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Top 5 MUST have features in MMORPGs

Posted by lordaltay1 Saturday June 21 2008 at 4:11PM
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With the explosive growth of the MMORPG market, it’s upsetting to realize that a lot of MMORPGs are lacking simple features that would greatly enhance the enjoyment of that particular game. New games are coming out almost every week and developers still exclude some obvious must have features. Developers please take note of these features and try and include them in future projects. The top five must have features in MMORPG games are as follows:

5. In game messenger.
This is one feature that has been becoming more and more popular in newer games today, but plenty of games still don’t have it. Even World of Warcraft, one of the most popular MMORPGs on the market, lacks an in game messenger system. One can easily argue that using the game’s regular chat system would be just as effective as implementing a messenger, but when chat becomes cluttered with messages and advertisements to sell equipment, it can become hard to track what someone just sent to you. Free games like Fly for Fun and Gunbound both include an extremely functional messenger.

4. Regularly updated Content
What better way to keep players hooked to a game? All MMO games need new content every so often; otherwise players will get bored after they do everything the game has to offer. The best example of a game that updates regularly with new content is Eve Online. CCP, the game’s developers, try and release a free new expansion pack every year. World of Warcraft has also been on top of this, as they’re expected to release Wrath of the Lich King soon, but it would have been much better for players if the new content was free, as players who don’t buy the expansion would be at a disadvantage.

3. PvP
Too many games today, mostly free ones, don’t have a PvP system. For a lot of players, the only real motivation to “grind” through the games content is to become the best player in the game, and the best way to prove you’re the best is to be able to beat everyone else in a fight. Implementing a PvP system can also keep players from getting bored of a game. Once you hit the level cap in a game, and the game doesn’t have PvP, there really isn’t anything left to do.

2. A Player driven economy
The most important aspect of an MMORPG community for me is the game’s economy. What’s the point of being rich in a game if you can’t buy anything with the game’s currency? The best example of a good player driven economy is Goonzu: Rise of the Luminary. In Goonzu, in order to purchase new equipment, even low level equipment, you would have to buy it from another player. Almost everything from crafting materials to quest items would have to be purchased the game’s auction house. If you wanted to sell your loot after a successful hunt, you wouldn’t go to the local NPC, but would have to sell it to another player through the game’s market place. The price of every item in the game is determined by actual market forces of supply and demand, as the game’s few NPCs only sell very basic items and pay nearly nothing for all items sold to them, no matter how powerful the item, the NPC will only pay pennies.

1. An Auction House
Every MMORPG has some sort of in game trading system, so why not make the trading and commerce almost infinitely better by including an auction house system where players can put up their items for sale and go do something else, rather than standing around for hours at a time trying to sell their wares. The game most notorious for a sloppy trading environment is MapleStory. [See below]. It’s nearly impossible to try and sell your rare items in MapleStory, as players won’t even get a chance to see you! The trading area is packed. An auction house would also be an excellent way to eliminate trading fraud and scamming.

Look what happens when an MMORPG doesn’t have an Auction House:


Wuushu writes:

How does WoW lack an in-game messaging system? You mean one besides the in-game mail (online/offline) system? Or the in-game /whisper system?


Fail +10

Sat Jun 21 2008 6:04PM Report
KaltesHerz writes:

Adding to Wuushu's comment, or making your own chat tab/channel which in effect cuts through all spam etc. Pretty much every game I've played has a way to make your own channel and then only people you want in it can even find it. So, let's add another +2

Sat Jun 21 2008 9:49PM Report
crunchyblack writes:

wuushu hes referring to a seperate messenger system

you know click on the buddy on your friend list, a lil window pops open, type chat hit enter...we all are familiar to it

much better than /whisper or in game mail as your friends msg will not get drowned out on the regualr chat window, also it becomes tedious to type "/whisper "friends name" your msg"

also this allows you to see who is online and who is not at a quick glance

Sun Jun 22 2008 12:46AM Report
KaltesHerz writes:

Being able to see who's on? Anyone worth having in your IM is worth having on your friends list and I've yet to find a game which doesn't show you if the people on your friends list is online or not. So realistically every game that I've played, and believe me there are very few "known" games out there that I haven't played can't accomodate what this guy wants without adding new features.


Want your own chat with no spam, create a new channel. Want to see who's online, add them to your friends list. Why add new crap when the crap is already there.

Sun Jun 22 2008 2:24AM Report
grimfall writes:

Auction houses aren't a need to me.  They're maybe the opposite.

One on hand you complain about not enough content, and on the other hand you say games  need auciion houses. But if you have to go to the market place and buy and sell things... well that takes time and opens up a new gameplay element.  Certainly 'working the auction house' can also be a type of game, but it's not nearly as complex or engaging as actually haggling with other players.

Games don't need PVP, they just need to balance their experience gain versus their level of PVE content.

Sun Jun 22 2008 3:34AM Report
Seregost writes:

  I wouldn't really say that WoW is on top of content update. 4 years out and only going on their 2nd expansion? EQ2 has done a much better job at putting out expansions than WoW has. But both pale in comparison to LOTRO, which is probably the best I've seen when it comes to expanding thier content.

Sun Jun 22 2008 3:49AM Report
UnDeadKiss writes:

or how about a sandbox world?  Wow is just another linear level grinder.  Sure you can customize your character with various armor, sort of.  But the "see the road, be the road" kill 10 of these and 20 of those mentality is ruthless mind numbing boredom at its best.

Sun Jun 22 2008 10:37AM Report
grimfall writes:

Actually I would say DDO is the king of the free/additional content providers, but that is the same company which makes LOTRO. It's nice to see Turbine actually spend a portion of the subscription fees on adding free content.  WoW has added free content since launch, but most of those things were just not finished at launch time, rather than adding new modules like DDO has done.

Now that I think about it... has any game other than DDO raise the level cap without charging for it?

Sun Jun 22 2008 6:05PM Report
Ataaka writes:

My Top 5 Must Have is slightly diffirent:

5. HOUSING -Affordable housing is a plus. People who play online games in the spare moments of thier lives need a place to call home, even in a game.

4. MOUNTS -If the game isn't instanced to all-be-damned, give me something to ride.

3. MAIL -Some games refuse to build a mail system. Why?

2. Adult GM's -(GM: How can I help you today? Me: This guy, standing right there, named Ihateyouall just killed a rare spawn that I had been waiting for an hour. GM: How do I know he meant to do it on purpose? Me: Because this is his words as was killing it (Griefer: Ha! You'll never tame that with me around, Biatch!) GM: Well, there's really nothing I can do. Why don't you try to be nice to Ihateyouall?

I want GM's who arent sweating a Call Center for $8/Hr (a teen job).

1. Strict Enforcement of CoC's

Petition: Dear GM, this guy is spamming gold-buying.

GM: WTF!?! Where is that bastid?  (GM pops into the play field)

Petitioner: Right next to me.

GM: Mmk hold on a sec, watch this...

(GM uses the /KillGoldSpammer macro)

(The goldspammer's arms and legs fall off and his body turns into a blob of gak then burns to nothing but ashes...the wind blows it away.)

Petitioner: OMG!!! GM, YOU ROCK!!!! 

GM: Hehehe. If you see anymore, put a petition in, okay? Also, thanks for playing the game, have a nice day.

I went back to DOaC (long before reading this post), just to see if I were "suffering from an extreme case of nostalgia". The first words in chat from the first PC was, "Your gay". All I could do is bow my head and let off a sigh of disgust.Not only did the spelling not reflect decent grammar, but it came from a 13 foot Troll wielding a two-handed stave.

MMOG is all you'll be getting from the player-base, the RPG is truly what the devs intended (IMO). Sadly, I have ignored players for years and you know what...they are having all the fun.

I refuse to give in to poorly built MMOG's, and the players they attract.


Mon Jul 07 2008 10:32PM Report writes:
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