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Stuff, Mainly Ryzom

Thus, I don't have to rewrite my explanations and opinions of stuff because of losing them to the bowels of the forum.

Author: katriell

Why Ryzom Newcomers Aren't Disadvantaged Or Excluded

Posted by katriell Thursday July 3 2008 at 6:04AM
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- addendum (wasn't in the original but should've been): The community is high-quality, many of its members being more interested in helping newcomers than advancing themselves.

- addendum (blog edit for clarification and context): Any given player, even one who has mastered many skills, still has some skills that are low- or mid-level.  They can use a low skill in a group fighting low opponents without nerfing exp' , for example, or (see last point) they can use their higher skills on high opponents with a group of players ranging from newbies with only level 20 skills to three-month-old players with a couple of mid-level skills to masters working their low, mid, or high skills.

- No one ever mastered all of the skills, and due to the sheer time commitment it would require, likely no one ever will.

- An individual can't be entirely self-sufficient (unless they're dual-wielding accounts, and even then the upcoming point about crafting remains true):

=--- Healing spells absolutely do not work on self, leaving only the Self Heal action which has a long cooldown timer. Other defensive actions, such as Melee Protection Aura, have even longer cooldowns.

=--- The casting time/range/cost penalty on heavy armour, coupled with the time it takes to switch out a full set of gear, makes changing roles from melee to caster in the middle of combat impractical. Conversely, changing from caster to melee without switching from your light armour is going to make you a liability more than anything, unless the odds are in your favour and/or you know what you're doing.

If you have highly specialised magic amplifiers, changing between magic types isn't going to be optimally effective, but it works. With relatively generalist amps, casting different magic types is admittedly quite easy and effective.

=--- It used to be said that you can't really solo in Ryzom. You can, with most skills (healing is exclusively group-oriented; the debuff skills must be coupled with similar-level offensive skills, halving the progression rate). But, as the very existence of that rumour/myth demonstrates, it's more difficult than grouping, and at some level ranges for some skills, much moreso.

- Mastering enough crafting and harvesting trees to equip oneself fully with whatever armour or weapons one wants is extremely time-consuming, so most people go to other people for their crafting needs.

- Most of the groups I experienced did set up roles, mainly according to what skills the group members wanted to train at the given time, but at least a healer and a tank and/or damage dealer were always needed. The guilds I have been in mingled level 20s with level 200s, and not only as healers - as long as the higher tanks were doing their jobs, the lowbies could do anything they wanted. At times I saw amazing exercises in player skill, efficiency, and effectiveness.

UncertaintyP writes:

I don't understand how most of these things relate to newcomers not being disadvantaged.

Thu Jul 03 2008 6:17AM Report
katriell writes:

For you, what qualifies as newcomer disadvantage? :) If I hear additional definitions of it I can clarify and expand my post.

Thu Jul 03 2008 6:19AM Report
katriell writes:

I was addressing the idea that new players are less able to enjoyably participate in group activities, and also the idea that in a skill system like Ryzom's everyone is self-sufficient so there's no room for players to really contribute to groups.  In my opinion and experience, neither of those concepts are necessarily true.  Only a bad group/guild fails to make its low-level players feel included, and while Ryzom's skill system encourages freedom it also does not allow a single character to be entirely self-sufficient, or even half self-sufficient.

Thu Jul 03 2008 6:34AM Report
Souvec writes:

Speaking from experience, Ryzom has the tools, the setup and the community to ensure that almost no one who enters the game will be alienated or feel alone.  There are so many aspects of Ryzom that encourage cooperation and intermingling between the playerbase.

There are 2 key components: Ryzom's Core Mechanics + Community.  Sadly you can't find either of these elements in most other MMO's, and hopefully soon people will once again be able to experience it when they turn the lights on once more for Atys.

All good points Jel.

Thu Jul 03 2008 6:44AM Report
thedrakon writes:

Yeah, nice, but ryzom still closed, right ?

Thu Jul 03 2008 8:50AM Report
katriell writes:

Yes, but there are signs that it may reopen soon.  Take a look at and  The official forum is back online, there's a former(?) dev hanging around in Klients (the support chat), and which had a domain snatcher's page up for a while now goes nowhere.

Thu Jul 03 2008 9:03AM Report
Hexxeity writes:

When I tried Ryzom a few years ago, there were some severe technical hurdles that kept me from enjoying the game.  I'd love to try again, but I hope the problems are not still there when they turn it back on.

Thu Jul 03 2008 12:57PM Report
katriell writes:

What technical hurdles were those?

Thu Jul 03 2008 2:24PM Report
Mhaug writes:

Aaargh! I remember Ryzom and those horrid, horrid text boxes with reams of instructions interupting natural experimentation and game flow. I have played no other mmo that required so much in game reading to get things done. What's more, I don't think they couldn't have chosen a smaller font?

On a positive note though, I did find the community at large rather helpful and always good for a laugh in off topic conversation... Something I tend to specialise in. ;)


Thu Jul 03 2008 3:11PM Report
Mhaug writes:

* could have

Thu Jul 03 2008 3:12PM Report
thedrakon writes:

I might give another try when it open. I've never been able to find people ..... Always ended up grinding alone

Thu Jul 03 2008 9:17PM Report
katriell writes:

Thedrakon, try looking for a guild in the Universe channel. :) Once you have a guild it'll be easier to get a group, or at least you won't feel alone.

Fri Jul 04 2008 7:16AM Report
vajuras writes:

interesting a Ryzom blogger. hope that game comes back online soon so I can give it a try. Thank you for this blog was informative

Fri Jul 04 2008 9:38PM Report
Gilgameesh writes:

Your post contains pills of wisdom ;)


Sat Jul 05 2008 7:02AM Report writes:
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