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Camelot Unchained Revealed

Follow my journey in Camelot Unchained.

Author: gylnne

Camelot Unchained Death and Housing

Posted by gylnne Wednesday April 17 2013 at 1:21PM
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Mark answers some questions about death and housing.


For battles to be meaningful, I believe that Camelot Unchained needs to have a death penalty that stings a little bit. No perma-death, no corpse looting (there are rewards but that is complicated) but also - no instant rez (rez takes time), no self-rez (even for healers), dead = dead, when dead your body can be burned/magically attacked by the enemy (takes time) or you can release, no item decay on death (use/enemy attack based only), limited bind points (there is a healer + crafter mechanic that can come into play), “rez sickness” like mechanic and last but not least divine intervention. KS Update 11

When you die, and you will die; don’t expect to simply pop back up and get right back in the fight. It is going to be a lot more complicated than that. IMO, that gameplay style embodies some of the problems with many modern MMOs, death without consequence, “easy in” and “easy out” RvR, 6-year old kids’ soccer match, etc. RvR combat must be fun, challenging, exciting and losing must hurt a bit or it means nothing. Foundational Principle #2

Housing and other player owned structures

OnlineWelten: You’ll have a housing system. What kind of buildings can we expect and do players have influence about their appearance?
Mark Jacobs: All I can say now is that the building system will feature a lot of
different buildings and structures and not just houses. Our crafters will be intimately involved, if they want to be, in building defenses, traps, etc. for use against the enemy.

Q: For NPCs in my inn, would it be possible to make the females wear somewhat less clothes?
MJ: It certainly is not out of the realm of possibility. It's an inn as long as we give the owner the right not have males dressed the same way. :) Q&A - April 16th

Q: Can I put a Wee wolfs head on my wall in Camelot Unchained?
MJ: If you can find a Wee Wolf. :) Q&A - April 16th

Q: For Living Large Kickstarter tier, is there enough flexibility to allow Backers to either place their houses together in Backer's neighborhood of sorts, or off of the beaten path if that is their preference?
MJ: Depending on the location, sure. Makes easier targets for the other realms! :)
Q&A - April 15th


There will be some limited safe areas (as per above), but housing (I really need to call this building) in the non-safe areas will be encouraged and rewarding. Burn, baby, burn. ;D Dualshockers

The only chance for an island or inn (if it sells out) would be a few that I would open for our European players if we get Paypal in. I cut out some from my initial spreadsheet because I didn't want Europeans (or people who had to use PP) to feel screwed over. After some of the things that happened with GOA/Mythic (we weren't perfect either), I wasn't going to do that to them again. I really feel like I have to make something up to them, truly. KS Comments

<+CSE-Tim|Coding> bbarker: mark says fixtures will be on a given server and we may provide an option to transfer them if you decide to move servers/realms (

Unfortunately, because the house is custom made for a realm, it has to be realm-locked. However, it is not server-locked. KS Comments

All I can say now on the inn plots is that we will have a special section in town for the inns. People who purchase those inns will be able to choose from those lots on a first-come, first-served basis. Once you choose your slot, you will work with our team to trick out your inn with existing and a limited amount (for obvious reasons) of new textures. Does that help? KS Comments

The plan is certainly total freedom outside of the safe areas...if someone trying to be an exploiter or just to be a griefer says 'I'm gonna build a wall to block entry into the city', yeah, that would be bad too. Except for those sorts of limitations, we're gonna try. We're gonna try to set it up so people can build where they want.

Read more here:  Death and Housing writes:
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