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Nefarious Means

I'm up to no good. I want to get that out of the way right from the beginning, just so there are no questions later.

Author: madeux

The Current State of the MMO Industry: Not as bad as many would like to think

Posted by madeux Monday October 12 2009 at 2:27PM
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The recent ranting and whining from those who feel the need to call themselves "hardcore" in order to build their egos would have many of you believe that the MMO industry is in a shambles, that no progress has been made in years, or even that negative progress has been made.

Don't fall for the hype.

This talk is coming from a bunch of elitist children who have to have everything their way.  Anything different, anything that doesn't cater to their every whim, is automatically a "fail".  They ignorantly assume that since no MMO company is bending over and kissing their asses, that we should all feel as empty and unfulfilled as their own pathetic existence.

They fail to look at the number of great MMO releases that have come and gone.  They fail to grasp just how much time and effort goes into making an MMO, and what that ultimately means for the rate of change in the industry.  And they also fail to realize that it is their own rantings and behaviors that are bringing the industry down.

MMO's, when done properly, take years to come to fruition.  This means that change to the industry is going to come slowly.  That's just the way it is.  Of course, when a company attempts change and gets bombarded with negative rhetoric from a vocal minority because the change isn't the one they wanted, because it went to far or didn't go far enough, any further changes are going to be even slower in coming forth.  When forums, both this and others, are flooded with this type of garbage, and anyone who likes the game gets flamed for being a fanboy, potential users who many not be as informed are scared away.

How does anyone benefit from this attitude?

Positive reinforcement is what the industry is lacking, and that's a failing of the users, not the developers.  If you don't like a game, don't play it.  Find a game you like and support it, financially and vocally.  Applaud companies for the good things they do.  Don't whine and cry just because you got your hopes up and the game didn't turn out just the way you wanted it.  Let those who enjoy it have their fun, there's no need for you to go shitting on their parade.

MMO's are about community, that's what makes them really different from a standard RPG.  If it's a community of assholes, no matter what the devs have done, the game is going to suck.

Calling for change in the industry is great, but how we go about it is what matters most. 

aleos writes:

 if a dog pisses on the carpet you don't give it a treat and say good boy. You put its face right in the spot where it decided to do its business on your floor. You don't say oh its ok maybe next time you'll piss closer to the door and one day you will make it outside. Positive reinforcement is not deserved when negative things are taking place.

So MMOs today i feel don't need any type of reinforcement, they need to be kicked in the nuts. Because everything they have been doing lately is wrong. Don't confuse my dog metaphor and wrong things by me saying when my dog pisses on the floor i kick it in the nuts.

Sure if you don't like a game don't play it thats quite simple and a motto i also live by. However purchasing a game you researched and looking forward to only to find that its the same old BS. I think people have more than any right to say "this game blows"

Mon Oct 12 2009 5:08PM Report
marmoto writes:

 I agree with you in a lot of things but you can not deny that big companies has stuck with wow like games and only very few ones have tried new approaches. Big companies are the ones with advertising potential and an independent dev would haveto be very lucky to call attention to their game even assuming its innovating. Anyway its the way world works now. I agree. If you dont like a game dont play it and support the few choices you do (even if they have 90s graphics lol)


Mon Oct 12 2009 5:24PM Report
madeux writes:

You can always give your Dog treats when it pisses in the right place... it accomplishes the same thing, and you never have to kick the dog. :)

As for the 90's graphics, I'm totally with you on that one.  Honestly, if a game is fun, I'm willing to look past the graphics to a point.  Civilization is still one of the best games EVER, but even for it's day the graphics were sub par.

Mon Oct 12 2009 5:50PM Report writes:
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