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To game or not to game... that is this the question.

So what is this blog going to be all about? Well mainly reviews of games that I am currently playing or beta testing. It will also house some ideas I have about the video game industry, and my views on where gaming is headed.

Author: kackilos

community and guilds

Posted by kackilos Tuesday June 8 2010 at 11:23AM
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So what is the one reason you keep coming back to a game? Perhaps this is the same reason you stuck it out through the patches, the nerfs, the glitches, and the hot fixes. For me it has always been the community a game has. That circle of friends that you can’t wait to trade good natured insults with while clearing content. The sense of achievement as your guild downs that mob or owns it up on the battlefield. Many players have two sets of people they play with. These groups generally are the real life friends and the in game friends. Personally, most of my friends stick to the consol systems so the majority of people I play MMOs with are total strangers by the standard definition.
Community in my mind ranks top three in my things I consider when that free subscription time starts to dry up. I personally play MMOs to team up with other people to not only clear content but to also socialize. For the most part I completely ignore general chat (since most of comments are from trolls and gold spammers), but party chat and other channels can really give a player the sense of community and belonging.
Perhaps belonging was the wrong word. When a player feels that not only are they advancing their character but also advancing the community around them players are more likely to keep coming back to the game. When players start to feel that they are impacting the players around them a sense of pride and worth is formed.
It is that feeling of accomplishment which is a major driving force behind the formation of guilds.
So why is it that people form guilds with people they know nothing about? Enter the internet and its anonymity. Being able to “meet” a person via in-game chat, forums, or over Vent/TS removes the anxiety and tension in opening up to a new person. This anonymity breaks down walls people generally have up when meeting a new person. With the internet acting as this wall it allows people to share information freely with the general feeling of safety.
The anonymity of the internet also makes sure that if you never want to speak to a person again it is very easy to disappear into thin air or simply make a new addition to your ignore list. It is these reasons that I feel why most guilds end up with very like minded individuals making up their membership. Also most of the people in the guild tend to get along…for the most part. There is always some person in the guild that just rubs you the wrong way.
*pre-stops potential rant*
Personally I have been a part of a gaming community for six nearly seven years. I started playing with this community in what I call a hybrid FPS/MMO: Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. I wandered onto a server and started joining in the fray noobing it up as best I could, Hell I beat the campaign on hard I knew what I was doing. After firmly getting my saber handed to me I figured I should stick around and learn a few things from these guys. Six years later we still all play together even if just for a clan event that is held every Saturday.
So my question to you is, “Why do you join Guilds/Clans”?

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