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Mythic: Blizzard is in for a "lengthy battle"

Posted by magdalene08 Monday October 20 2008 at 5:42AM
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Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning has only just begun to compete with World of Warcraft, says Mark Jacobs, Mythic's CEO, who commented "It's a marathon, not a sprint."

Speaking to, Jacobs took issue with comments made by Paul Sams, Blizzard's COO, that over half of the subscribers who left World of Warcraft for Warhammer Online had returned, which Mythic's CEO interpreted to as an accusation Warhammer users were leaving the MMO.

"One thing about MMOs is that people play multiple games," asserted Jacobs. "That's one of the reasons I was very surprised by Paul's comments. He knows that people may play WoW and they'll play WAR and maybe even a third game at the same time."

He added: "Any comment along the lines of 'well if they're in my game they're not playing in another game,' flies in the face of all research that's been done among MMO players… The idea that you only play one is really kind of silly."

When asked if he was confident Warhammer Online could hold onto its subscribers when World of Warcraft's second expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, comes out, Jacobs assuredly claimed that Mythic are well prepared to fight back with its own content updates.

"We've known that Blizzard is preparing to launch in November. We just announced some of the things that will be going in our first major patch… that's one of the ways we're going to respond."

"This is the beginning of a rather lengthy battle with the guys at Blizzard," Jacobs explained. "We’re in this space to be successful and, when you have a competitor that is as successful and important to the games industry as WoW has been, you don't go into this space unless you're willing to spend money and spend time and really compete against them."

Jacobs further declared: "It's a marathon, not a sprint. We've got a lot of stuff going in, not only this fall but then there's spring and then after that."


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Mythic fights BACK!

wolfmann writes:

multiple games?

None of my friends play 2-3 P2P MMO's at a time. The way most MMORPG's are made, doesnt allow you to spend time in several of them...If you want a social life, a work life, school life and some sleep time.

Single player games on the other hand... :P

Mon Oct 20 2008 7:35AM Report
Deewe writes:

I stepped a few time on your blogs, and never took the time to say thank you ;)

I agree with MJ. I know players enjoying both WAR and WoW at the moment. They say, for now, WAR is more casual friendly so play it during the week and during the WE they do raids in WoW with guildies. (I play WAR and LotRo)

My guess, is in  a few months that tendency should change.


Mon Oct 20 2008 7:36AM Report
Paragus1 writes:

I would prefer to see some original content in your blogs instead of copying and pasting news items.   Blogs should be an opinion.  If you insist on reposting news, you should submit it to the staff IMO.

Mon Oct 20 2008 8:23AM Report
Lupinde3rd writes:

True it is going to be a long lenghty battle between these two but that is a good thing for the players as both sides will strive to out do each other with more content updates and changes etc.

Mon Oct 20 2008 8:29AM Report
Wrender writes:

I hate Casual friendly and all it represents!

Mon Oct 20 2008 9:06AM Report
Arawon writes:

I don't think it will be a battle all.Once the current WAR players see  how shallow WAR truly is.Game over.

Mon Oct 20 2008 10:14AM Report
SteamRanger writes:

WAR is a shell of a game and great for those with low expectations.. Mark just keeps repeating the same lines he's probably giving his bosses at EA. If you want to see how Mythic supports a game, take a look at Dark Age of Camelot. Mark Jacobs only knows how to ride a game into the ground by neglect and presuming on their customer base.

Mon Oct 20 2008 10:20AM Report
todeswulf writes:

You know.. to be a shell of a game and to have so many people leaving WAR it sure is flying off the shelf still and those wait qeues haven't let up any...yeah, yeah it's a fail close to a million subs and growing...they have all run back to WoW yep uh huh sure....


Mon Oct 20 2008 11:00AM Report
Anofalye writes:

There was no battle, Blizzard is alone on the battlefield.  Mythic never fields.  (Warhammer teminology, fielding is the act to enter the battlefield prior the first turn is been played)

I told them about the PvE servers way back in time...oh well.

Mon Oct 20 2008 12:38PM Report
markoraos writes:

LOL great! Those guys are taking their gloves off which is great news for players of both games.

One of my gripes with Blizzard is how fantastically slow they were with implementing features that were demanded by huge numbers of players. It is quite obvious now why they didn't bother - no competition and they don't give a rat's ass whether their customer is happy as long as they keep those subs. I'm talking about player titles and achievements... my god, no one can tell me that it took 3 years to implement?!? And now that WAR is out lo and behold - titles! This really shows how much they really do care about their players.


Mon Oct 20 2008 12:39PM Report
Qmire writes:

The winners are.....


Us, the players, the customers, and gamers. Whether we cheer fore Blizzard or Mythic we'll all get the treats, since in competetion, the customer is spoiled with goods.

Mon Oct 20 2008 4:04PM Report
pileopoop writes:

I don't know a single person who plays 2 different MMO's just people who have multiple accounts on a single MMO.

Mon Oct 20 2008 5:26PM Report
Raiz1 writes:

Most of the people I game with play multiple MMOs. When I say most, I can think of at least 100+ out of maybe 150 or so. These are people I've known for 7 years in some cases.

They all work, have families and active lives. What they also have is money and a taste for a variety of different games. Hell I work with a couple of guys in their early 30's that are diehard WoW players, but now also have accounts for AoC and WAR just to be able to change up what they play.

Gamers are finally starting to relax on this hardcore mentality, and that is where Mythic is going to get a foothold in this expanded consumer base.

Mon Oct 20 2008 5:36PM Report
BarakIII writes:

It must be nice to have money to burn.

Mon Oct 20 2008 6:24PM Report
rznkain writes:

Some of you guys need to stop sippin the WoW  Kool-Aid if you wanna talk shell of a game look no further than WoW and its grindfest that feeds you the same shallow content 500000 times over .Game has been out 4 years had 2 expansions as of next month and a handful of real content updates thats pathetic Mythic will bury them content wise in 1.5 years Hell EQ2 came out 2 weeks ahead of time have done 5 or so adv packs MORE free content than blizzard has ever done PLUS 4 and soon to be 5 expansions and you guys really wanna call other games "shells"? please get educated

Mon Oct 20 2008 7:21PM Report
Monbackey writes:

What ever happened to Mythic saying they weren't going to "compete" with WoW....

Mon Oct 20 2008 9:06PM Report
Emeraq writes:

I play multiple MMO's, only two P2P though. And the way I do it is juggle games, when I get burned out on one then I switch to another. I do not let other areas of my life suffer.

Mon Oct 20 2008 9:11PM Report
Yoottos'Horg writes:

Why does everyone assume that simply pushing the most expansions out into the market means you win, or that you have more content? I'm not defending WoW, but it is beyond irrational to make the blanket statement that the number of expansions you bring to market diirectly correlates to a game's success...

Mon Oct 20 2008 9:36PM Report
NobleNerd writes:

As far as content goes.... WoW has had alot of content in their game without the need to do content updates or expansions every year. You can play thru til lvl 70 with a character 2-3 times over and still find new quests and rewards you never saw the first time. As far as an indepth storyline that is a part of the gaming experience WoW FAILS big time! Most people that play couldn't even tell you the main storyline of the game. I'm not sure if most of the Blizzard employees could tell you, because it has changed and been warped as the last expansion came into play and now with the fact of a playable Death Knight for both sides....?!?!?! ummm... what is going on? Why would an alliance even have access to a DK?? DK is evil, is it not? What are you doing Blizzard?

Mon Oct 20 2008 10:10PM Report
streea writes:

"What ever happened to Mythic saying they weren't going to "compete" with WoW...."

That was before Blizz opened their mouths about how players were leaving WAR for WoW. Oh and before they announced that zebra friend program one day before WAR announced when their game would come out. And how WoW announced the release date of WotLK only hours after WAR announced their open beta.

Basically, you can only take the high road so much before you just get sick of it and smack the person who's always trying to cut you down.

I personally play both WAR and WoW, and I know there are plenty of people who play multiple MMOs. I also know there are people who don't. Either way, I welcome the competition... it means that we'll get more content in both MMOs hopefully.

Tue Oct 21 2008 10:25AM Report
magdalene08 writes:

Well, I dunno. If I find any interesting articles or news I would post it under Blog. more posting. I'll just scrap the next one, Mythic saying Blizzard copying them..

I'll go post at some other websites.


Deewe : you're welcome.

Wed Oct 22 2008 7:26AM Report
game2nd writes:

warhammer online is a good game

Wed Nov 05 2008 12:06PM Report writes:
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