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Lime Odyssey Developers Blog

Aeria Games has partnered with to deliver a behind-the-scenes look at the progress of Lime Odyssey, one of the most highly-anticipated new MMORPGs of the year.

Author: lime_odyssey

Professions and Crafting in Lime Odyssey

Posted by lime_odyssey Thursday November 10 2011 at 4:38PM
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Hello again, fine folks! It's New Blog Thursday over here at the Lime Odyssey Headquarters! We're here again to bring you behind-the-scenes news and updates on your favorite upcoming MMORPG.

First of all, have you signed up for the Alpha test yet? We will not be accepting applications much longer, so you should definitely head over to the forums and pop in your survey answers soon if you want exclusive access to Lime Odyssey's very limited early-stage test. In fact, you should head over to the forums anyway, since the amazing, hard-working Lime Odyssey community managers are working on a plethora of new events with real prizes!

Pre-Alpha Event Round Up

The Lime Odyssey team has noticed a few things about our community; the overwhelming sense of passion for this game's release is nearly matched by a vast, deep pool of creative talent present across the forums.

In fact, we decided to create a separate Creative forum, just for your fan art, short stories, fan screenshots and more.

With that in mind, we whipped up quite a few art-themed events to give our budding LO artists a chance to express themselves:

  • Shop This Monster! - Take the picture and go to town. Hack it up, draw on it, make a whatever. Post it in the thread. Bam. Achieve awesomeness (and possibly win AP!)
  • "Rhyme" Odyssey - Enter your Ode for a chance to win!
  • Why Lime is Awesome - (Ended) We gave our fans the chance to win an exclusive profile badge for posting their single favorite thing about the game.

Theme of the Week: Professions

In other exciting news and updates, this week we're spotlighting one of Lime Odyssey's coolest features: Professions! Professions and crafting are intricately woven in the fabric of Lime Odyssey's gameplay, and definitely aren't a simple afterthought like in so many MMORPGs these days. Instead, you must assign a crafting-themed profession to your character in the beginning of the game. After choosing a race and picking a battle-themed class, you must also assign a domestic role for your character. After all, who can get by without a job in today's touch economic times, hardened warrior or not?

Crafting adds a thriving economic dimension to Lime Odyssey. You can craft gear and other items and post them for sale in the auction house, or just keep the good stuff for you and your guild ;) With soo many townsfolk in needs of crafting assistance across the Ortan landscape, your character's profession has the capability to bring you riches and glory!

 Switch seamlessly between your battle class and your profession with the push of a button. It's that easy.

Pictured above - Turga Warrior and Turga Blacksmith. You will level up and bind gear to your professional side separately from your battle-themed class.

Blacksmith - If you adopt the blacksmith trade, you'll spend your days scooping up rock, wood, iron and other materials that you can eventually forge into armors for the Warrior class, or weapons for all classes. Watch your character pull out an anvil and start smithing in front of your eyes! 

Level up your Blacksmith class to 30, and you'll receive a quest where you must further specialize your craft. Choose to focus your abilities on churning out high-quality Warrior armor and shields, or go a different route and focus on creating powerful swords and weapons that you can sell to any class.

Tailor - Tailoring is often a forgotten craft in today's time, but well-stitched garment in Lime Odyssey can be a life-saving creation.Tailors gather furs and leathers from wandering creatures across Orta. Your tailor is a master of the old-school sewing machine; watch him craft high-quality leather and cloth armors for the Cleric, Mage and Thief battle classes.

Tailors are more versatile than Blacksmiths, but both professions receive a specialty quest at level 30. Tailors can go on to focus on either leather or cloth armor crafting.

Chef - Don't rule out this seemingly simple, homebound profession. Chefs whip up life-saving potions and meals, useful to restore HP during a long battle or give your character that extra oomph.

Don your best chef hat and pull out your frying pan - the chef's whimsical outfits betray the powerful nature of their magical concoctions. At level 30, decide whether you want to focus on potions or meals.

So, what will your chosen profession be in Lime Odyssey? Want our advice? You can't go wrong with a Turga Warrior Blacksmith. The beastly Turga race is meant for winning battles. Turgas can become a Warrior, Cleric or Thief class. Since Blacksmiths can craft mighty Warrior armors, if you are a battle-inclined player it only makes sense to choose the Turga Warrior Blacksmith combination.

As for Tailor and Cook, they are best adopted by the less-hearty races and classes. Of course, there are no real limits in Lime Odyssey. Choose your own adventure!

Lime Odyssey: The Alpha Test is Coming!

Posted by lime_odyssey Friday November 4 2011 at 2:50PM
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You've probably all heard the exciting news by now: Lime Odyssey will enter a limited Alpha Test later this month! Didn't we promise a big update this week? ;) We here on the Lime Odyssey Team do our very best not to disappoint our passionate community, especially since you all have been waiting so patiently for this epic game's release in North America. 

Interested in becoming an Alpha tester for Lime Odyssey? Experienced MMORPG fans are encouraged to visit this forum post to apply for a spot in the Alpha test during our brief application period.

To celebrate the announcement of our upcoming Alpha test for Lime Odyssey, we've released a new set of screenshots and the opening cinematic for the Human race this week. We're also ramping up our forum events, giving all our eager fans a chance to show some community love for Lime Odyssey!

Between all the exciting information available on the Lime Odyssey website and news of the Alpha Test this week, there's TONS to talk about on the forums.

Check out the Human Introduction cinematic on the Lime Odyssey YouTube channel too. The video includes audio narration, telling the historical tale of the Human race, and is what you'll be shown when you create a new Human character in the game.

Humans were originally a seafaring race who thrived on the oceans of Orta until hardship and struggle overcame their existence. Their starving, battered ancestors eventually landed ashore at the Blue Coral Forest, determined to start a new life for their families.

Blue Coral is where the humans have staked their homeland claim today, and some of the most talented craftsmen in Orta hail from here.

Only the Humans and the Muris can begin their journey in Orta as any of the 4 available battle classes (Warrior, Thief, Cleric and Mage) and both races can also adopt any of the three professions (Tailor, Chef and Blacksmith).

Will you search for the sacred Lime as a Human? Or perhaps the gruff Turga race or the hobbit-like Muris race is more suited to your play-style?

In addition to the new human race introduction, you can also view our newly released screenshots along with all our previously-released screenshots over at the ever-popular Lime Odyssey Facebook page.

Check out this group shot from this week's release. You can get a glimpse of what it's like to party up in Lime Odyssey; and take a look at some higher level armors and weapons. You'll want to party up to raid some of the dungeons in Lime Odyssey, and to help with some of the more difficult quests. We'll tell you more about the awesome dungeons in the game later. Hey, if you get into the Alpha test, you can see for yourself!

Partying up in Lime Odyssey is really cool, and makes slaying some of the bigger, gnarlier NPCs a lot more enjoyable and smoother than trying to win the game alone.

We'll have more news and updates next week, dear blog readers. In the mean time, keep checking the forums for new events and opportunities to earn exclusive goodies.


Lime Odyssey Team