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The Regular, Everyday, Normal Guy

The guy who enjoys computer games but is not hardcore, plays music but not for money, works for a living but isn't rich, reads books but not very often, likes the gym but isn't there enough, and likes the ladies but can't find the right one.

Author: jhazard

Aion: Not the Sharpest God in the Drawer

Posted by jhazard Thursday October 22 2009 at 10:37AM
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As a quick-hit for my initial thoughts on Aion, what's up with Aion himself?  Not the most reliable god by any stretch... he totally screwed things up out there.  It reminds me of when a government notices a pest problem, then introduces a species of animal or plant to combat the pest (look up Cane Toads).  Next thing you know, the new species has become the pest and now we need a newer species to fight the new pests.   Things get out of control fast.  You'd expect, however, for somebody purporting to be a god to not be such a screw-up.   With that, I'll comment on some of the concerns about Aion the game that are floating around out there. 

"Quests are repetitive and there's too much grinding!"  If those are the biggest gripes about the game then I'd say things are going well.   Find something in the game that is worth more than just hitting the level cap.  Join a guild, work on crafting, etc.

"There's no endgame!  I've nothing to do now that I am at max level!" Ultimately the endgame of Aion is PvP, not raiding or questing or storyline of any kind. This should be obvious from the core game mechanics, pitting one faction against another in an eternal power struggle. Love it or leave it, I suppose.

"The flight is too limited!" The flight system is working great. People enjoy the flying and are having a good time with it, enough that they want more of it... that's great, easy update in the future content additions. 

"Character customization is lame, everybody looks the same!" I am not sure why anybody would think this, it's simply not the case. Sure, when everybody is wearing the same armor their armor will look the same, but the potential for creating very diverse-looking characters in Aion is definitely there.

"The game is too buggy!"  First of all, all games have bugs.  With the amazing diversity of hardware out there running this game, I am sure many people have performance and stabilty issues.  This is something that's going to have to be handled by the software development team stateside, and the jury is still out on whether or not they will adequately address the situations that are out there regarding some of the nastier bugs.  Give them some time on this.

"There's too many kinah-farmers and people botting their characters!" This is one real problem which is endemic to NCSoft games.  It will not go away. NCSoft has never truly cracked down on the farmers in any game they've done, and I don't expect them to change things up for Aion. If you cruise some of these money-selling websites it almost seems as if NCSoft has sponsored some of these groups... and that wouldn't shock me at all.  Also, read about how many bots and farmers there are in Korean Aion over a year after release... it'll chill your bones.

lucabrasi writes:

Have a very similar opinion of the game. Not sure if i will renew, simply due to the botters and lack of concern by ncsoft. I got to almost lvl 40 and gameplay was fun, but seems like the botters are only gonna get worse imho. Korea's government is actually taking action on botters. That's how bad it is getting over there in this game.

Thu Oct 22 2009 10:54PM Report
jhazard writes:

Yes it seems like the magic is gone for a lot of people and they aren't content to just enjoy the game.  Ultimately botters can be disregarded as long as you stick to your own playstyle and not worry about what other players are doing, but it gets frustrating to fall behind just because you decide not to use unauthorized programs.  On the other hand, the vast majority of people who get their accounts hacked and all their assets stolen were actually keylogged while using an illegal bot program.  So what goes around often comes around.

Fri Oct 23 2009 10:26AM Report
lucabrasi writes:

I would be willing to guess that 95% of the hacked accounts are dumbasses that bought power leveling, not gold. Therefor i can't see the botters gone anytime soon [if ever]. Last i saw, gold was only like 8$ [us] for 1mil. This will ruin the game above all other things imo, because this game is so dependent on kinah.

Sun Oct 25 2009 7:03PM Report writes:
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