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Einherjar - The Viking's Blood

Trying to keep it alive! A small game with cute design and gameplay.

Author: jimmytran80

Xmas in Einherjar

Posted by jimmytran80 Wednesday December 19 2012 at 11:56PM
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Update new Xmas theme for einherjar. Look quite beautiful as always ^^


Christmas in Einherjar

Einherjar best features

Posted by jimmytran80 Wednesday December 19 2012 at 11:53PM
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Official site: Einherjar | The Viking's Blood
Trailer: Appirits-Einherjar The Viking's Blood - YouTube
Genre: MMO turn-based tactic & RPG
Status: Official
Version: International
Release: February 2012 
Download: no download needed (browser-based)
Facebook page:

A/ Storyline
A thousand years ago, there were some seafaring adventurers bringing fear and terror to the whole North Seas region. They are Vikings. To them, death is as light as feather. They have become a symbol of courage, wildness, and fearlessness, and their spirits wander eternally. They have come back to the mightiest God Odin to continue their fights againts forces of evil.
Living in harsh environment, Viking become tougher and stronger than other races. They put all their efforts into daily training to prepare for long expeditions across the seas. They are not only brave warriors but also experienced traders. Fighting and trading have gone deeply into their blood veins. But they don’t fight alone, they are a solid community obeying their greatest leader. A Viking leader is a superior warrior who has earned tremendous victories on battlefields and own a remarkable skill of summoning warriors in order to defeat wicked enemies and earn fame. 
Each player will play as a chieftain of a Viking clan battling to rule the kingdom and sail across the oceans to discover new land areas. The farther the expeditions are, fiercer battles will be awaiting you. The brutal wars between the Good and Bad, Justice and Evil, goes on endlessly… 

B/ Key features
1/ Sukumi relationship
In the Job types of Einherjar, Axe Fighter uses Axe, Sword Fighter uses Sword, Spear Fighter uses Spear. These 3 types are subject to a tactical relationship as follows: "Axe is strong against Spear ", "Spear is strong against Sword ", "Sword is strong against Axe". This in-game relationship is called "Sukumi".

2/ Turn-based tactics
The battles take place with the "Tactical Battle" model (aka. turn-based battle). Players and enemies will control their units in turn to fight.

3/ Summon characters
Players can summon a variety of characters in Einherjar such as special and elite warriors to develop their armies. One good point is that players can perform summoning without any special items.

4/ Diversified job system
There are 6 basic Jobs.
Players should combine characters and tactics to create a highly effective combat system based on features of each Job.

5/ Unique Blood attributes
Among the various units, a few have divine protection power from the blood of Valkyries.
There are 9 types of bloods and the increase rate of indexes upon level up for those units with blood will be increased.

6/ Distinctive Einherjar System
The Einherjar system is where players can combine special materials to create new powerful items. Such materials can be collected by sacrificing units to the Gods. 
Thanks to this system, it becomes easier to control the blood and stats to create stronger warriors.

7/ Cold Sleep
Einherjar sets a certain limit to the amount of active characters allowed according to players’ level. They cannot summon more characters if the limit is exceeded, unless one or more of their characters die on the battlefield. However, the game also provides a convenient function called “cold sleep” to help players overcome that problem. That means moving a character into an ice coffin to freeze that character.
As for the characters in “cold sleep” state, their age will stay the same although the time keeps on passing. And players will be free to have more characters to strengthen their armies.

8/ Marriage & Birth
Another lifelike aspect of Einherjar is the ability of letting characters marry and give birth. And of course these characters must be over 15 (the legitimate age in this game) to get married. Just as in real life, isn’t it? And speaking of birth, there is certainly the heredity. Sometimes an advanced skill of parents will be passed to their children. This feature makes the game more exciting and amazing.

9/ Aging
Einherjar owns an interesting feature, like in real life. That is the aging process of characters. When time passes by, all in-game characters will age and die eventually. Their basic indexes will be high when they are at young age and become weaker as they get older. It is this aspect that makes the game more challenging because players must think wisely to use their characters for a long progress of playing.

10/ Variety of chain quests