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Author: highborn

Contributor: Slayback

The Making of a Browser MMO: International Relations Part I

Posted by highborn Tuesday May 26 2009 at 5:27PM
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Greeting Disciples!

As you know Disciple is a browser based - no client download game that is heavily focused on PvP, level progression and rankings. The actual Production time for this game was about 20 months, from concept to release. This is part one of a series of posts about the different aspects of making a browser game. I thought it would be fun to start with some of the more entertaining aspects of game development.

When we started the design process, the majority of what we were doing was fleshing out the actual game concept on paper. This was everything from gameplay, to story and lore, to art style, and even basic combat formulas.

As our concept became defined, we needed to choose developers to implement our ideas from paper to code. There was a lot of discussion on whether or not we would hire our own developers or hire a professional 3rd party developer. Rather than train our own development team, we thought it would make sense to hire a 3rd party with experience and give them direction, rather than creating our own crew from the ground up.

After a little looking around, we discovered a company called Apalon based in Europe. They were both affordable and qualified to handle our project, and had done work for several large companies in the past such as Fisher Price. We knew from the start that there would be a few issues managing a project in Europe, one of which would be team building and general excitement and moral.

We had to keep the development team excited about the project, and we had to make them feel like we were all part of the same team, even if we were an ocean apart. So during the process of development, the management of Resistor took several trips overseas to manage the development and build relationships.

Apalon is based in a country called “Belarus” which is part of the former USSR and one country east of Poland. These countries have become a hotbed for technology, even Google has set up a huge development office in this area.

On our first trip there we did not really know what to expect, but upon arrival the similarities to the USA are truly uncanny. On nearly every corner of the downtown area you see McDonalds and TGI Fridays, as well as other familiar sites.

As soon as we arrived in the office, we were hard at work, but we also knew we had to find ways to become fast friends with our new partners, so that they could feel as though they were a part of our team, and our friends. I asked them to give us a taste of traditional Belarussian culture.

The first night they took me to a Belarussian Sauna.  Its very hot.  Like 30 seconds now get me the hell out of here right now hot!  I didn't really know what to expect, but it was quite an experience.

I have been in a Sauna in the USA maybe once or twice in my life. The Russian Sauna is much hotter. After 30 seconds the only thing you are thinking is that you want to get the hell out before you pass out from the heat. You touch your hair and it feels like its about to light on fire. The gentlemen I was there with were pouring beer on the coals and laughing.

Peter, the VP of their company, wanted to leave too, but we were trying to be tough and hang in there. Next thing I know, one of the guys walks in with some tree branches and points for me to lay down. My response was:

"what the hell???"

Matvey, the Operations Manager explains that he will hit the branches against my back, and this is tradition in Belarus. All I could think was that I wanted to get our of there right away. Matvey told me I was a Sauna virgin and they were going to "pop my cherry". Not wanting to look like a wimp, I reluctantly agreed.

Getting hit with the branches didn't hurt . . . .  When i tried to get up, they pushed me back down.  It was similar to a college hazing.  After 2 minutes or so, I thought I would die, so I insisted on leaving and they let me go.  In all it was a great experience, and they all got their turns with the hot room, so I was able to take joy in watching them suffer too.

This was just the first night. In my next post we will cover a staged arrest of our CTO by the “KGB” as well as drinking contests and more! Here is a preview video for what we will cover in the next post:

Closed Beta Review

Posted by highborn Saturday May 9 2009 at 5:41PM
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 Greetings Disciples!

As you know our closed beta ended on May 3rd. All things being considered, the closed beta was a huge success with over 2200 testers logging into experience Disciple for the first time, and help our development team uncover and fix bugs.

During Beta, we uncovered approximately 147 bugs that varied in size and severity. To date they have nearly all been fixed, and the last few remaining bugs are small, and will be cleared up over the next few days.

I wanted to take some time to highlight some of our user feedback, and reviews:

“What I love about Disciple was the fact that I could get on for 20-30 minutes a day and without a lot of time invested I was having fun battling other players”


“Disciple is the finest example I've yet seen on what can be done with Flash 10.  The graphics are slick and the music is great.”


“I think the time factor is what separates from any other MMORPG. I like that I can check on my game while at my friends house or on any computer without needing to download anything which eats up time when playing other games.“


“ What I found most challenging about Disciple is that even though many factors are decided by chance there is also a good deal of skill involved.”


If you have not had a chance to play Disciple, the game will open to the general public on May the 12th. If you have not registered, registration is open now at !

Beta Opening

Posted by highborn Saturday May 2 2009 at 3:37PM
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 Greetings Disciples!

As you may know we have had a closed beta for the last week.  We handed out 3000 beta keys, and had over 2200 Beta users log in and test the game.  We've gotten a lot of great feedback from our beta testers, and have already worked out a lot of the bugs.  Over the next week, we will work to get everything as close to perfect as possible for the official launch on May 12.

I have great news for those of you that did not get a chance to play in closed beta.  Tomorrow we are opening the beta up to all registered users with activated accounts, from approximately 10am CST.  We want to do a stress test, and the Beta will end at either 10pm CST or when the servers go down.

At that point we will close everything back up until May 12th.  So, if you have not had a chance to play in closed Beta and want to see what Disciple is all about, now is your chance!

See you in Aphelion,


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