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Top Five Graphically Impressive Free MMOs

Posted by lordaltay1 Thursday June 26 2008 at 3:21PM
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5. Holic Online
Holic Online just barely made it on this list. The game has absolutely gorgeous 3D anime inspired graphics. Holic Online definitely blows away every other “cartoony” game in terms of graphics. The only other “cartoony” game that can almost hold its own against Holic Online is Dream of Mirror Online, but Holic Online still gets the #5 spot on this list.

Holic Online Screenshot

4. Sword of the New World
Sword of the New World is probably one of the most visually impressive games out there and even more noteworthy is the game’s soundtrack. Sword of the New World has a completely original and remarkable soundtrack that’ll keep you entertained while grinding. The game also has incredibly unique game play where players get to control up to three different characters at once.

Sword of the New World Screenshot

3. Project Torque
Project Torque probably has the best graphics for any MMO in the sports genre. Everything from the game’s environments to the vehicles are stunning. Aside from graphics, Project Torque is a solid racing game, and a must play for gamers that are tired of all the cartoony racing games out there.

Project Torque Screenshot

2. Rohan
Aside from having incredible visuals, Rohan Online has a large community and balanced game play. Rohan is one of the best free MMOs to be released in a long while, so if you haven’t played it, I recommend you at least check it out.

Rohan Screenshot

1. Perfect World
Perfect World definitely has some of the best graphics I’ve seen in a long time and even holds its own against some of the best looking pay to play MMORPGs. Everything from the game’s character models to the water is beautifully rendered. If you haven’t played Perfect World yet, I strongly recommend that you do, as the game is definitely one of the best free MMORPGs released to date.

Perfect World Screenshot


nickman1993 writes:

not so sure about #5 but i think they got #2 and #1 spot on

Thu Jun 26 2008 3:44PM Report
Gishgeron writes:

I would have to agree with you mostly.  I DEFINITELY agree with Perfect World being in the #1 slot....they put in the time and effort, and deserve it.

  I'll try Holic sometime....because I personally love DOMO (even though I am not playing right now...CoH has my heart, and I just started MWO to test it for review) and have it on my own #2 spot.


Thu Jun 26 2008 3:46PM Report
rickmcbride writes: I don't comment much on this site. But I have to say, I'm pretty sure Silkroad fits in there. That game on full graphics is very eye-pleasing Thu Jun 26 2008 8:33PM Report
just1opinion writes:

I haven't played any of these except Perfect World and Sword of the New World, but I DO have to chime in on Perfect World.  I couldn't agree  with you MORE on what you said.  Not only is Perfect World perfectly GORGEOUS graphically, particularly on maxed settings, but the gameplay is truly decent.  It's not a grindfest, as a matter of fact, you get MORE xp and reward for questing than grinding. 

There is a reputation system, territorial war PvP after lvl 30, and ganking (which can only happen AFTER lvl 30) comes with a price.  The crafting system is solid.  The character customization at character creation if by FAR the most robust I think I've seen in ANY MMO.  It's just  all around a pretty solid game.

The ONLY downside to PW, as it stands right now, is that there is no North American release yet, so English speaking folks must play on the Malaysian English servers, making the registration process a bit obscure, due to semi-obscure translation, but it's do-able.   That's not necessarily BAD, it's just that the translations for quests and NPC comments are sometimes LAUGHABLE.  However, I have chosen to look at that as another point of entertainment and sometimes puzzle solving.  LOL!  Think of it as adding a new language puzzle mini-game to the mix, for now! :)  And certainly does NOT render the game unenjoyable or unplayable by ANY stretch of the imagination.

Frankly, I cannot WAIT until the North American release is out, and honestly, I would have no problem PAYING to play this game.  The micro pay shop that you CAN use, isn't costly and doesn't give any unfair advantages to people, I don't think.  It may be a little faster to level if you have a couple of items, say, oh....a vital and spirit heirogram to replenish your hp and mana while you're out questing.  But other than those small things, which I've been able to acquire for six dollars (and still have cubis LEFT to spend), it would be EASY to not spend a red cent, honestly, and STILL really enjoy the game.

Perfect World is the only free to play MMO that I've played that I would actually recommend to others.

Sun Jul 06 2008 9:58AM Report writes:
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