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Liddokun's Gaming Rave

This is my personal blog. I write about practically almost anything and everything but my favorite topic is about games, society and culture as well as technology and science.

Author: Liddokun

Champions Online: Thoughts on Blood Moon Rising event

Posted by Liddokun Monday November 2 2009 at 1:10PM
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Just completed the rescue of all 13 heroes in the Blood Moon event and defeated Takofanes. The whole thing took around 2 days to complete (approximately around 8 hours with a lvl 30+ team and because we're lucky). I heard Takofanes is a bitch to find with a 6 hour spawn timer and randomly spawns in one of the 3 spawn spots in the Millenium city map. The quest starts in Millenium city and there's no quest starter, you simply go to the public quest spot and defeat the undead hero which ranges between level 15 (the easiest) up to lvl 27 (the hardest) and recieves a quest (as long as you have done at least some damage or killed some minion zombie). Also each hero is not made the same (they represent roughly the different archetype) and some are tougher than the others. I think the most we died to was about 8 times to Vanguard (because he is an archer/DPS and has insane AOE/Big ass nuke that does around 1500+ dmg a hit / 200+ if you block in time), the others are easier. Shadowboxer has insane evade as he is a martial arts fighter. After we finished the last rescue, what do you know, Takofanes spawned just 100 yards from us. After gathering an army of around maybe 30-50 heroes we pounded Tako to the dust (hey everybody free takos!) and got awarded some perks and a mini-Takofane action figurine (really cute!). Completing all 13 hero rescues also awards you with a set of zombie costumes unlock and the Celestial Power set (gives you a headstart on your celestial powered hero).

My thoughts on the Blood Moon Rising event:

I think the event was done very well. I enjoyed the public quest event although the dungeons are a bit repetitive (most of the dungeons have the same theme, mob composition just different layout). Basically run thru the maze, kill zombies, and beat the crap out of the demon that is holding the soul of the hero. I think if you're high enough you should be able to solo the instance. The problem is getting the quest to the hero (which is only awarded if you are present upon it's defeat on the world) but good thing is the quest is sharable with your teammates.

My only complaint is the hunter versus werewolves world PVP event. People with drone pets are exploiting the hell out of the event. Supposedly everyone is changed into a hunter/werewolf with equal abilities and it doesn't matter what level you are. But some cheaters have found a little exploit to help them win. Apparently your pet powers are NOT stripped away if you summon your pet before you change into a hunter/werewolf and you retain your healing drone or munition pet which CAN attack other people or heal them giving your team an unfair advantage. I reported this bug to the GM support and to Daeke on twitter. I can't stand the muthafucking cheaters.

In the Takofanes fight you don't actually fight Takofanes himself but you can actually see him sitting on his throne. He is targetable and is a level 40 cosmic level boss. What you fight is his general called a Takarian Lord which died in less than 2 minutes to the heroes beating on him. I suspect Cryptic might be reserving the real Takofanes fight as an instanced dungeon or world raid. It's kinda somewhat  anti-climactic actually.



Maelkor writes:

I thought the event as a whole was rather blah. I was expecting a lot more. It did get me to continue my sub untill the event started so they did manage to get an extra $15 out of me. In any case come December 1st I will no longer be subbed to the game. The only creativity to any of the content being added to the game is the storyline to some degree. The actual mechanics of the content are repetitive and boring. It is a shame too because the game has great potential. I still think its worth buying and playing your free month though, just not worth playing beyond that. The event added nothing for me in appeal or entertainment value.

Mon Nov 02 2009 3:51PM Report
Liddokun writes:

It's not that bad. I enjoyed the grouping aspect of the event as it brings together people instead of everyone just soloing their way to 40. It's pretty awesome forming a 6 man party to take on those world bosses. I agree the dungeons themselves were pretty much a copy and paste and are blah... wish they change the theme at least to be different for each undead hero.

Tue Nov 03 2009 11:28PM Report writes:
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