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Warhammer Online beta struggles in Europe

Posted by magdalene08 Tuesday September 9 2008 at 2:26AM
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GOA, the European publisher and operator of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, has issued a public apology for the false start to its open beta test yesterday.

Although servers have opened, and closed beta testers have been able to enter the new phase without any problems, account registration and authentication for new players is not working.

"I rarely address players directly, but I wanted to write you as too few of you have been able to access the open beta today," said GOA's chief executive, Ghislaine Le Rhun, on the European WAR site.

"We have not yet solved the issue of saturated Open Beta key activations that we're currently experiencing," Le Rhun said. "I am sincerely sorry for this, and I understand all the frustration the situation has spawned.

"Today was a dark day," Le Rhun continued. "We expected a massive influx of players, but reality was even harsher. I personally commit that we will communicate to you as clearly as possible on the resolution of these current issues."

In a previous post, it was explained that "serious problems" with the authentication system, "combined with an exceptional amount of traffic and a fault which was not identified during the extensive tests," had limited access to only a handful of new open beta testers. However, the performances of the servers, patcher and downloader for WAR's open beta were all "satisfactory".

The authentication system is expected to be fixed "late Monday morning", with an update promised mid-morning.

maacaaviityy writes:

The thing is, it's now 09:21 in the morning on Tuesday, and still no word from GOA. Atleast I can play, because I was in CB, but all servers are really empty.

I have lost all my faith in this game, and I have no plans on buying it anytime soon, unless I see improvements from GOA when the game actually releases.

Tue Sep 09 2008 3:12AM Report
zechz writes:

You lost all faith in the game? What dose a Publisher and account problems in a beta have to do with the actual game?

So they fucked up, thats fine. Better they do it now and learn from it sooner than on the actual realease.

At least they said something.

Tue Sep 09 2008 4:10AM Report
menyet writes:

"What dose a Publisher and account problems in a beta have to do with the actual game?"

for example, you cant play the game...

Tue Sep 09 2008 4:48AM Report
Sirca writes:

GOA what a joke, they can barely run F2Ps without a glitch so no wonder they are facing issues with WAR lol

Tue Sep 09 2008 5:26AM Report
dragon31377 writes:

erm doesnt beta mean thats its not guarenteed to run properly i mean i thought thats why they called it a beta release, gives them time to try to sort out any major issues

Tue Sep 09 2008 5:29AM Report
streea writes:

With lines like...

"I rarely address players directly,"

I feel sorry for the EU players. It seems like GOA is the exact opposite of Mythic.

Tue Sep 09 2008 8:41AM Report
Vrika writes:

Just one thing many of the people don't seem to know:

GOA sold open beta access

That's rigth, sold. They have sold a product, wich they so far haven't been able to deliver to customers who have already paid them.

Also, even if it's labeled as a beta, before beta GOA gave comments like 'Everything's ready', 'Open beta is a launch to us, from this point on we're serving paying customers'.

The sold us product, they made us promises, they failed with everything. They even failed with updating their news this morning, they had promised and update on the situation in the morning but it was well past midday before one came.

Tue Sep 09 2008 9:00AM Report
idohwan writes:


Tue Sep 09 2008 9:46AM Report
digibluez writes:

this is a jocke, players who already bought the GAME can not GET THE FUCK INSIDE THE god dam open beta.... like wtf!!!!!

Tue Sep 09 2008 11:52AM Report
DownMonkey writes:

 What a lot of people that comment that it's just a "simple mistake" seem to miss is that a lot of us in the EU have had a run in with GOA before and they are just a utter disaster.

I said when I found out that GOA would be running things that as soon as I see signs of them screwing up YET again I would drop out of buying WAR and that looks like that's going to be the case.

Tue Sep 09 2008 1:32PM Report
Naero writes:

The game is a bug ridden disapointment anyway. Its far from ready to release.  Even with 1/2 the content removed. They are just rushing it out the door.

Tue Sep 09 2008 3:59PM Report
Loke666 writes:

Morons. If they don't shape up soon they are risking to sink the game in EU. I'm sure they already have lost customers.

Why do most companies think that they can release a game before all things are working? GOA should have anything ready and working before saying go, even if the release would be a few days late. And Mythic should have sent someone to watch them, or have chosen a better partner.

Wed Sep 10 2008 1:48AM Report
daltanious writes:

As for OPEN BETA start, this is worst I have experienced, even if rarely everything goes well. I realy hope start of Warhammer will be nothing alike.

The only things for me and I guess thousands and thousands of players counts is that after PURCHASE of beta access after TORTURE of FIVE days i'm STIL UNABLE TO PLAY! For 2 days waiting only for confirmation email for registering beta code.

They have been on CLOSED beta ... how is possible that OPEN beta becomes such massive failure. Despite I hear many can play game.

But for sure this my last any kind of beta I'm trying to play.

Wed Sep 10 2008 4:52AM Report writes:
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