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Nefarious Means

I'm up to no good. I want to get that out of the way right from the beginning, just so there are no questions later.

Author: madeux

This is the worst MMO ever! Do not even waste the time trying it for yourself. Trust me...

Posted by madeux Thursday May 21 2009 at 10:45AM
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Having burned myself out on WoW long ago, I took a break from the online gaming world to finish up some schooling and am now attempting to return.  I wanted something new and fresh, something worth putting my time into.

The market is flooded with mmo's, and sorthing through them has become a nightmare.  In my searching, I've discovered that the number one roadblock that I've run into is other players.

Many would think that soliciting the advise of fellow players would be a good idea.  The idea isn't as great as it should be.  I have to sort through pages and pages of immature, hate-filled rants in order to find a few intelligent words of critisism.  Likewise, well thought critiques are normally hidden under a mountain of blind, meaningless praise.

I have a few suggestions for those thinking about blessing the community with their opinions:

  • Don't tell me not to play a game, especially if you haven't played it yourself.
  • Even if you have played it, don't tell me not to play a game.  Tell me why, specifically, you did not enjoy the game.
  • Be specific, as well, when telling me why you enjoy the game and what it's good points are.
  • Be careful when using generic terms:
    • Grind:  What exactly does that mean?  What is a Grind for me might not be a Grind for you.
    • Sandbox: I'm not into shovels, buckets, or tonka toys.
    • MMO: How many players are required before the game is "massively" multi-player?  Let's not waste time arguing whether or not a particular game should be classified as an MMO.
    • RPG:  Technically speaking 99% of all games are RPGs.  You can role play being a frog, or a pilot, or an assasin, or a rogue, but it's all role-playing.  Let's not waste time arguing whether or not a game should be classified as an RPG.  If the game is lacking certain elements you would like to see, then address them specificially.
  • For those who did not like a game, it would also be good to know exactly what you were expecting, so we can better understand why you were so dissapointed.
  • Understand that not everyone is going to have the same opinions as you.  The very reason you have come to so violently hate a game (the leveling system, the grind, too much realism, not enough realism), could very well be the same reason that another player will love the game.

By all means, tell us about your experiences, both good and bad.  Just don't tell me not to play it.  I'll make that decision for myself.

Shiymmas writes:

Bump!  I only wish more would read this, and take its advice.  Spot on.

I came to again after a 2-year stint in WoW nearly 3 months ago, and to even try and sift through the garbage here in search of a game that fits is a horrible task.  More of a 'grind' than any MMO I've played. 

In the end, while there are some discussions here I enjoy, the overall negativity here has nearly sapped the fun right out of any game I try due to the cynical views taken from here.  At this point, I feel I'd be better served to just avoid the site entirely at times.

Thu May 21 2009 11:28AM Report
AlexRacer writes:

i liked sandboxes and tonka toys, How can you not?

Thu May 21 2009 12:08PM Report
luciusETRUR writes:

Well, clearly, you should investigate not just in forums, but other forums, developer releases, game history, etc. I don't find it difficult to find good and healthy reviews of games, just takes a bit of time and patience sometimes.

Also on the subject of the RPG genre. RPG in that true sense of the meaning, is almost a non-existant theme. There are only a handful of games where it gives a truthful RPG, such as Elder Scrolls.. or more traditional MMOs such as EQ, Vanguard, etc.

Not saying other non-RPG RPGs are not fun.. just saying that RPG in the sense you actually take a role and are active in its development is a rarity in todays market. That's OK, consoles abandoned this idea long, long ago.

Thu May 21 2009 12:08PM Report
Sortis writes:

@luciusETRUR yeah I agree, I orginally got into EQ1 and played the their RP server because the idea of actually being in a video game with thousands of other people and all wanting the same thing (to RP). Honestly ive been on a MMO hunt for a long time now looking for a game that has the magic of EQ and the RP community that I loved as well.

Closest thing ive ever come to getting that was in EQ2 and vanguard and as far as Vguard goes i hated the end game and EQ2...well thats what i'm mixed up in at the moment but its very much not EQ1 but its probably the closest thing to it, taking all things I stated into consideration.

Thu May 21 2009 3:04PM Report
MadnessRealm writes:

While I completly agree with this blog, I must say that I have the feeling pretty much all players know this even those trolls who try to get people to join them in a crusade against a specific mmo because "they got killed in PvP and because they are obviously the best player in the world, it's the game'fault for not being well-balanced enough to allow him to show how powerfull he is".

It's really sad but not much we can do. Still, looking for a mmo is not that hard. I suggest you look at real review website as is more of a player-based review when it comes to games. They are many websites out there with enough information to know wether or not you will like a game (onrpg, mmohub, etc). I suggest you look into these since the grammar is better and you don't get those immatur- "reviewers- crusading-against-a-mmo posts :þ

Anyway, Bump! hoping this blog might be a wake up call to at least 1 person.

Thu May 21 2009 3:29PM Report
Nightbringe1 writes:

If you enjoyed WoW but burned out on it the Game I would reccommend would be EQ2.

It has 24 classes to choose from, a large selection of classes, and is overall a highly polished game. It does have a free trial, but it restricts you to the newbie zones and level caps you.

Positives to the game include a relatively friendly community, fun gameplay, player housing, and a thriving end game community. It is also posible to level to that end game very quickly if you have the desire to do so. Personally, I enjoy turning XP off and just playing.

Downsides will be, there is not a lot of grouping at lower levels, though I do see pick up groups being formed in the gerneral chat channel fairly frequently. Gear / skill expectations in pickup groups tends to be rather high, I would suggest joining a guild that trains new players (they are not hard to find). Also, it is very easy to miss out on a lot of the lower level content by xping to rapidly through it.

Some classes are not very solo friendly, I would avoid the bard classes as a first character. Likewise, I would not suggest a tank class as a starter, if you join a group as a tank everyone is going to expect you to already know the content and to be the leader.

Tradeskilling is optional, but I would highly reccommend taking a tradeskill class that either makes your armor or makes your spells. Tradeskilling is akin to playing whack-a-mole but not difficult. Harvest your supplies yourself, the people selling over the broker will rob you blind. Don't expect to make money tradeskilling. The stuff you will be making sells over the broker for less than what the vendor will pay you for it.

Get a room, put two bags on the broker, and spend a lot of time collecting shinies in the newbie areas. It is very good income. Use the money to buy Bristled Leather Backpacks. They are relatively cheap and will last your for the life of your character.

Thu May 21 2009 4:43PM Report
Narug writes:

Thank you for writing the part on the "don't tell me to play a game".

That part was therapy for me.

Especially when anti-soloers tell me you should have to be joined to the hip with strangers instead of playing solo majority of the time while waiting for family/friends in the minority time I have.

I only wish all the anti-soloers would read that and let it sink in.

Thu May 21 2009 7:40PM Report
Shreddi writes:

What gamre is this forum taken from?  I dont see it mentioned here.  thanks.

Thu May 21 2009 8:30PM Report
TheHavok writes:

Very good article and it holds a lot of merit.

Thu May 21 2009 9:25PM Report
Inktomi writes:

 Get 'em Nefarious!

I'm actually going to brave the odds and play Darkfall, JUST BECAUSE! All the negative hype and lack of information gave me a jaded view, but since I started reading the blogs indepth (Paragus). I started to understand the game better and it actually interested me.

It's so much better than reading "This game fails, fails, fails, don't play it effah!" 

Fri May 22 2009 12:33AM Report
NeokiNaomi writes:

Good job, I hope the trolls that are clueless read this article and begin to use this common sense. Thank you sir.

Wed May 27 2009 4:22PM Report
Sp00sh writes:

Don't read this article! O.o :)

Thu May 28 2009 2:13AM Report
PieRad writes:

very nice blog, i'll link to this in my sig... everyone should read this... most people probably know this already, but people forget it so easy when someone insult their favorite game.

Thu May 28 2009 10:10AM Report
WarOnslaught writes:

Dude...  It's just a game

Tue Jun 16 2009 2:50PM Report writes:
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