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Liddokun's Gaming Rave

This is my personal blog. I write about practically almost anything and everything but my favorite topic is about games, society and culture as well as technology and science.

Author: Liddokun

What I think could make Final Fantasy XIV better

Posted by Liddokun Friday November 5 2010 at 5:14PM
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According to this news article Square-Enix CEO Yoichi Wada admits the game is unsatisfactory but yet according to him the game didn't fail and most of the satisfied customers are old FFXI players. IMHO, FF14 isn't a bad game, a few major tweaks would make the game turn around. Here are a few things that I think would really make the game much more enjoyable. I'm sorry but if I were the CEO of Square Enix I'd be more interested in getting new players into the game than just satisfy old players. New blood = growth which translates to more profit. Sure keeping your existing playerbase satisfied is important but if you forgo the growth of your audiences this only leads to being stagnant.

Interface - The biggest gripe in FF14 is the archaic and outdated user interface. They try to re-create the menu driven feel of FF11 but seriously... FF11 was developed back in 2001 and.. this is 2010 ... crappy menu driven interface is soo overly outdated and atrociously difficult to use even if the game was designed for console in mind. Make the user interface simple to use without too much confusing menus. Most of the time I can't ever remember which menu leads to which. Make use of color ful icons, people tends to remember better if it's something nice and colorful instead of bland text menu.

Combat - The combat feels slow, as if your characters are trudging on sludge. The pacing and feel of the combat just feels wrong. I know they're trying to recreate the ATB (active time battle) system on an MMO but if youre battle feels too slow and boring it will put your players to sleep rather than the player getting excited and enjoying the encounter. I suggest increasing the pace of the combat or tightening up combat. Add some sort of ATB bar to show that it's your turn to attack or at least some sort of action queue it would help so much. What would make combat more interesting? Maybe add some sort of in-combat reactive events like they do in God of War that allows you to counter attack, evade or block or something depending on your job.

Crafting - The crafting is an atrocity in game crafting design. Synthesis can be enjoyable but seriously, they should at least show sort of log that shows you what items you have discovered how to make and the ingredients to make them. I'm all about wanting players to discover recipe for themselves but requiring a real life notepad to write down all game crafting information is just ridiculous.

World map - Okay this world map is a piece of crap. Seriously, Square Enix need lessons on how to properly design world maps, go take a look at how Blizzard does it. At least put in some info like important point of interest and area name in order to pique player interests into exploring more of the world. If your world map is a bland piece of atrocity players would not feel the need to explore.

Quest log/tracker - I don't know about you but i love a good quest trackers/log. In every new MMO that I have played, the first tthing I take a look at was the quest log and the quest tracker. A well designed  quest log/tracker gives me the impression that the developers cared a lot about their game.  While the default FF14 quest tracker is functional maybe they can jazz it up a bit like maybe..i dunno..add more information on what kind of quest that you have just picked up... is it a storyline quest? A guild leve? .. Maybe add the ability to link quest to chat so you can tell people that you need help with a certain quest.

daltanious writes:

I always loved Square-Enix FF series and could barely wait for FF14 Online (in my country FF11 online was not available) ... so is even harder for me to say ... this is one of the worst crap of software I have seen for long long years. Period. And it is bad even if would be created 10 years back. I do not think there is anything they can do but to rewrite from scratch. Or even better ... stay away from MMO world and create some new avesome thing for PS3. This of course does not mean there will be no one to love this version. But simply said ... things that does not sell ... just die. You can not make money from few houndreds or thousands mazochists when you need at least 1000 times more for game to continue to live.

Sat Nov 06 2010 3:50AM Report
Shinami writes:

My philosophy for MMOs lately is: 


"Only play an MMORPG if its PC-Native and its not made by Japanese" ^_^ 

Sat Nov 06 2010 9:37PM Report
Grammie writes:

Final Fantasy does not take Discover Card.  You can't play the game during the 30 day trial period without a credit card.  You can use Click and Buy but the reviews say that this company does not do a good job of securing credit card information.   So the game is out for us who like Discover.

Sun Nov 07 2010 6:23PM Report writes:
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