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In My Understanding

An old school gamer discusses the challenges facing the MMORPG community and it's leaders.

Author: jesad

From MMO Old Schooler to MMO Codger

Posted by jesad Monday May 6 2013 at 4:58AM
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So I've finally made it.  It took some 17 years, not counting the pen and paper days, it also took a lot of writing, a lot of thinking, and a lot of hard lessons, but I have finally graduated from Hardcore, to Old School, to ..............drum roll please!!!!

MMO Codger!

You ever have one of those days when, love em as you do, the dang kids just wear you plum out?  (and yes, I am using words like "dang" and "plum" to relay my codgerness, also because I CAN!)

So I'm playing Age of Wushu the other day (all the coolest kids are you know?), and I'm grouped up with these two guys who are determined to finish out this instance that we are in (Twilight Village for those of you in the know).

Now normally I am all for skill and perserverance.  In fact my Old School persona felt that anyone, below the age of 30, who still had ego enough to continue attempting to clear a level that they had now suddenly become dangerously underpowered for was someone with qualities that should be respected.

But these guys, for whatever reason, decided that it would be wiser, instead of pulling the guy away from his henchmen, or removing his henchmen from the equation, that we would instead only take out the first two guys standing in the corner, and then fight the main guy in that same corner, hoping and praying that the rest of his 6 - 8 other friends wouldn't see the need to get invovlved.

We pulled that scenario 5 times.  5 times we were promptly dispached, complete with statements in regards to how weak our Kung-Fu was (which I really enjoy for some weird Saturday Morning Kung-Fu Theatre reason) for good measure.  Until finally, I heard myself saying something in my mind that must have made me grow at least 4 grey hairs right there on the spot.

You ready for this?  Cause this is how you will know that you have crossed that line when it comes.

I said, "Young people waste so much time trying to save time!"

And 4 grey hairs popped out of my head instantly.  On top of that I could feel my blood pressure (pressha if you're from where I'm from) going up, and my Sciatica, and Gout both kicked in at the same time!

And you just knew that they were young too because that had that whole runnie around chattie thing going on.  You know "Hey! follow me, over here, now over here kill this guy, now over here, why are you sitting down?  Hurry, come help me before it kills me!!!"

I almost actually said something out loud too but I was afraid that if I did my rig would instantly fall three to four upgrades behind (as if even having a rig these days cellphones doesn't already antiquate me to some)

(and what is the deal with these new phones anyway?  When I was a kid, it was all about getting that thing down to Dick Tracy size so that you could wear it on your wrist!  Who's bright idea was it to then start making them bigger and bigger until now they are bigger than the old 80's "wireless" phones that everyone used to make fun of!?!?  You put that thing to your face now it's like answering a pancake!) and everyone would have updated to T3 lines while I was still in the middle of my two year cable modem contract.  So I just chilled, and died with them repeatedly instead. 

Besides, who was I to give these kids grief like that?  I used to be just like them once, well....maybe not JUST like them, but I can recall more than one day when the right epiphany at the right time just didn't come.

(And if you had to go back and re-read those last couple of paragraph's because you somehow lost your place, you are either too old and need to go and get your reading glasses, or too young and need to have your meds adjusted.  Land sakes, people can't even focus to read anymore!)

But it all got me to thinking. 

"Oh my god what is happening to me?!?! " LOL

No, really, it got me thinking that In spite of my best efforts, video games, wild parties, several wives, and a firm devil-may-care attitude, that I have still turned into my grandparents.  Which, in a way was kind of depressing, but in a whole nother way (yes nother), it was kind of cool too. 

Cause see, as old as I was, I was still playing with the kids.  I was still able to connect with them at least on some kind of level (even if that level was in being a complete idiot instead of just clearing the room and taking the guy down).  And that made me happy.  Because when I first started playing MMO's, there was not a person over 30 in my family that would even come near a computer.

But wait, I lie.  They came, but when they did they did embarrassing things like calling the computer "the hard drive" or trying to get all technical and calling the "the central processing unit".

"It's a computer darn it!  Just a computer." I would say.  And they would look like they were about to say something for a minute, but then they would just chill instead.

But yeah.  As I get older and older, the things that I see annoy me more and more.  The cheating, the side stepping, and all of the hurry that goes into making shorter that which was made to be long for our enjoyment.  And pretty much I get to this point in my game where I don't even want to be social, don't even want to talk to anyone, just want to be that solo guy.

But then I don't log off either.  Because a real codger would rather stay and complain.

At least that's how it is in my understanding.

I wonder how many others are like me on this very site? writes:
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