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In My Understanding

An old school gamer discusses the challenges facing the MMORPG community and it's leaders.

Author: jesad

Good Grouping - The Zen of Standing Still

Posted by jesad Sunday October 7 2007 at 3:16AM
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Do your fingers bother you?  Do you find it hard to keep from pressing the movement keys?  Maybe you just can't help yourself when that stray mob passes by while you are supposed to be waiting for the rest of your group to assemble to enter a dungeon.  If you have ever experienced any of these symptoms you may be suffering from R.F.S.  Restless Finger Syndrome. 

Restless finger syndrome has been documented to cause a variety of problems ranging from frustration to premature group break-up and is the leading cause of character death in the MMO community.

Player Testimonial...

Newton - I don't know what happend.  One moment we were just standing there and the next thing I know we were getting clobbered by these huge big ugly things!  I told the rest of the team that it wasn't me but the truth of the matter was, I just couldn't control myself!

Hardcore - I had been waiting for these guys to get their act together for over 20 minutes but some fool kept running off and pulling stuff and getting himself killed.  Finally, I just dropped the group!

Well sufferers of this horrid affliction need not worry anymore!  Thanks to "Standing Still" R.F.S. sufferers can find fast relief from nasty pickup groups which end before they ever get started, experience debt, and even character alienation.  That's right Standing Still promises not only to relieve the nasty symtoms of R.F.S. but it can even improve your gaming experience, increase your reputation, and allow you to actually get something accomplished in only a short amount of time in any group.

Newton - I can now join a group, get set up and buffed, and hammer through any situation in record time.  And people like me so much now that they don't even want to leave my groups, EVEN WHEN THEY HAVE TO WORK IN THE MORNING!

That's right!  Standing Still can improve your gaming experience too!  Just join a group, Stand Still, and  take a few minutes to wait patiently while the other players of your group get to an agreed upon location.  That's all there is too it!

Standing Still will keep you from making those messy mistakes like training your unprepared friends while they are away from the keys, falling off the edge of huge cliffs that took several minutes to reach, and even being nicknamed Leroy by your fellow group mates.

Standing still may have certain side effects such as momentary boredom, falling asleep at the keys, and wife aggro (once she looks over and see's that you are not actually doing anything).  If you experience these or any other negative symptoms discontinue use immediately and log off of the game and take care of your real life responsibilities.  If you develop a sudden urge to cook dinner, do laundry, or finish your homework contact an in game friend or member of the opposite sex immediately.

Standing Still, a cure for R.F.S. sufferers everywhere.  Ask your common sense if it's right for you.

Meanmuttley writes:

This cracked me up! Great read man!

Sun Oct 07 2007 10:16PM Report
Deatrix writes:


Mon Oct 08 2007 12:08PM Report
Aggroed writes:

the spotlight in the news letter made me do it.  ;) LOVED this.  and can it be ordered online or do we have to mail in somewhere to get it.. hrmm think i will google it while i am waiting for this group of nubs to get organized enough to hunt rats.

Tue Oct 16 2007 8:19AM Report writes:
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