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MMO Game or MMO Grind?

Posted by lordaltay1 Wednesday June 18 2008 at 11:25PM
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Mmorpg games today require way too much grinding. This isn’t a new trend, as the leveling system has been with us since the dawn of the online games, but I’m surprised that developers haven’t found a new way to allow players to advance. The most enjoyable aspects of MMORPG games aren’t killing rabbits and snakes, but rather raiding with friends and participating in PvP. When was the last time you heard your friend tell you the time he killed orcs for six hours straight and had a blast? Not often I hope. Some games actually deal with the grind a lot better than other, as World of Warcraft actually had interesting quests which were also a great source of experience, but games like MapleStory were all out grind fest with nothing else to do but grind.


When I quested and grinded my way to level 60 in World of Warcraft [Pre Burning Crusade] it really didn’t feel like a chore, as I was constantly questing or instancing with friends. World of Warcraft actually handled the leveling system very well, as there were alternatives to grinding. I did however at times find myself grinding for hours at a time after I finished all the quests I could find. These weren’t fun times, but I kept telling myself that once I hit level 60, I’d be have more fun, and I did. The problem was getting to 60.

MapleStory, a free Korean Mmorpg, is the epitome of grind. The only way to level up is to grind, and unlike World of Warcraft where you can reach maximum level in a month or so of casual play, it’ll take well over six months of hard core playing to reach level 100, which is only half way to the game’s level cap. Another problem in MapleStory was that combat wasn’t at all interesting, but rather an absolute chore. It wasn’t time efficient to kill monsters in MapleStory that didn’t die in single hit, as you could get significantly more experience one hitting lower level monsters than two hitting higher level monsters. In order to level up once at level 60 or so, you’d have to slaughter 7,000 monsters, which can be extremely time consuming and definitely not fun, as it wouldn’t be at all challenging.

Games like Fly for Fun and Hero Online also have similar experience models where killing higher level monsters isn’t as efficient as slaughtering lower level monsters en masse. Another problem with these games are that the experience needed to level up increases exponentially as you level up, which makes the grinding even more of a chore. I’m hoping that one day developers find a new way for players to advance and spend more time actually playing the game, rather than grinding to a high enough level to be able to enjoy the game.


ardistic writes:

i 100% agree with this whole blog. most of the mmorpgs out right now require so much grind it isn't FUNny. my very first mmorpg happened to be maplestory so i thought that grinding was a big part of these games. my whole view on mmorpgs completely changed when i gave in and started playing a p2p game which was WoW. just like this blog says, WoW handled leveling very well. The quests were interesting and worth doing, the grind was minimal, and the game was just plain fun. future mmorpgs should take a good look at WoW to see how a real mmorpg should play.

Thu Jun 19 2008 12:12AM Report
sdozer writes:

What I find interesting is that they give experience for questing. You don't get experience from a dude with an exclamation point over their head snapping their fingers and saying "good job." You get it for killing stuff! So why not just have quests give you money, and hunting, what's done in questing, give you more experience. So any killing just levels you up the same amount as killing for some dude with an exclamation mark over their head.

Thu Jun 19 2008 12:53AM Report
craynlon writes:

i also like questing a lot more then grinding and i would like "adventuring" even better then questing (if a quest is kill 100 of those)

when i swiched from lineage2=heavy grind to age of conan=some good questing all my l2 buddies told me "oh youll level so fast that you will be bored in 1 month"

im in almost one month, im almost lvl 80 and yes i will be bored if the quests end and the game will be grind.



Thu Jun 19 2008 6:52AM Report
zymurgeist writes:

"rather than grinding to a high enough level to be able to enjoy the game."

That's the problem right there in a nutshell. You should be able to enjoy the game, albeit at a lesser competency, immediately after the tutorial. Forget "endgame" just give us game.

Thu Jun 19 2008 7:34AM Report
Gangrena writes:

IMO players who like PvP more than PvE should be able to level up PvP'ing as good as PvE'ing. Why do we play an online game? to beat enemies controlled by a computer?

 The purpose of playing a game is having fun entirely, not just thinking that you have to spend one or two hours a day grinding for 2 months so that at maximun level you will have some fun

Thu Jun 19 2008 11:30AM Report
Hexxeity writes:

Am I the only one who thinks it's crazy to compare one of the highest-budget games ever with free-to-play games that never claimed to be content-driven?

Thu Jun 19 2008 12:43PM Report
Barbit writes:

Excellent blog, I agree

We are not a hord of zombies developers, we are intelligent humans

i just hate it when i join a mmo and the first thing you come across is grinding zones, i understand there has to be a sense of achivment but killing 2 billion (poor)AI controlled mob is not it, i mean REALLY what do they think we are??

Somehow killing mob got intangled with mmo's which needs to be droped fast, just look at the master of it all the creater of D&D and His game? D&Donline i liked it especially the narriater, pity i keep getting DC'd

Others ways of sense of achivment : Time or better yet SKILL which i favor

Hopefully more of these blogs and threads will make developers realise Grinding on mob is old.. and really sucks!

Thu Jun 19 2008 5:38PM Report
djariel1 writes:

i 100 % agree.....thats what they are changing in Aion...u have 3 options to lv up........1. grind >_<, 2. quest  :p 3. abbys pvp ^_^, also aion has a story and etc. its hopefully going ot be a fun game

Thu Jun 19 2008 8:13PM Report
heathenknite writes:

Great!!! This explains most of the mmorpg that most of them are grind fest games, i played FLYFF it wasn't that bad of a grind but still unbearable as well as hero online.I also agree that they should make a game for us to enjoy rather than making it to the higher levels to enjoy.

Thu Jun 19 2008 8:17PM Report
Foreverebon writes:

GRIND GRIND GRIND GRIND and more GRIND. so sick of it!

Tue Jul 08 2008 1:48AM Report writes:
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