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MMORPGs Are All About Community

Posted by lordaltay1 Tuesday July 29 2008 at 10:52PM
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One of the biggest appeals of MMORPGs and MMOs is the massive community in the game world. The more players there are in a game the better the gaming experience. I enjoy strolling through town and seeing hundreds of players trading and chatting, such activities a powerful and engaging atmosphere. No body likes playing an MMORPG with a tiny community or even a moderately sized community. The single most important aspect of an MMORPG is community, as without one, the game isn’t “massive”. If you’re more concerned about game play than community, you should be playing a single player RPG rather than an MMORPG.

MMORPGs shouldn’t have so many servers and channels. Games like Fly For Fun and Lunia and even pay to play games like World of Warcraft would be significantly more enjoyable if they had fewer servers; perhaps one for each time zone. The trouble of having so many different servers is that each server / channel is empty. I don’t mean the main cities are empty, but the world itself is empty. When I’m grinding or questing outside of town, I’d like to see other people. Seeing people adds that much needed sense of community to a game. I’d also love to see cities completely packed. Imagine World of Warcraft with only a single server for everyone on the east coast. That would be ideal; thousands of players in a single town, all trading, talking, crafting, questing etc. Now that would be a real MMORPG. If towns get too crowded, the developers could just make the towns bigger. I find that splitting the game’s population across countless servers is a silly way to prevent over crowding. Doing this prevents players from different servers to communicate and also reduces the community size, as the community is split up.
Pay to play games should also all become free to play, as doing so would bolster the games population. Game companies could generate money by having a cash shop. Having more players would also further satisfy the game’s population since players like large communities. No matter how good an MMORPG is, if it doesn’t have a good community the game isn’t worth playing by my standards. An MMORPG simply isn’t an MMORPG without a community.

Nullsoldier writes:

I agree and this is definately true. I think this is one of the main reasons that it annoys me when people say that it's Ok for an mmorpg community to go sour. One such example is that when I point out that I won't play an MMORPG because it has a bad community, people usually respond with things like "Well don't talk to them", "Ignore them", "Just talk to your friends", and "Put them on squelch".


If an MMORPG is all about its community, and you ignore everyone? what does that make it? A poor experience. Unfortunately World of Warcraft has brought in many new MMORPG players that have spread out among MMORPG and their communities like locusts so World of Warcraft is really a prime example. There are a lot of people Elitests and regular gamers alike that will not play it because the community is so bad.  So that really goes to show you how important a community is to a game.

Tue Jul 29 2008 11:57PM Report
craynlon writes:

i would vote for a server concept where the servers (internaly) handle different parts of the mmo world but alltogether thers no seperating the community into different versions of the world.

also as an rpger i would expect any channel to be lokal as in you hear only whats in his immidiat vicinity .
i dont see an mmoRPG as a chatbox to keep in touch with friends with an extention to hit mobs while you chat.

Wed Jul 30 2008 3:15AM Report
daltanious writes:

First: I really hate games with ingame objects that can be purchased for real money. Tried this with Rappelz and will never repeat this mistake. "O, I have a lot of money, so i'm going to be really "bad" in this game".

Second: not sure if I would like to see 999.999 players at some time in Stormwind or in Feralas. Would be more players then trees.

Besides tech problems having few 100.000 players on same server.

Third: WoW is the best of the best in any sense I have played up to now (and I'm not so young) and i really hope they will not touch concept. However there is always time and space for improvements.

Thu Jul 31 2008 3:24AM Report
jessdavis30 writes:

Dark Ages ftw!!! ?seriously, check it out

Mon Aug 11 2008 5:56AM Report writes:
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