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Three World of Warcraft Spoofs

Posted by lordaltay1 Sunday September 21 2008 at 10:02PM
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Everyone knows how wildly successful World of Warcraft has been around the world, and I’m surprised MMORPG developers waited so long to make knock offs of it. There is nothing wrong with borrowing some of the successful features of a competitor but the following games are shameless knock offs; 4Story, Talisman Online and the upcoming Runes of Magic MMO game. When I say “shameless knock offs” I mean the developers seriously looked at World of Warcraft and copied every aspect of the game to the best of their abilities.

For your Reference; A screen shot from World of Warcraft




When I first started playing 4Story I was shocked by how similar it was to World of Warcraft. Everything from the games graphics to the interface looked just like World of Warcraft. There is no doubt that World of Warcraft is a good game, so logic dictates that if someone copies World of Warcraft, that game will be good as well. This is true for the most part, as game play is generally fun, but if you’ve played World of Warcraft before, playing 4Story will feel like a cheap knockoff. The game is still worth checking out if you’ve never played World of Warcraft before or you don’t want to pay for it.

Talisman Online


Talisman Online looks even more like a cheap knockoff of World of Warcraft. It’s clear that the game tried to copy World of Warcraft’s interface and graphics, but it only succeeded half way. If you look at the game’s spell icons they look almost identical to the spell icons from World of Warcraft. Take a look at the Ice bolt icon, it’s the same exact icon from World of Warcraft! The graphics are a bit jagged to, but other than that; the games are pretty similar; minus the fact that Talisman is obviously an inferior game.

Runes of Magic

This is the newest World of Warcraft spoof out there and the game hasn’t even been released yet. Runes of Magic looks like the most “polished” World of Warcraft knock off and will probably be an excellent alternative to the actual game. The game will also be free to play mmorpg, so it may attract a lot of players who were interested in playing World of Warcraft, but didn’t want to pay for it. Check out the trailer for this one.


Top 5 Free 'Under The Radar' MMOs

Posted by lordaltay1 Thursday September 18 2008 at 1:34AM
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Big companies have big budgets to promote their games, but don’t go missing out on the smaller budget titles; they can be a lot of fun. Sure everyone has heard of big name free MMORPG titles like Maplestory, Fly For Fun, Last Chaos and SilkRoad, but have you heard of these games?

5) Risk Your Life 2

Risk Your Life 2 : Incomplete Union is a fairly balanced 3D MMORPG. The game has never really got any attention from the MMORPG community, but the game’s fast leveling makes the game worth checking out.

4) Saga

Saga is a 3D MMORTS that doesn’t require a lot of commitment to enjoy. The game is geared towards both casual and hardcore gamers as players don’t need to commit countless hours everyday if they want to be competitive. You can train units and construct buildings off line, so make sure to log in at least once a day and give your peasants new orders. If anything, this game is worth checking out simply for its uniqueness.

3) Seal Online

Seal online is a 2D Fantasy MMORPG made behind Rohan. Unlike Rohan, Seal Online is much more light hearted and colorful. The game’s graphics look a lot like Asda Story and Fly For Fun.

2) Savage: Battle for Newerth

Savage is a 3D MMO, a Shooter AND an RTS. The game is incredibly unique and is truly the only one of its kind. Each game has a single “commander” who plays in a the standard RTS zoomed out view and is in charge on gathering resources / constructing buildings / upgrading weapons. Everyone else in the game act as soldiers who can help the commander gather resources or simply attack the enemy. This game is definitely worth checking out, as it’s incredibly unique and a lot of fun.

1) Freestyle: Street Basketball

Freestyle is a 3D Basketball MMO. I know what you’re thinking.. “a basketball MMO.. What? I don’t even like basketball!”. Well I don’t like basketball either, but I absolutely love Freestyle. Rounds are incredibly fast paced and take a lot of skill. The games a lot more fun when you play with friends; but playing with random people online is still a lot of fun.



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