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In My Understanding

An old school gamer discusses the challenges facing the MMORPG community and it's leaders.

Author: jesad

Achieving Goals as a Guild, Democracy or Dictatorship

Posted by jesad Tuesday September 4 2007 at 6:06PM
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Last week Vanguard released it's new "Update #2" with numerous changes and improvements to the game such as guild housing.

At first glance, the list of items required to procure a guild hall seems substantial.  At second glance the word "sadistic" comes to mind.

Taken from a list posted on Vanguard Warcry the raw materials alone would constitute something akin to a full-time job for several weeks for any small "family styled" guild (ranging from 10 - 25 active members) to complete.  At the minimum this would be a steady part-time job for guilds of greater numbers of players dedicated to the task to organize and that is just in materials alone. 

Vanguard guild houses will require everything from raw materials to crafted items, diplomacy rewards, and even some items only attainable through adventuring.  This is only one of the many goals set forth by many different games being played by the community.  The question then becomes,

"How do you rally that many troops toward a single, and not always so personally rewarding goal?"

Do you put it to a vote and let the members decide who is going to do what (if anything) toward the whole?  Or do you assign tasks to those best suited for them, running the risk of overwhelming those people, in a world where quitting your job is as easy as clicking a mouse button?

The more I look at the goals being set in the MMO world the more I am reminded of the real world and what is required to keep things running from day to day.  Democracy, such as our government, moves slowly as the sheer size, girth, and worth of those involved in making our policies dictate the direction in which we will move from thing to thing and must be judged not only on the numbers they represent but the quality of those who are voting (See Electoral College  Dictatorships, such as what exists in many businesses, move more swiftly (albiet still depending on their size) but challenge it's workers more to make decisions about the quality of their lives in relationship to the quality of their work.

The Epiphany that I gained while thinking about all this is that "Our government is made up of a democracy of dictatorships."

But that is a whole different entry on an entirely different kind of website.

The question I ask however is -

As an individual, which form of goverment do you prefer from your guild?

As a guild leader, which form of goverment do you run?  What successes have you had and what losses?

I got a lot of hits last week so I decided to step off the podium for a minute and thank you all for taking a look.  There is room for plenty of discussion in this one, at least, that is my understanding of it.

idol2000 writes:

The first guild I was in was a Star Wars Galaxies Player Association. It was run on a fully democratic basis, with an elected guild council and council leader. It took a long time to get stuff done on a guild level, but we had quality members that took on the burden of control, ensuring fairness, setting up recruiting guidelines and a guild charter and everything went pretty well.

On a more day-to-day basis guild members were encouraged to set up companies that did things on a more personal basis, collecting energy and resources, crafting gear and so on.

So basically we had a two-tiered system that worked and ensured the guild was always well geared.

I have yet to see another game and another guild with that degree of organisation.

Wed Sep 05 2007 3:35AM Report
Lunar_Knight writes:

To be perfectly honest, it's not the system under which the guild is run that dictates the quality of the guild, it's the people that are in it.

If you want a nice guild, you can run it practically however you like, but the one thing that you should practice is censorship. Ever new member should be carefully considered. It may be time consuming, but it pays enormous dividends.

Wed Sep 05 2007 2:04PM Report writes:
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