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Camelot Unchained Revealed

Follow my journey in Camelot Unchained.

Author: gylnne

How Camelot Unchained Can Change the Pay to Play MMORPG Industry

Posted by gylnne Wednesday May 1 2013 at 8:52PM
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Some folks have a way with words. I myself unfortunately am still learning to put my thoughts on paper.

Guiseppe over at has wrote a wonderful article on how Camelot Unchained can change the industry.


"As I start writing this piece, the Kickstarter project for Camelot Unchained is in its home stretch, with just a handful of hours  to complete its funding and speed towards its first stretch goals. With an average pledge per backer of about $160, it’s obvious that many of its supporters really want it to happen. The counter now reads $1,854,237 in pledges. I will continue writing as it grows, and by the look of things the project might very well overtake my writing and beat me to the goal, funding well before I’ll be done.

While Camelot Unchained‘s community is very passionate and proud, there’s something that even many of those supporting the game by paying for it more than two years before its planned release date may not have realized yet.

Camelot Unchained is so unique because instead of trying to please all MMORPG gamers in one fell stroke, it radically caters to an arguably niche fanbase of PvP-oriented players while basically showing the finger to everyone else. I’m quite sure most big publishers would consider this course of action absolutely crazy.

But it could work."

Continue reading here: How Camelot Unchained Can Change the Pay to Play MMORPG Industry


BowbowDAoC writes: awesome read Wed May 01 2013 9:08PM Report
Lithuanian writes:

It would work since CU - looks like - took a radical, yet correct approach:

1) in the times when f2p is standard - they offer p2p.They lose player base (folks like me), but they do get a chance to win quality over quantity;

2) specific nice. Be it PvE, PvP or CvT (Coffee versus Tea...).

These two things are just plainly correct: pick your niche. if I were a publisher, I would consider this correct - and therefore dangerous for my own mmorpg.

Thu May 02 2013 2:09AM Report
gylnne writes:

True Lith,

I learned affiliate online marketing from some outstanding ppl a few years ago and even then they could see the writing on the wall that unless web sites start become "niche"  made they would miss out on a lot of business as search engines get better.

Thu May 02 2013 1:12PM Report
TimEisen writes: Gylnne your a helluva chronicler! Dont sell yourself short. Your blogs are like a running history of CU. Thu May 02 2013 2:02PM Report
Tara_Windwalker writes:

That was really nice of Tierless to applaud glylnne.

I never thought that I would reduce my gaming time but I have after so many F2P games have disappointed and disgusted me by becoming P2P.  I wouldn't have minded so much if they had just been honest.  

I walked away from a game that I invested years in (and monthly membership for myself and my neighbor's daughter) because they started selling "rare" items.   Fans were upset and told them.  They still sold them.  They could have changed the color and it would have been ok but to bring back items that we went out of our way to buy (and strained our budgets to get a rare item when it was available) is unacceptable and unnecessary.  It isn't as if the cute little pink Tshirts covered in stars are in boxes in a warehouse somewhere.  How hard is it to take that Tshirt and change the color?   

It was hard to walk away but I did it.  That experience helps me to now say "no" ... "NO".  I may be only one person but I have a voice and  I'm not going to let Gaming companies think they are getting away with scamming children and adults out of money; especially if we helped a game become a success.  We spent hours and hours promoting a game and helping others be able to play it (because tutorials suck) ... but  the Gaming companies crossed the line with Microtransactions.

 A Gaming company that starts a game with 1000 Beta players and now 5 years later has 25+ million players should be able to reduce microtransactions.  They are either greedy, bad businessmen/women or can't do math.  How many millions are paying the monthly subscription fee and still have to buy items through microtransactions in order to play?  And there has been no reduction in the fee in 5 years.   

In an Open Beta today, people are talking about microtransactions.  They, like me, won't invest any time in a game that says it is F2P when it is actually Limited F2P ... and especially if it looks like it will definitely become P2P.   The players were saying don't worry about opening up new sections.  Stop that and work on what you have.  Get rid of the flaws, at least, and make it as good as it can be.  This will reduce costs for the gaming companies and gamers.

How many F2P games in Beta now have full catalogs of things to buy in order to play the game?  There is a huge difference between the number of companies doing it today vs last year.  

There are some games that haven't even reached Beta but their websites show the things you can buy while you play F2P.

I hope Limited Free 2 Play, Free 2 Play, Pay 2 Play gets straightened out before class action suits become popular.  We will all lose then.  I believe that we will be seeing laws enforced on the games who are geared towards children to stop the microtransactions.  Kids are begging in the games; crying; stealing their parents credit cards, stealing passwords from their friends, and worst of all feeling depression and peer pressure.  

When a game doesn't Drop (in the beginning hours of playing the game) a matching set of clothing, something is wrong.  When players can't advance to new worlds because the gear they have won isn't strong enough, something is wrong.  When 24 milion players hang out in the free section and 1 million are playing in the advanced worlds, something is wrong.

We have so many games to choose from but in some ways we have very few to choose from because they are copying each other's attitude about F2P.  

It's wrong.  It's unacceptable.  I don't want to go back to playing FreeCell but I don't want to give my money to a people who think they can scam me.  

I probably wouldn't care as much but I read some books about the gaming business: the psychology of the color pink, for instance.   So many times I have said to myself "I wish I hadn't read those books" because it broke my heart to see my most favorite game doing the same things that I had read about.

I like that people are taking the gaming industry into their own hands through Kickstarter:  we have been playing games long enough to know what we want and don't want.  We know the economy isn't going to be fixed soon, so we can't afford to be scammed.

I say to gaming companies: "Be honest and just tell us it is Limited F2P or P2P".   Use your fan sites, forums, and social media to promote your game better.  You aren't using social media as well as you can.  

Wed May 08 2013 3:40AM Report
gylnne writes: Well said Thunderbay. Wed May 08 2013 11:01PM Report
Nanulak writes: I hope someone puts a shot across the bow of the current MMO industry.  It is currently broken and faltering quickly in my opinion.  Someone has to wake them up and let them know they are driving off a cliff.  We need to get back to our MMO roots.  Games were hard and it took along time to progress and we loved it.  Hopefully CU can signal the industry that a direction change can be a good thing. Sat Jul 19 2014 7:40AM Report writes:
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