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The Geeky Girl Gamer

Rants and ravings of the pro's and con's from the female and geeky gamer p.o.v.

Author: junitalia

DPS- a dime a dozen

Posted by junitalia Sunday August 30 2009 at 12:35PM
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Alright. I'll go ahead and lay this out as best I can. I find it absolutely insane that because I'm capable of healing from my usual shadow spec on my priest that I've accomplished more on her in 1 year than I have on my mage I've had since WoW first was released! What this all boils down to is DPS is a dime a dozen and if you suck, there's always someone else better to replace you.


I don't mind healing for my husband and his brother and friend and our mutual friend in Heroics, but don't expect me to in a raid. Even in a raid my shadow spec is needed more than my healing spec, all because it boosts the healers in their attempt to keep everyone topped off. Plus they think my buff from my damage is smexy. So I'm gonna go ahead and explain it for all of you who are DPS but feel like you just can't get noticed no matter what you do.


Warlocks: You are pretty much DPS. The only thing with you is that you have the ability to make cookies, summon people, soulstone, and benefits from pets. This is important. If you are either affliction or destruction, I suggest you duel spec to have a demonology spec as well. For raiding purposes, pets are good. But you also need to work on your gear and stats. crits are your friend and if you need a good guide on what you should get gear wise I reffer you to a warlock I know who has his stuff straight.


Mages: You too are also just DPS, but it's how you like to play the game. Fire mages are burst damage bent on insta-kills. Ice mages are controlers who are often used as kiters or in charge of controling adds. I think of Arcane as a helper tree. It boosts your damage, resistances, stats, etc.  I suggest having an ice AND fire build. Depending on what your raid is asking for and what you're good at. Also, I realize that arcane powder costs money, but for the love of cake, summon a table for your grps and BG's...not just your raids.



Rogues: You are the strict DPS melee class (aside from DK's). I've come to understand that depending on your weapon is what you offer. Maces are mainly lockers. They keep things stunned and still. Daggers are the insta-killers. Fists are the fast controling insta-killers. Swords can, in some cases, be like an OT (this depends on the situation and what's involved). I have a swords rogue and because my dodge, agility, and streangth are high, I'm able to steal agro for a few seconds to help the tank and healer. But this is a system you need a LOT of practice in so don't do it unless your group says you can try. Assassination is the insta-kill build. Stealth is the sustained DPS build. Combat is your weapon enhancements mainly.


Death Knights: I'm only gonna say this once. WATCH YOUR AGRO AND GET SMARTER PEOPLE! You have no idea how many idiotic DK's I've run into who think they're cool and can do it all. Just because you're considered a "Hero Calss" does not mean you can do it all yourself. Stop stealing agro from the tank, watch your threat, be smarter with your runes and use them properly instead of wasting it senselessly! I've whiped WAY too many times cus of you idiots (and that doesn't include the ones who KNOW their role). Blood is considered the solo build, being able to heal yourself through it's abilities and your runes you use. Frost is the tanking build, but please, learn how to use it effectively.  Unholy is the Controler build with the added perks of pets and bubbles. Unholy is to DK's what frost is to Mages.


Warriors: The origional OG tank. Warriors have branched on to mostly DPS now though and it's not their fault they refuse to tank really. Ever since druids and paladins were shown to be as much effective as them, warriors have felt almost shunned in the tanking department. Fury is the ultimate DPS build. You can throw in arms for added effect as well. It's a sustained DPS build. Arms is considered burst DPS, much like a fire mage. And Prot is, know. I suggest Duel speccing Tank and DPS. throw your pride aside for once and just do it to get DPS gear. Here's a good idea.


Druids: This is easy. Feral is the DPS/Tank spec. Balance is the purely DPS or "BOOMKIN" spec and Restoration is the Healer spec. Yup, druids can do it all. Sadly not all at once. I don't see too many cat druids anymore. They're either Boomkin, Bear or Tree form. They are well rounded with DPS, but there's the ever loveable saying "There's no BOOM in OOM". Mana spenderature is someties thin, but they get the job done. I suggest duel speccing DPS and/or tank/healer.  Being versitile helps.


Shamans: Shamans are nasty when they go duel wield. Having totem power helps their cause. Though they're not capable of tanking, they are capable to be like a druid in DPS and healing. I don't see too many shamans around on my server anymore, but I remember a time when they were badass! DPS shamans are hardcore and can be deadly with the right stuff. They stand out among all the others.


Paladins: Paladin healers, competant ones, are hard to come by. If you don't have the gear or build, don't even attempt it. I suggest staying DPS and duel speccing Tank. Both are perfect for a paladin. Their DPS is amazing and their agro holding abilities are sometimes the envy of warriors. To stand out above the others though, you need make sure you can pump out decent damage WHILE not going over the agro range. Tanks get a bit upset when their agro gets stolen and they can't get it back easily.


Priests: As stated in an article on here. Discipline priests are single target healers. Holy are aoe healers. Figure out which is best for you or what your guild needs. Shadow spec. It's mainly a leveling spec, but I've come to find that raids are more than happy to have a shadow priest in their run. This is mainly because their vampiric embrace causes all the priests shadow damage to heal the party or raid over time. This helps the healers and takes pressure off of them. It's also good to have a shadow priest for their Misery talent. It causes all damage to be amplified on the target from anyone, not just the priest. Duel spec to either an aoe or single target heal and take shadow.


Hunters: You're all around DPS. No matter your build, you are entirely DPS. The only thing I have to say to you is STOP BEING DUMB AND STEALING AGRO! There is such a thing as a competant hunter, I've seen them! Crap I was in a guild that used a hunter as a puller in raids! Turn your pets growl off! How many times do you need to be told! Your pet is only for damage, not for tanking in a party or raid! And stop taking all the loot! Just cause you can use almost every weapon in the game doesn't mean you need to roll on it all!



Ok, so some of this was a bit of a rant fest and the rest was information. Basicaly, go read up as much as you can about your class. The more you know, the better you'll get. Just because you're level 80 doesn't mean you understand every aspect of your class. I've met plenty of people who are 80 who still have no clue how to play. Mainly because they were pampered by their friends and run through instances instead of taking time to learn how to fight. If you invite someone to the game, do what I do, explain the basics, help them a little in the newbie zone, then send them off into the world to learn!


Posted by junitalia Friday August 28 2009 at 2:50PM
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This time I'm going to discuss the pro's and con's of Guilding. Now, most of my experience is mainly in WoW, but I'm sure if you'[ve guilded in one game, it's pretty much the same. Guilding can be fun and enjoyable if you know some of the people and they seem to be pretty cool about how they play and treat your guildies. Other times you end up in a guild that has a few morons in it that screw it up for everyone.


Recently I had left a guild because I felt it was only hindering my progress towards end game content rather than helping it. That and I'm almost 30, I'm passed the drama crap and I just don't care anymore. I'd rather spend my time worrying about bills or future goals outside of a game. Things that pertain to a real life ( I hear the graphics are nice but the content sucks).




Being in a guild offers you the ability to have help when you need it for questing, instancing, daily grinding, etc.


You're able to get into instances and raids fairly well and learn the new boss encounters


Having guild banks, vaults, housing, w/e it's called in w/e game allows you to trade and share items with everyone in your guild.


Having a like minded community means you can all be on the same page and understand what needs to be done to better both the guild as a whole and the individuals it counts on


For PvP you always have someone to watch your back and a back to watch


Some guilds are comprised of RL friends and family which makes it easy to settle things whether they're good, bad, complicated, or just plain weird


You always feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when you sport your phat loots, your tabard, and your guild name proudly wherever you go, letting people know you're capable of handling your class and whatever instances you do.





Headaches. This includes people who join, raid the banks, vaults, houses, and then /gquit, GM's and officers who have no clue what they're doing or how to settle things properly, people who think they're the shiznit and try to show up their guildmates and anyone else to prove they have an e-peen, and finally, people who lack the maturity to properly play a game


Guild Banks. Good and bad. GM's...DO NOT MAKE YOUR GB's FULL ACCESS TO ANYONE! If it's like your wife or sister, that's fine, but to people you might not know or think you do and they screw you over afterwards, block them out! I've seen the rise and fall of good guilds over this! People work hard to make their guilds great and to have one personal steal it and vendor it all in one night is dispicable!


Immaturity. I realize children and teens play the games. If you're a reputable guild and are high end content driven, plz, plz, PLZ make sure a recruit in consideration gets onto a ventrilo or other type of server and make them talk. If it's a kid (and no offense guys, but majority of guild break up happen over kids being immature) make sure you watch him/her like a damn hawk! Just because they're in a game doesn't mean they need to not be supervised! I realize it isn't your kid, but it's your guild and if you want it to stay good, don't let your guard down!


E-Peen. Guys...plz...from the female p.o.v., stop it with the "my e-peen is bigger than yours" thing. It's another cause of guild drama.


Drama Llama. If you can't handle a situation maturely, /gquit now. If you loose a roll on something and then scream and yell about it till your face is blue on vent, you need to re-prioritize your life. IT'S A GAME! Get over it, roll next time. If you have a problem with someone, don't try to figure it out on your own. Involve your GM and officers so they can help handle it. There's a reason reputable guilds get by so well. Their GM's and officers are good and dealing with things.


So, all in all, stop whining, have fun. As I used to say in the BG's when people complained of objectives being stolen or lost....LESS QQ MORE PEW PEW!

F2P can be NBD

Posted by junitalia Sunday August 23 2009 at 3:12PM
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For those of you who don't speak gamer or are new to the gaming community that's Free to Play can be No Big Deal. I'm impressed by some F2P games. Perfect World and Runes of Magic, being the few. The only problem I have with some of these games is something that sme of you might know about and also find as equally annoying. Graphic glitching.


What this means is after awhile of your computer being on or playing the game, the graphics start to act up. Your screen starts to act as if it's lagging or speeding up. I'm not entirely sure as to what causes this. Maybe it's the video card or maybe it's an overaccumulation of cache. Whatever the reason, it's enough to drive you mad.

With that aside I think F2P is an absolutely awesome market. Allowing people to play an awesome game without paying but also giving them the chance to gain awesome items and rewards through buying currencies is a great concept that I wish many games would adapt to. It might give them a chance to survive in this gaming world gone mad. I think games like EQ would definately be good for this. I realize that Sony has it's Free Realms game and it's a big hit. Why not revive an old classic in a similar way? And to be even more bold on the subject, I think Blizzard might benefit from it as well, even if they do manage millions in World of Warcraft. Give those without a means to afford it a chance to play with all the others instead of constantly having to get ahold of passes and friend's game cards. Or, create another, totally different game with the same mechanics only free.


So now I pass the pen to the rest of you. Any thoughts, ideas?

Champions Online

Posted by junitalia Saturday August 22 2009 at 11:41AM
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I can't help like I've been through this scenario before...unique customization of a super being, helping innocent people against an evil threat on the streets of our beloved city, questing, questing, grinding, grinding, etc.


Champions online has caught my attention graphic wise because it sticks true to the "comic book" image. It feels as though you are inside a comic book. As far as the mechanics and other such things, you'll find it's the adaptation of an upgraded City of Heros and World of Warcraft. I liked it. I didn't love it, but I liked it. I wouldn't spend $40 on it and another $15 a month though.


You start within the city which has been turned into a warzone. An evil alien race has come to the city to take it over and with their arsenal they have cut off some powers that heros have. It's up to you to help the mayor maintain order, save civilians, and defeat the alien menace. Defender, the great superhero, will help you towards the end. Other superheros have taken to helping the police on the streets. Once you defeat the aliens there's a celebration in your honor, but the festivities stop short when 2 threats show up in Canada and the desert. You have to choose your destination and get ready to jump into the real action.




Extremely unique customization sustem of your hero's physical apperance as well as endless costume options, but also giving premade ideas for you to choose from


Coloring and shading your powers to be even more customizable


The comic book feel of the world and hero(s)


Choosing your travel ability (flying, blinking, speed running, etc.)


Rewards specifying exactly what archtype it's for to make your choosing simple


Allowing you to choose what kind of controls you'd like to use compaired to other games (before starting it will ask you if you want fantasy game controls or another kind, also allowing customization)


After passing the starting zone, you have a choice of two places you can go and help next




Attacking can become confusing and the controls wont always agree with what you want them to do


The storyline is, at times, too simple, and too boring


Sometimes the items given for rewards aren't always clear and the explanation of the system in which your archtype could benifit from with upgrades is vague.


I advise against full screen mode as it has a tendency to make graphics look horrible, playing in window is better


Some archetypes require you to fool around with your powers a little TOO much until you can find a comfortable sequence.


It's the same grind/quest-fest as City of Heros, WoW, and others like it so if you enjoy it that's cool, but I do it enough in WoW so I'm all fested out


Posted by junitalia Friday August 21 2009 at 7:40PM
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WOW!...that's all I can say!. If you havn't already, head on over to the world of warcraft site and have a sneak peak at what they have planned for us! It's absolutely insane!


Posted by junitalia Friday August 21 2009 at 9:41AM
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I just started playing this since I got  closed beta tester permission and can't go into too much detail really, but I can do some observations for those of you thinking about playing.


The game's graphics are on par with other such games like Shaiya, Rappelz, etc. If you've played those other games, you'll understand the controls well enough. The character customization is also familiar to the others, but the newest thing is the use of what is called the "fletta system". It's kinda like collecting Laks in Rappelz except you don't just turn them in for booster chips, your entire crafting and creating system is pretty much based on this. You need the stuff to upgrade, make things, power items, gain points to gain skills, etc.


I'm impressed, but again, I give a game a certain amount of time before I dismiss it. The fact that I am a beta tester though obligates me to stick with it until the end so I can help the designers in their quaries about the game. So with that said I'm not going to divulge anything furthure until I'm certain I'm capable and have enough knowledge of the game to do so.

MMO Etiquette

Posted by junitalia Wednesday August 19 2009 at 11:39AM
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I'm not going to review a game this time. Instead I'm going to go on a ranting spree about the language and etiquette in MMO's. It's very discouraging when I pay $15 of my good money to log into a game and all I see is people talking about blow jobs, sexual conquests, calling people inappropriate name, swearing like drunken sailors, and demoralizing other players...all in a chat that EVERYONE can see.


Yes, they also pay a monthly fee to play the game, but I have to say, the gaming community has gotten horribly immoral since the birth of WoW. When EQ was around, there was little to no banter in the trade and city channels. I can't log into WoW nw without having to hear someone say the F bomb or , like lastnight, talking about sexual activities with other player's mothers...and in a VERY inappropriate way. My question is, when did our community become so condescending and uncaring towards our fellow gamers? If a new person has a question that they generally can't find an answer too, don't call them a noob and tell them to quite playing. I know that now a days it's hard to tell who's a real newbie and who's not, but it shouldn't matter.


The bottom line is, please, for the love of god, stop talking about inappropriate things in channels where everyone can see it. Regardless that you may be an adult, not everyone who plays is.  And I'm sure they've figured out how to turn the filters off by now. Trade channels are for TRADING only (and not trading insults, in game stuff)! General chat is for chatter, but it's supposed to be IN GAME topics, not whatever you feel you need to get off your chest to the whole world. STOP THE SWEARING AND INDECENT SEXUAL TALK!


The web created outlets like forums, blogs, and personal info sites for gaming and other such nonesense for that reason. None of us want to hear about the hot chick you banged at the frat party lastnight then puked on cus you we're so tanked. Write it in your journal, your blog, your other sites for that stuff, don't talk about it in game. If you feel the need to, send a fricken whisper to your friend.  Can we focus on a community atmosphere like the good old days.

Perfect World International

Posted by junitalia Monday August 17 2009 at 11:28AM
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Since my last 2 reviews were less than cheery, I'll go ahead and throw out a good. I actually enjoyed Perfect World International. And no not just because I got a choice to play some cute cat looking girl. I actually enjoyed the gameplay and content.




Character customization is unique and personal with slide bars and millions of combinations, even down to makeup.


Questing is easy with the ability to track them on the minimap


Trading is easy, with the ability to set up shop anywhere you want.


Good overall storyline to follow


Premade looks for avatars if you don't feel like fooling with the scrollers


The ability and stat spenderature is fool proof


Genies assist you with added bonus' and abilities


Portals and bankers at every town and city


Dungeon running is smooth and there's always someone willing to run you through them


Guilds are friendly and fun communities


The item shop offers permanent items more than time limit items


Gathering is easy to find and collect





When setting up shop you have to physically be there if you don't put it in the auction house


When gathering you have to be a certain level to gather certain materials (that's character level, not crafting level)


Certain races can only be certain things


Customization only really looks good if you choose a premade style


Certain towns or cities wont port to other locations


After awhile of gameplay the graphics can get glichy, causing you to restart your comp to dump cache (or whatever else is causing it)


Some quests can be completed with either gathered materials or by buying things in the item shop (which is easier compaired to some of the mats you have to collect)



Regardless, this game is an excellent one, especially because it's free to play. It's pretty well balanced and if you like WoW and understand it's mexhanics you'll be well off in this game. Thumbs up boys and girls!


Posted by junitalia Sunday August 16 2009 at 1:01PM
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I've been seeing a lot of ink and web praise on this game. I'm very inpressed, but I'm also not. It has it's unique points and it's dull and srawn out points as do all games. I recently redownloaded the game after hearing the latest update and expansion to see if, maybe, it had gotten better. I had played this game when it was first released by nexon (cus yea, I used to play Audition). Lets say that while it still has it's impressive qualities, I'm still not sold.




Impressive and unique graphics


Choosing how far in you want to go with your magic or combat


A Sim's like gameplay style where working and doing jobs in a certain amount of time and having to feed yourself lest you become skinny and frail or feed yourself too much to become nice and plump is apparent and almost required


Unique fighting system


Questing is easy and very basic in instruction


You can choose from 3 races now


you do not need to be at the NPC to recieve a quest, it's delivered to you by owls.


The ability to make, play and sell music scores to play in game as well as a composure to help you create the music on the Mabinogi website.


Crafting is simple and entertaining


There are daily bonus' that change from day to day





The fighting system is harder as you progress in levels. The recovery time when hit is rediculously slow and trying to gauge an opponants moves isn't always clear. Sometimes fighting bosses is way more complicated than it should be.


You can only do odd jobs around town between certain times of the day


The music composure is complicated if you have no idea how to make music even after reading the help info.


crafting can sometimes get agrivating, especially when it fails constantly.


The gate portals open at night, but they only go to certain places and dungeon running is better at night since mana regens faster at night.



I've only gotten to level 16, but with so much stuff to do and not enough time in a day to do it (and considering I have ADD when it comes to gaming) I wasn't capable of keeping up or coming to any real goal. While I'm sure there are others who can accell well in this game, I'm not one of them. From a girl standpoint the game is cute and entertaining for a little while, but after that little while, it gets boring.


Posted by junitalia Saturday August 15 2009 at 10:55AM
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Ok. What can I say really? Rappelz has hype in certain areas than it does others. From this Geeky Girl Gamer's p.o.v. it's lacking of...something. I grew up in MMO's first on EQ and then moved on to WoW when it first came out (and tried DAoC at one point as well as LotRO when it was out). While I've met millions who swear this game roxxors your soxxors, I'm not all around impressed.




Little or no lag and/or loading between relocations


Gamer driven community with practically no random chatter and all game play oriented.


All characters get to control pets


Quest log is very well descriptive in locating items or mobs for quests


Talent Point distribution is pretty balancing if you know what you're doing


Graphics are nice for a free to play game


Equipment is upgradable instead of looking for newer and better loot in an AH.


Crafting is easy with some minor recipe componants in hard to reach areas


Trading in Lak for booster chips to help amplify your spells/combat/ or both


Gpotato hands you gmoney for completing achievements through some of their games that can be used to buy shop items.





Click to move only


Everyone has the same looking gear


The starter zone is the same for everyone that takes you to the same training place so if you have multiple characters it can get boring.


It's a usual grind fest (even more so if you don't have enough talent points to get that shiny new skill you've always wanted).


The camera angles can reset themselves when passing through certain terrain or rotating your views


Always count on KSers at least a few dozen times in your travels.


The money farmer sites advertising their stuff in the starter zone. (The GM's sometimes never catch on)


As far as a game goes to a veteran standpoint, it's simple, agrivating, and doesn't really seem to par up with most other games. Sorry boys, but I'm not diggin this little song and dance.

Wizard 101

Posted by junitalia Friday August 14 2009 at 12:41PM
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So you've read every Harry Potter book and seen (and plan to see) all the movies.  I'm sure some of you have a wand manufactured after your favorite character's wand and possibly have a Hogwarts robe sporting your favorite House's emblem. Well, what if I told you you could actually live the fantasy? That's right! Wizard 101 is the game for you! A sweet marraige between Card captor and Harry Potter to aid you in your magical studies and journeys. We start with the Headmaster, Merle Ambrose, trying to collect the brightest and most capable students from all the realms to study at Ravenwood Academy. You must answer some questions first to see just what school you should put your main focus into (Ice, Fire, Death, Life, Storm, Balance, or Myth). After your school is chosen, you get to customize your look and give your student a name. Once that's done, forget the typical orientation before a table full of food and floating candles, you're attacked and must help your Headmaster defend the Academy against the former Death School teacher, Malistare Drake! You get a first hand look at the combat system and the characteriztics of some of the spells you'll use. After you've killed your enemies and the bad guy gets away with whatever he came for, your quests begin!



The Quest helper can show you how to easily navigate your way around to complete your missions.


The NPC's are very helpfull and informative, providing tips and hints along your way.


Combat is very unique and stunning. Allowing for up to 3 players and 3 enemies at a time (without being in a group and can enter at anytime).


Teachers are helpful and while you have a main focus of study, you can gain knowledge in all schools.


The layout of the town is done in sections to help you find things easier (A section for shopping, combat, mini games, etc.)


The loading is smooth and easy


The minigames are fun and addicting


PvP is unique and educational


health and mana whisps float around the town to help you regain what you've lost in combat


Color customization when buying new clothes or pets is amazing and easy.




The graphics aren't as smooth and perfected as others such as WoW or Aion.


The grouping system can sometimes be buggy and when entering a dungeon you may end up in an alternate one than your groups.


You might get many people asking to be your friend.


PvP is imbalanced at times, pinning you against a higher level than your own.


Health & mana whisps are far and few between when in a pinch since others will be looking for them as well, forcing you to run all the way back to the center of town to play minigames to regain your mana and health.



All in all it's a simple, easy, fun way to be the wizard or witch you've always dreamed of being!



Special Offers