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The Geeky Girl Gamer

Rants and ravings of the pro's and con's from the female and geeky gamer p.o.v.

Author: junitalia

MMORPG's. The Good and the Fail.

Posted by junitalia Tuesday July 19 2011 at 8:04AM
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Alrighty. As you all know I'm a tota MMORPG freak. That said I'm highly disappointed as of late. EQ was great back in the day. Then WoW came along.It had a good 8 year run, but lets get real, the game has died for the veteran player. There's been a slew of other MMORPG's, but none of them can bring me back to that perfect time in 2001 when EQ was the greatest thing in my meager existance. Now it's become so horrible that I even did a 14 day trial for EQ again. It's in doing this that I realize how spoiled MMORPG's have made me. I had gotten used to a nice and neat quest log. The interface arranged everything for me and made it so easy to navigate and play. Cross realm ques made it so much easier to get stuff done. Maps that showed you where your objectives were. I started to play EQ again and found myself in an akward position. I missed my old days of logging on at midnight and playing till 4 in the morning while watching muchmusic as a playlist for my game time. But I started to miss an organized menu, a quest log, and maps that showed me where to go and what to do. It's official. I have become un-veteranized.


I know I'm not the only one. But it's upsetting all around. Now I try to fill my void with Black ops. BLACK OPS PEOPLE! I'm horrible at FPS's! Then there's Dragon Age. By the way, when is EA and BioWare gonna come out with a Dragon Age MMORPG? Come on now, how badass would that be?! But alas, I digress. All of those lovely MMORPG's out there and none of them fill my void the way I wish they would. I hope for GW2, but honestly, I can't really get into that either. Somebody! Anybody! Make the MMO worth my while again! I'm begging now and I hate begging! I even report beggars! Will anyone answer the call and live up to the hype?

Ravik writes:

Black Ops itsn't that bad..

Tue Jul 19 2011 12:48PM Report
kjempff writes:

MMORPG are no longer, the genre has died. The name mmorpg is still used, but the games are something different now. Just take a look at games featured on this site, and there is all the proof you need. Play your old games if you want, but stop hoping that new games will give you what you want - You will only end up sour and dissapointed. Embrace a completely new genre, or accept the games that call themselves mmorpgs, are not what you define as mmorpg, and try to enjoy them for what they are now.


People will try to tell you that you can never find a better game than your first mmo regardless of which it was, that you have outgrown gaming, that you have changed and are looking back with rose tinted glasses. It is just empty argumentation to dismiss having to consider others opinions. Games have changed, game creators philosophies have changed, and that is the main reason.


I beleive once you accept mmorpgs as you define them are no longer, you might be able to enjoy for example a new GW2, not as a mmorpg but for what other qualities it surely will have. Just a theory so far that I intend to try with GW2 myself.

Tue Jul 19 2011 3:49PM Report
tytania99 writes:

I totally agree with you. I have recently been yearning for the days of EQ and contemplated playing it again just to visit the old hang outs and such, yet sadly I know I'd probably be completely mortified by its sense of "out-of-dateness."

I am compelled to ask myself what it was about EQ that I feel MMORPG's are missing for me now. Foremost, I'd have to say exploration. Coming across some fairies hovering around a mushroom ring in the middle of a forest or discovering a vine-covered entrance to a vast cave that actually led somewhere was an adventure. Basically, the early days of EQ had a great sense of "adventuring" as well as "consequence" - not being led around by the hand by following a trail of exclamation points hovering above some NPC's heads.

I've found that bits of detail that help to generate a feeling of discovery (indepthness) has greatly diminished in a lot of recent MMORPG's. Really, nothing makes me sadder in an MMORPG than having my character climb a virtual mountain only to find something there like an intriguing pond devoid of life and interest. If there is a "pond" on top of a mountain in a MMORPG, there should be something there of itnerest... SOMETHING.

Tue Jul 19 2011 7:47PM Report
Evilchap writes:

I must agree, I could not possibly count the number of mmorpg's I have installed, played for a week then uninstalled and moved on from. i to have high hopes that something comes along soon to change my mind, but we shall see there are so many in development that have been this way since the dawn of time I have turned also to FPS to fill the gap.

Wed Jul 20 2011 5:12AM Report writes:
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