedi. Jedi should only have been as NPC like sgtredleg said, much like LOTR:O is using Dúnedain rangers only as NPC or temporary characters

Mon Sep 17 2007 7:42AM Report
thepatriot writes:

SWG was a great game idea if it had been a generic Sci-Fi game.  Marrying it to SW was a huge mistake.  The concepts behind the mechanics were revolutionary, but they had no place in a SW game.  And content would have been nice to have. 

Mon Sep 17 2007 9:05AM Report
matraque writes:

Thanks for all the comments guys!

Mon Sep 17 2007 5:36PM Report
HudsonD writes:

So far I'd agree, except that the gameplay and features were what got me in, and kept me in, the SW name being just a (very sweet) bonus.

The incredible incompetence of SOE really killed the game before CU...

Mon Sep 17 2007 6:51PM Report writes:
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