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Free MMORPGs are way too Similar

Posted by lordaltay1 Saturday July 5 2008 at 3:00PM
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Every time I download and play through a new free MMORPG I usually spot a few similarities in that particular game that I’ve seen in other games, which is perfectly normal. I actually prefer that games borrow successful features from other games, but when a game looks almost identical to another game, there is definitely something wrong. MMO developers are definitely getting lazier and lazier and are simply looking to older games for inspiration rather than trying to be creative on their own.
The single best scenario of a game copying another is the case with MapleStory and Ghost Online. Before I explain the similarities, I’d rather show you a screenshot first.


Maple Story

Ghost Online

Ghost Online

The games look almost identical, and they play almost identically as well. Ghost Online is a shameless knock off of MapleStory. Although difficult to see, the maps in both games are 100% identical. Players on the map for both games are marked by red rectangles. I’m not going to say that Ghost Online is a horrible game, as then I would be condemning MapleStory as a bad game, which it isn’t. Both games are actually pretty fun to play, but MapleStory is hands down the superior game.

One company, TQ Digital, is notorious for their lack of creativity. Every single one of their games play just like every other game they have. Crazy Tao for example is a clone of EuDemons, but with cartoony graphics. And by clone, I do mean clone. Both games are 100% the same game, just with different graphics. Don’t believe me? Please try it.

There are plenty of other games that are way too similar to other games; like Secret of the Solstice which copies Ragnarok Online and Combat Arms which is very similar to WolfTeam minus the wolves. I’m not saying these are all bad games, they’re not, but Developers, please stop copying each other and work on new ideas.


zs3000 writes:

That's why they are free, no need to pay for development, no need to hire anyone do the concept work. So much less money will go into it. So they can make as much money as possible with the in game money system. Just how it is. If you want creative, or something that's not a clone, ya gotta pay for it

Sat Jul 05 2008 3:07PM Report
Majinash writes:

I've always thought the saying "You get what you pay for" was SO perfect for MMOs.  both free to play games and private servers of P2P games alike.

Sat Jul 05 2008 3:33PM Report
Nominal writes:

As far as DIFFERENT goes, I'd say Mabinogi takes the cake in F2P.

Sat Jul 05 2008 4:45PM Report
Loke666 writes:

Well, the cartoon graphics also is a lot easier to make which means you need fewer devs. But there is some games that look totaly different from anything else like Perfect world.

And even the pay games are copying eachother, why would the free ones be better?

Sat Jul 05 2008 4:51PM Report
just1opinion writes:

I've noticed this, as well,  I pay quite a FEW pay to play games, WoW, EQ2, EVE, and then several free to play games, Maple Story, Perfect World, and just some online casual freebies too.

The only one that I've really enjoyed of the free games is Perfect World.  I'm still playing it.  It's lasted longer than a week for me.  =D  It seems to be a BIT different than the others.  The graphics are more like Guild Wars, so it's very PRETTY to look at, for one.  The quests are similar, but there are some complexities to it, as well.  It's PvP everywhere except safe cities after level 30, so that adds a bit of excitement, while still providing safe zones, and....there are consequences for just outright ganking people without reason, a bit like EVE.  So seems to be the BEST free MMO out at the moment.

I don't know.  I'm still looking for that "special one" when it comes to gaming.  I play a lot more games than what I listed here, even things like CS Source, Painkiller, Assassin's Creed, some adventure games, some casual games, some of everything really.  And yet....I still feel a bit wanting for something really really unique.

But if you're looking for a freebie that's a bit BETTER that the rest of the "grind games" out there....try Perfect World.  Supposedly there will be a North American release at some point.  Right now I'm playing it on the Malaysian English server, which has a few odd things about it to get used to (like some odd translations), but's definitely WORTH trying out.


Sat Jul 05 2008 9:55PM Report
Ataaka writes:

Silkroad (SR) is'nt a clone, and it has great graphics and is overall a decent game (having looked past the grinding for levels).

It's good to see gamers like you guys bringing forth some of the funnier and lighter side of developers making ends meet.

I am about to run and try Perfect World...comments later.

Mon Jul 07 2008 9:41PM Report
linadragon writes:

Maple Story and Ghost Online arnt really that much easier to make then a 3d mmorpg in retrospect..... DOT which is a Korean like thing causes all the graphics to be hand drawn. They are both platform mmorpgs so yes they are going to be alot like and look alot alike,  All games in any genre are going to be alot alike , Most mmorpgs play the same , most fps play the same , most mmorpg platformers play the same. Its not a copy because they play the same....

Sun Jul 27 2008 3:15PM Report writes:
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