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Illyriad Developer Blog

Illyriad is a free-to-play, real-time, HTML5 Massively-Multiplayer strategy game, set in a vast fantasy world of mountain ranges, lakes, forests, oceans, islands, rivers, deserts, jungles, marshes and the northern wastes with countries and factions.

Author: illyriad

Prestige scrolls: The dangerous prospect of transporting real money

Posted by illyriad Wednesday December 3 2014 at 9:46AM
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Hello all! Today we have another post from our official forums, one that explains how our recent innovation -- prestige scrolls -- work in-game. We make money by selling prestige in-game. Prestige is used to speed up caravans (transportation of goods) and to instantly completely a build. It's a very important aspect of our game because it allows us to make some money without selling power. A prestige scroll now allows a player to create an in-game item (the scroll of whatever amount) to sell to other players for in-game gold. It's a good way for people who cannot normally afford prestige to buy it!

Here's an explanation of what we created:


For a long time, transfers of Prestige between accounts have either had to go via the Alliance prestige pool or using sitting rights. With sitting rights, one player would give rights to an account, and the sitter would then buy the Prestige and step out of the account. This has led to some players reportedly being scammed ("I didn't receive the gold they promised!") or - illegal according to the TOS - players swapping sign-in and password information.

Now prestige scan be transferred directly to anyone or sold on the open market at a trade hub, by using prestige scrolls. Let's say that player A wants to give the new player B some prestige to help them along. 



All player A needs to do is go into their Library's new Resource Production area, make sure to have the correct amount of Prestige, books, mana, research and reagents and click Make - player A now instantly has a Prestige scroll that can be given or sold to player B. Player B then redeems the scroll in their Reading Room.



Be aware that items in transit, including prestige scrolls, are vulnerable to blockade, so be careful when shipping these valuable new items.

The Prestige Scroll recipes are as follows:


  • Prestige Scrap: 75 Prestige, 75 Mana, 75 Research, 1 Giant Rat Heart, 1 Pyrestone, 1 Sharproot
  • Prestige Parchment: 200 Prestige, 200 Mana, 200 Research, 1 Wild Dog Heart, 1 Claristrine, 1 Silverthorn
  • Prestige Page: 500 Prestige, 500 Mana, 500 Research, 1 Wolf Heart, 1 Deepsilver, 1 Furzion Seedpod
  • Prestige Scroll: 850 Prestige, 850 Mana, 850 Research, 1 Brown Bear Heart, 1 Rainbowstone, 1 Brownback Moss
  • Prestige Codex: 1200 Prestige, 1200 Mana, 1200 Research, 1 Giant Scuttler Heart, 1 Trove, 1 Suntree Haft
  • Prestige Book: 1850 Prestige, 1850 Mana, 1850 Research, 1 Scritcher Heart, 1 Svelaugh Sand, 1 Vistrok Flower
  • Prestige Tome: 3250 Prestige, 3250 Mana, 3250 Research, 1 Scaled Charger Heart, 1 Earthblood, 1 Ironstem Root


Prestige scrolls are regular items and will show in your towns' and hub inventories. They can be placed in hub buy and sell orders as regular craftable items, and appear in the "Exotic" category. 

Prestige scrolls can only be created from personal prestige, not from alliance prestige. 

The creation and use of prestige scrolls is recorded and is shown on your prestige history page.




We have improved our server-side monitoring and diagnostics so we can be aware of a problem and try to fix it before you are aware. It also provides rich information and extra detail around issues to allow us to more quickly diagnose potential issues. We have already resolved a number of long term issues this way.

Sharing some insights, below is a graph around the time the Heart of Corruption began beating. The early response time peak is a deployment for improved Windows 8.1 support (do feel free to vote for us in the store!) which required a full server code refresh and so a brief response time hit as the dlls were jit compiled:



You can also see the server's daily heart beat or ebb and flow of player demands (this is over a week). The later half of the graph increases in requests per second as you (the players) activate the Heart of Corruption and then in response start sending thousands upon thousands of missions to it and the corrupted temples.


We have moved where and how we host our images, css and javascript files. Hopefully, this has been transparent to you, the players, as mostly the files are cached in your browser and they aren't requested that much, per player. However, players occasional requests as a group and new players' requests do add up as can be seen on the graphs below:



The graph on the left shows when we swapped over the DNS to point at the new resource, and you can actually see the dns update propagating over the internet as the new resource slowly ramped up in requests thoughout the day. The second graph shows the now current day to day activity; do bear in mind these files should be cached for a long time for returning players so those requests shouldn't show up here, however this does include images on our out of game site (like www). 


As part of the reason for the change above, we are now more consistent on when we can serve secure image files, so you can now use Illyriad over https if you so desire:




Mail items now have next and previous buttons inside individual mails to move you through the mail without having to return to the full mail list:


The next and previous buttons are category aware, so if you are in a subcategory e.g. sent or trade they will just navigate you through available mails in that subcategory.


We've reinstated the Combat XML API system, so that you can can individually, as players, choose to share your combat reports with third parties.  You've always been able to do this on an individual report basis, by using the "XML" button at the bottom of each combat report in-game mail.

However, you can now generate an API key in the Account & Preferences area of the User Interface.  If you generate and give this API key to other players, they can then access a listing of all your combat reports since you issued your first key, and then drill down into each individual combat report just as if you'd sent them each report via in-game mail.

We can see this being useful for any builder of third party tools, an alliance that wants to track their collective members' military actions and/or any player who wants to make a killboard for (eg) the purposes of player-run tournaments.

The API key is something that an individual player can generate, and revoke (or rather, generate a new key) from their Account & Preferences page in the "API Keys" submenu.

It differs from the individual combat report XML in that it is a generic key which essentially says "I hereby grant the holder of this key the right to access all my non-covert combat event logs in XML format until such time as I revoke the key by changing it".

A player who issues a Combat API Key can then use this unique, individual key to query a page that will produce a list of combat events that can then be queried via the individual report identifier, and they can share this key with anyone they choose.

Players can pass their Combat API key to third parties (such as alliance techies, or killboard website operators) and these third parties can then query this page on behalf of the player, and retrieve the individual combat reports for every combat this player has been involved in.


Go to your Account & Preferences page and click on the API submenu:


You will have a list of keys here - or, on your first visit, the option to issue a Combat Reports API Key for the first time.

To create a Combat Reports API Key, press the "Generate" button.

If you already have a key, pressing "Generate" will instantly disable your current key and generate a new one for you; thereby preventing access to your combat reports by anyone who knows your old key.

Account sitters can generate and/or revoke API keys.



For whatever reason (doubtless nefarious!) you might not want a specific, particular combat to appear in the Combat Report list you've made available to anyone with your API Key.

You can suppress individual combat reports from appearing on the list if you check the Is Covertoption checkbox on the "Send Army" page before you dispatch the army outbound.  You will need to have researched Covert Operations in the Military research tree to see this option.


If you're not a programmer, then the following is probably not relevant, and you can skip over the next couple of sections!

The API Key is in the format:

[Server Name]-[KeyType]-[Key]
This helps you identify which server to query (we currently only have elgea) and what page to query with the key.

A sample full combat API key for elgea might look like this:
This identifies this key as being good for pulling data from Server [elgea] for Combat Reports [COMRP], and the remainder of the key is an encrypted piece of data that identifies the player to us (twinned with the rights he has given to this key).
To query a key for the first time, call the following page:[insert player's full Combat API Key including the server and keytype here]

and so, using the example above, your query would be:


Sample (will not work in reality)





Breaking it down, you have:
  • The standard Server Identification snippet, followed by
  • The PlayerID who this Key belongs to, and the exact key you just used
  • A list of combat events that this player has been involved in, along with the identifier so you can then go off and query the specific event for the full details, using:[insert here]

You do not need to be logged in to access the Combat API listing or any individual Combat API report, so long as you have the key!


1. You may already have the report from another player


  • You already have a combat report with this and
  • You already have a combat report with this and
  • You already have a combat report with this
  • This new report has a less than or equal to ( <= ) than the one you currently have:
  • Don't query this report - you already have everything you need
  • Query this report using the and replace your existing report with this one
  • This is a new report and you should import it
The reason we have the datacomplete flag is because different players can get slightly different versions of the same combat report (eg "Your army was completely destroyed and you heard nothing of its' fate" vs "You completely whupped that guy, here's the report").

2. You don't need to query the complete player history every time, to decide what's new

Obviously we don't want you to be querying a complete player history every time you pull the API key.

So there is an additional parameter we'd like you to use when you subsequently query view_combat_reports_api.asp - this parameter is called [since].  [since] is based on the actual combat occurrence date, not the date that the army was originally sent, so it should be a historic record.

This should be set to the most recent  for the whose key you are using.

If you don't have any data for this player so far, then please do not provide the [since] parameter.

Because there is a chance that you might have two combat events from the same player occurring at the same second, we will return the event(s) you already have at that datetime stamp, so please be prepared to ignore the first couple of events returned - as you may already have them (see above for how to decide).

The [since] parameter is in the same format it was provided in originally in the field of the last report you have from this player, such as: 2014-08-06T03:09:10

The Date Time format is YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS

So, a first API Key query might look like this:
... and a subsequent one might look like this:
... which will only return those combat events related to the player since (and including) the event that occurred on the [since] timestamp.


For the purposes of development, we haven't yet set a limit.

However, we will probably impose a limit for a particular key query (from the same querying source) at some point in the future, simply to preserve server resources and bandwidth.  It all rather depends on how you player-programmers choose to use the API key system!



Combat report data is only available from the moment that any API key is generated by a player.  You cannot access historic records from before the first API key was generated, except via the direct link provided at the bottom of your ingame mail combat report.



Things got a little wild around the Heart of Corruption as huge numbers of missions piled into it. Unfortunately this caused some noticable slow-downs in the browser pages getting updates to their movements when the map was focused on the HoC. 

To resolve this we throttled what was sent to the map to display a maximum of 1 mission icon (per type) per quarter square - and a maximum of 75 missions on the visible map (per type) at any time, focused around the map center. 


We hope you enjoy these enhancements to the game environment.



GM Rikoo


Gold Exploit Closed, billions and billions -- BOOM!

Posted by illyriad Tuesday December 2 2014 at 1:17PM
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This is posted from our forums, which can be found at:

Hi everyone,

We've just permabanned a number of players for a particularly egregious gold / market exploit.

We have never previously shared details about exploits, but we feel this one is exceptional in the relative size and scope, and will have had (and will probably continue to have until equilibrium is reached) an impact on market pricing, especially of prestige scrolls.  

Whilst we're not going to name names, we also feel the particular names involved will become quite conspicuous by their absence, especially amongst traders ingame.  

So, in this instance we feel it is appropriate to let everyone know roughly what happened and what we've done; if only in a (doubtless somewhat hopeful) attempt to stop the pitchforks being pointed in all directions, as well as to provide an explanation for what will possibly be an unexpected adjustment in the Illyriad market economy.  

We don't expect any adjustment to be major - but having said that, we have just removed a little over 11.5% of the current gold supply (closest to M0/MB in economist's terms) and as such we expect that such "quantitative tightening" will have an impact (even though that money was mostly "created via exploit" only very recently).


We'll attempt to explain.


How did you discover the exploit?

We were preparing a (hopefully) informative post about the scale and growth in the Illyriad economy over the last 4 years, and were also interested in how the daily economy had changed since the introduction of Prestige Scrolls (yes, we do record everything) - and we were looking at the net Gold flow balance in the active player economy.

The net Gold flow balance is the balance between:

  1. the gold being generated (predominantly via tax receipts from your towns, but also from other sources such as NPC drops), and
  2. the gold being consumed (predominantly via unit upkeep, but also trade taxation, sovereignty costs etc)

When we looked at the report, however, we were a bit stunned to see a huge jump in the net Gold flow balance starting on the 18th of October.

The jump was from +64 million gold per hour to +177 million gold per hour... overnight.  And it didn't go back down the next day, or the day after, or... etc.  

After looking for a few obvious culprits (eg "was there a massive destruction of troops in an alliance-wide military engagement?" etc), we ended up with a blank, and so began eliminating other possibilities one-by-one.  

At the very bottom of our pile was tax rate (how could that, even across the entire playerbase, nearly triple the gold flow overnight!)

Imagine our surprise when we discovered a single town, with:

  1. a population of a handful (<50) people, 
  2. a tax rate of more than 99,000,000% (yes, ninety-nine million percent), and
  3. a gold income rate of 100s of millions of Gold per hour for this town


How is this possible?


Not without a deliberate exploit, I'm afraid to say.

What the player did was:


  1. Build up a tiny town with some farmyards, a marketplace, and then create a caravan or two, then
  2. ... go into the code behind the Castle Taxation page and "forge" a post to the server asking to change the tax rate to 99 million%, but...
  3. ... the server doesn't question the amount of change in tax rate, because...
  4. ...the town then plunges into massive deficit on everything (eg in this case negative 448 million food per hour), which should cripple it... however...
  5. ... this doesn't matter.  It's still minting gold, and - whilst everything has been levelled down - we don't level down farmyards so that people who make a mistake on food have a chance to recover, but...
  6. ... farmyards do provide a small population, and whilst this was a small population... 99 million percent taxation provides a ton of gold per hour, and... 
  7. ... caravans don't cost food upkeep, so we don't destroy them, so...
  8. ... every couple of days the player would go to this city and have a lot of free gold that they could cram into a single caravan and send out.


It simply didn't matter that the town was empty except for a couple of dozen people working on farmyards.

How was the exploit closed?

Taxes can now only be set to between 0 and 100%, and we're going to look at other safeguards (eg, we're examining the destruction of towns after a period of time if they have nothing but farmyards and zero storage and negative production, as well as further summaries and internal alerts when some previously un-monitored things go out of expected parameters).


How much money was generated and what happened to it?

Well, luckily we can tell exactly.

The town that was performing the exploit was a member of two fairly prominent alliances (the exploiter had switched recently), and so had not been thieved from.  So the only transfer for that town was via direct dispatch.

Tracing the gold outbound from this town, as well as prestige scrolls inbound and outbound from related exploiter account cities, most of the flow was to a different trading town closer to Centrum for market access.

The majority of gold transferred was since the 18th of October, however we can see, by trawling through the logs, a number of earlier transactions of many billions, distributed to players in the alliance, dating back to August and September of this year.    

We believe that the player ran the exploit back in August but stopped and reset his tax rate (possibly for fear of discovery); restarted once in September, and then permanently ran the exploit from the 18th of October onwards - once there was a clear reason for large-scale gold fraud (ie Prestige Scrolls).

The total amount drawn and distributed from this exploit was:


91,157,150,000 (91.1 Billion) Gold


What's going to happen to these players?

Well, we've permabanned 9 directly involved accounts and their alts.  

Three of these are accounts we can prove were run directly by the exploiter. 

Of the other six accounts, each received between 2 and 6.4 Billion in payments from the exploiter, most directly delivered in tranches of at least 1.5B and as much as 2.1B Gold, and delivered *whilst* the exploiter was still under rainbow of new player protection.  All the other six accounts received the bulk of their free cash in the month of August.

These 9 account closures have removed a total of:

123,507,773,792 (123.5 Billion) gold from the game, representing not only the gold in their inventories, but also the current market value of more than 340 Prestige Scrolls found in their inventories and with their traders, bought with the proceeds.

This figure removed is higher than the amount drawn and distributed because:


  1. there was substantial gold waiting to be distributed when we shut the exploit down, and
  2. the 9 accounts were also involved in legitimate money-making activities within their alliances.


What about the other players and the alliance(s) these players were in?

Many of you may have worked out who the players involved probably are, perhaps by their willingness to pay over the odds (for eg prestige scrolls), and some of you may have done business with this player. You'll be glad to know that we hold you blameless; and we believe that you acted in good faith.  As we investigated the exploiting account, we noted (very happily) that many of you expressed substantial surprise that a player less than 3 months old could actually drop half a Billion on prestige scrolls.

We would repeat that we do not wish this thread to become a blame game where people make suppositions or accusations about who knew what and when, or cast aspersions on other players or alliances. 

We believe we have performed an in-depth investigation into this exploit and those involved in it, and that we have lanced the immediate boil.  

We have not yet, however, finished our investigation, and so would urge anyone who received unexpectedly large (hundreds of millions, if not Billions of gold) payments from a less-than-three-month-old player to get in touch with GM Rikoo via igm - or to open a petition with as much of an explanation as possible.  We'll be much more charitable if we hear from you first, rather than you hearing from us.


How did you devs not notice this earlier?! 91 billion is a lot of gold!

Well, whilst we record everything, we really don't monitor everything.  

The figure that tipped us off to the exploit was the delta on the hourly gold production value - everything else was pretty much within expected market parameters.

It may shock some of you to know that whilst 91 Billion seems like a lot of money, there's actually more than 800 Billion Gold in Gold pieces alone (ie what economists would define as M0 or MB)  sloshing around inside the active player Illyriad economy.  The total size of the Illyriad economy is many, many Trillions, and when we get this report written up we'll happily share the details with you all.


How is ending this exploit going to effect the market?

We wouldn't want to speculate too far - we'd expect a demand reduction (particularly on prestige scrolls) due to the cartel's willingness to pay over the odds and to warehouse them; although it should be said that most of their transactions were direct player-to-player sales rather than trade hub orders.


Thank you for your time.

GM Rikoo

EDIT: A further 4 accounts were banned overnight, bringing the total so far to 13.


Check out or first Strategy Monday livestream!

Posted by illyriad Tuesday April 15 2014 at 2:09PM
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You can check out our latest livestream here!

We will be hosting these livestream at least once per month. It should be a great source for game information, and a place for players to show off how much they know about the game!

We're planning on expanding the stream to include tips, tricks, Q&As and other topics! 


GM Rikoo

Another Age of Ascent public playtest tomorrow!

Posted by illyriad Friday April 4 2014 at 2:53PM
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Another open alpha playtest tomorrow! Check it out!

Join Illyriad Games for another open-alpha playtest of Age of Ascent, the upcoming twitch-based sci-fi MMO, this Saturday, the 5th of April. All you need to do to join in is go to at the appropriate time -- 3:00 p.m. CDT/ 8:00 p.m. GMT -- and the game will load automatically. There's no download, installation or sign-up required! We've added a few new features to the game and are excited to show them off.

The team will also be livestreaming the session on their Twitch channel, and the video will be available for viewing or embedding after it's over. 


See you in battle!


GM Rikoo

Post your screenshot: My Bad Neighborhood!

Posted by illyriad Monday March 31 2014 at 2:30PM
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Hello all,

Illryaid is an MMORTS that offers wide-open play, a friendly community, massive war and tons of strategy! You can find the game links in our description or you can go here to sign up!

We're going to host a screenshot contest this week, for a prize of 250 Prestige! What's needed? Simple. Take a screenshot of one of your cities and its dangerous surroundings, post it here with a cool caption and possibly win the prize! We will be judging the entries next weekend, and you have until 11:59 PM EDT on Friday, April 4th.


As an example, here's my dangerous neighborhood:



I might caption it "A bit too bright to sleep at night." or something.


Not sure how to capture a screenshot? Easy!


1) With the game window open (with your town centered on the world map) hit the PrtScn or Print Screen button. This saves an image of whatever is on your screen at the time.


2) Open Paint (in Windows) or other image program and hit ctrl-V or edit-->paste. Then crop the image so that it's not MASSIVE.


3) Upload here in this thread, and caption.


The winner will be posted here and will be contacted in game, and then awarded the Prestige ASAP. 


Good luck, and happy screenshottin'!



GM Rikoo

Age of Ascent PVP Play Test Saturday, March 22!

Posted by illyriad Thursday March 20 2014 at 10:24PM
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Join us for a public alpha play test of Age of Ascent, our new browser-based space shooter this weekend, Saturday the 22nd of March at 8:00 p.m. GMT4:00 p.m. Eastern. All that is required is a WebGL-capable browser (sorry, not Safari) and a decent connection. There is no download, no sign-up and no commitment (other than the ability to blast others out of the sky.) We hope to show off the massive, player-versus-player battles that are at the core of the game. 


We are running a Kickstarter to raise funds to finish the game. We have plans to add sandbox options like player-owned stations, a player-run economy, massive battles, resource gathering, PvE mission running and exploration. You can donate or keep an eye on the progress right here!


Age of Ascent is attempting to push the boundaries of how massive a massively multiplayer game can be. We hope to see you there! Just go to the official site and the game will load automatically.


Illyriad Games, Ltd.


Website | Facebook | Twitter | Google+ |

Illyriad announces the game’s first expansion, The Broken Lands

Posted by illyriad Thursday January 31 2013 at 4:32PM
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On the cusp of the game’s third anniversary, Illyriad, the acclaimed HTML5 strategy game, announces its first expansion today. This addition will double the size of the world map, giving players new and old more available land to expand their empire. The expansion will introduce new gameplay choices including interactive NPC factions and a PVP-protected zone for players who wish to not partake in player verses player combat in their cities. Adding a portion of the Broken Lands map as a PVP-protected zone is an important step for the evolution of the game that allows players more power to truly choose how they want to interact with the world and others around them. With the release of the Broken Lands, NPC factions currently in game, as well as new factions added with the expansion, will become live and interactive. Players and Alliances will take part in story-driven quests that will determine their standings with factions, influencing how they affect the world through combat and trade.

Players will uncover the new continent, The Broken Lands, a war-torn land mass newly discovered to the south of the current continent Elgea. With entirely new factions, NPCs to fight and a unique quest and storyline, The Broken Lands will be a separate area of the game that will build up its own player-driven economy and power structures. After the apocalyptic destruction called The Sundering, The Broken Lands must be rebuilt by new and established players alike who will settle cities on this desolate land.

Key Features Include:

  • New Broken Lands continent doubles the land mass of the current game
  • Introduction of a portion of the map as a PVP-protected zone in which player cities cannot be attacked
  • New and interactive NPC factions
  • New quests including a 6-month story arc
  • Fully scroll-able and scale-able fullscreen 3D map created using HTML5 and WebGL

The use of the fullscreen WebGL browser technology enables players to experience the whole world; conveying its profound sense of scale while allowing a new fidelity in interactivity.

More information including an in-depth FAQ can be found on the Illyriad Broken Lands website.

A teaser trailer with video footage of the new map expansion can be found here.

Illyriad is free-to-play and the Broken Lands expansion will be available to all players for free. The Broken Lands is set to be released in 2013.

Illyriad Update Adds Crafting and Advanced Trade

Posted by illyriad Monday July 30 2012 at 2:24PM
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In the largest single release in the game's history, the game economy of Illyriad, the acclaimed HTML5 massively multiplayer online strategy game, sees a dramatic expansion today, with new commodities, equipment, an expanded gathering system, crafting system and an expanded regional trade system.


The previous 17 resources which could be traded in Illyriad are joined by hundreds of new items, ranging from grapes and wine to rare minerals and magical ingredients. With many commodities available only in specific parts of the game world, and some extremely rare, this opens up the possibility for elaborate player trade and crafting strategies, extending to monopolies and cartels.

"This huge expansion in trade, and the whole crafting system that we are bringing in, opens up new choices for player specialisation. Specialist traders and specialist manufacturers will both have an important place in Illyriad going forward," explained Illyriad's founder, James Niesewand. "Illyriad has always been praised for its depth, and  this release does add more depth. For example, military players previously had 8 basic troop types to choose from, but with the new equipment produced by crafting there will be thousands of possible troop load-outs, allowing players to customise their soldiers for different missions, terrains and even climates. So, for the military players, yes, there is more depth. But what this update really adds to Illyriad is breadth, allowing players to explore complex trading and manufacturing strategies."

This update includes:
  • 72 new weapons
  • 53 new armour types
  • 9 new mounts
  • 13 new specialist buildings
  • More than 50 new special resource types
  • Dozens of items lootable from animals
  • 187 new technologies to research, ranging from Wine Making, to Faction Markets, to Obsidian Blade

With such a dynamic change to the game, the full impact of the release could take several months to be felt by the players of Illyriad. 

More information about the update can be found in the full patch notes here.

Preview: Illyriad UIv3

Posted by illyriad Thursday June 7 2012 at 12:53AM
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This is not another April Fool’s Joke, Illyriad is proud to present our latest user interface refresh. As the game grows and evolves, more features are added and finding the best way to display those features is an important part of the development process. With the new UI, we hope to add some valuable usability improvements as well as give the overall game presentation an updated look.
Some of the updated features and visual changes are as follows.
New sidebar: The sidebar has been condensed to hold more important information and features. It now consists of three tabbed sections. The first is a tabbed box for next events and notifications, in the middle is the friends list and at the bottom is a tabbed box for both global chat and alliance chat. Players can click on the title header to bring the preferred tab to the foreground at any time and the global chat and alliance chat tabs can be undocked for viewing both at once.
Next events: The next events section shows both items you have queued for building and research.
Super search: The top portion of the sidebar contains a search box that you can use to find anything in game including players, towns, alliances and pages.
Friends list: With the friends list feature, you will be able to add fellow players to your friends (through a mutual agreement) and see when that player is online. This feature will become even more important when private chat becomes available in a later game update.
Positioning memory: In the new UI, tab settings and chat window placement will be remembered by browser. If you refresh or log out and back in on the same browser and computer, last size and positioning will be kept.
Navigation: A two-tiered tabbed navigation system is at the top of all pages, with links to pages within that section of the game. Players can choose to use this additional navigation, or use the radial menus at the top of the page, as is currently the style in game.
Herald: The lore portion of the Herald has been split into its own page that looks and functions like a book with turning pages. This creates a fun, interactive way to display the lore of the game as it evolves over time.
Stats page: The release notes and stats sections, previously on the Herald, now have their own page.
Player profiles: Profile pages have sections to display alliance medals and titles.
Visual changes: Stylistic, visual changes have been made throughout the UI to create a cleaner visual presentation and better use of space. Many elements, such as type style and buttons have a similar appearance to the Illyriad website. Interior pages and sidebar edges use a thin, wooden frame, with paper texture interior and golden patterned texture for headers. We believe this creates a cleaner, more cohesive presentation of the game as well as a more flexible framework that we can add to as needed.
We hope you enjoy these changes to the Illyriad UI and find it both easier to use, and more visually appealing. Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section or on our forums. These UI changes and more will be available in our next game update.
GM Luna

Live Events, Community and Giant Beating Monstrous Hearts

Posted by illyriad Saturday April 7 2012 at 4:30PM
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A beast has laid dormant in the south west of Kumala for ages in the history of Illyria. It has sparked fear and curiosity from citizens who wish to unlock its mystery and defeat the horrific Heart of Corruption.

Beating Heart Gif by SunStorm

Until recently, most efforts to explore the area and battle the heart have come up fruitless. But, a mighty forum warrior by the name of SunStorm rallied the call of his fellow Illyrians in an effort to, once and for all, make a stand against this monstrous horror. A massive rally of troops descended upon the spot and discovered, that instead of destroying the beast, it began to grow and take over an even larger part of the map. Armies continued to pile in and become a sacrifice until, the heart came alive and began to beat.

Corrupted Elves and Dwarves

This shocking turn of events sent ripples across the land as corrupted beings rose from the dead, returning to their home cities with hostile intentions. Orcs, elves, humans and dwarves fought against the corrupted forms of their citizens, some of which left behind haunting traces of the attack in the form of a mysterious unharmed tentacle. After a time, and for unknown reasons, the Heart of Corruption has collapsed into its original state and corrupted armies have ceased to emerge.

You would think this is where the mystery ends, but no, our brave forum warriors have begun, yet again to send encampments and armies of troops, perhaps out of continued curiosity, sheer malice or in an attempt to seek revenge for those lost…

And yet again, it grows.

Illyriad players, as a sandbox gaming community, are a smart, resourceful and curious bunch. The entirely player-driven effort to unlock the long-standing mystery of the Heart of Corruption (or Audrey as nicknamed by the players) has been a testament to that fact. As someone who gets the pleasure of watching these things from the inside out, I can say that the development team has been just as excited as the players to watch this event unfold. As each new piece of information came to light, I’ve been quietly cheering everyone on and have been so pleased to see the enthusiasm and cooperation that has emerged from the event.

The word of Illyriad truly does belong to its inhabitants to explore, shape and affect in a meaningful way. Just don’t feed it too much, because sometimes it just might bite back.


GM Luna

Illyriad Community Manager