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Are MMORPGs Becoming too Accommodating?

Posted by lordaltay1 Monday June 23 2008 at 3:27PM
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In order to compete in the rapidly growing MMORPG market, developers are definitely trying out new things. When I first started playing MMO games back in 1999, games like Ultima Online and Everquest offered no tutorials at all, and players had to figure out what to do. Games are becoming more and more user friendly and now involve more in-depth tutorials than ever before. Games like Eve Online and MapleStory both offer lengthy tutorials, the Eve Online tutorial being just about an hour long. In order to try something new, Martial Heroes and Magic World Online both decided to try and make their game as convenient as possible for players.

Martial Heroes, a 3D MMORPG set in the ancient orient, is probably one of the most accommodating MMORPGs on the market. The game’s developers tried their best to make sure players start off with enough equipment and supplies to enjoy the game. Unfortunately, the developers over did it. All new characters in Martial Heroes start off with 1,000 HP & MP potions, all the skill books they’ll need for the first few levels, a mount and a set of free equipment. There’s nothing wrong with starting new players off with some basic equipment and a handful of potions, but it’s clear that the developers went overboard with handouts. Being convenient is one thing, but giving new players everything they could possibly need takes away any challenge an MMORPG has and the fun of having to save up for an awesome new sword.

Magic World Online actually makes itself even more convenient than Martial Heroes. The game has a built in “bot” which actually plays the game for you. The “bot” doesn’t just grind, it loots, uses potions, and even runs away when your HP is low. If you do happen to die in Magic World Online while using the game’s “bot”, have no fear, as the “bot” will run all the way back to the place where you died, and resume grinding for you. Players can easily configure the “bot” to use skills and spells as well, and to even run back to town and sell the loot you gather while grinding. If you don’t like grinding you may be thinking that this is an awesome idea, but it’s not. You’ll never actually play Magic World Online, as the game plays itself. It’s sort of like Progress Quest, but with graphics.


Pepsipwnzgod writes:

looks like ima start playing magicworld online <3

Mon Jun 23 2008 4:11PM Report
SundersGhost writes:

Ya know, one of my fondest memories of all times in MMO's was my very first time logging into EQ, it was night time and very dark out.  On top of that I was in a low lit room which added to the over all darkness.  The first thing I did was begin "Movement" to navigate the town in the darkness, walked off a ledge into a canal and drown.  I could not believe that was my introduction to the game, but I will never forget it and have gotten a good laugh from it from then up til today.  The modern MMO holds your hand from Day 1 and never lets go.  Everything in MOST MMO's simplifies everything over much to the point I can not bring myself to continue playing them.  It takes the "Adventure" out of the game (for me.)


Mon Jun 23 2008 6:31PM Report
A7XFan writes:

I think StarQuest Online is the last game that doesn't actually "hold your hand." The only tutorial it has is for Fleet charaters, and even that is buggy, and gives you the very basics of how to play.

Mon Jun 23 2008 8:32PM Report
Nightbringe1 writes:

Half the fun of an MMO is exploring the world and discovering things for yourself. I personally find the hand holding in WoW and EQII to be excessive, and they are far from the worst offenders.

Mon Jun 23 2008 9:01PM Report
NoHP writes:

Exploring and finding thing yourself is rewarding but an intro to the game is a must but not too much of a time consuming chore.  Give player an option to choose to have tutorial or skip it.

Tue Jun 24 2008 2:00PM Report writes:
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