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Just a little dream...

This is my personal search of my Ideal MMO. Some may think, I am silly, or make no sense, but this is my adventure, and my perspective, not anyone elses.

Author: grneyedvixen

Continue of Star Wars Galaxies.

Posted by grneyedvixen Saturday April 24 2010 at 5:40PM
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So, as I am playing this game more and more, the more I get involved in role-playing. When I first heard of role playing, the first thing to my mind was “Whips and Chains” (I am a perverted female, sue me) then I learned more about real role playing was. It was not about cyber chats, or being perfect with the game lore, for I was awful with Star Wars History. I got enough into role playing I took my character very serious, I worked on her appearance as in physical and style wise. I even changed my profession to being a Image Designer.
I loved being an Image Designer, my character looked amazing, and by providing ID to many people, I was meeting tons of people. I made some good money, providing ID. I never charged, it was always free, but tips were welcomed. That’s how I met a little buddy, of mine. I was 20, and this little 15 yr old kid wanted some ID. So we got to talking, and we became buddies from that moment on. He followed me around like a lost puppy, and was very friendly. I introduced him to my Hero, Trega. He soon leached on to our little group of friends. Then, one day, he just stopped playing. Was very sad, but, I guess people come and go, and now to this day, I cannot remember his name.
I also met someone through Trega, Scaliwag Spazz, was his name. We didn’t associate a lot in the game, but we were acquaintances in the game. However, believe this or not, we talk still to this day, few times a month. He lives in Los Angeles, I live in South Dakota, never once have we met in the 6+ years we have been friends, but I consider him one my best friends.
Then there was Durrell, wow, what a DRAMA Filled RP relationship that one was. He was my first RP game boyfriend. We were nothing serious outside the game world, we had talked on a phone, but mostly was always in the game. At the beginning of this game, I was Rebel. I was like “HELL YEAH, I am going to be on Luke Skywalkers Side!!!” and he was Imperial. Boy, the game web of love we had spun. At first, it was secret Game love, no one was to know, but we were always out PVEing together, soon people found out. I then switched to Imperial, and had been Imperial for about 80% of my game time, and for the rest of the time playing. He introduced me to PVP. I had no clue what PVP was.
Noob Moment: “What is PVP?”
That’s when my love for PVP started. I made my girl a Rifleman/Doc, I was pretty good at PVP too. That’s when people started to notice me. That’s when there were PVP guilds I started to learn of like, <DARK>, <IWCS>, <SYN> and so many others. These were the most popular guilds I remember. I was part of <DARK> for a short time, and soon joined <IWCS>, but that’s a later paragraph.
Next person I remember was Semiserious. I remember seeing him, at the beginning of my SWG adventures. He was rather mean, and rude to me. So I basically ignored him. Then, as my interest in Durrell had stopped, he was soon there to take me as his game girl. At this point, I wouldn’t say I was popular, but people knew me, may not even remember me now, but it’s ok. Anyways we were and on again off again item.
Then there was, Flapjacks. I can’t remember for the life of me what his Game Name was, but that was my nick name for him. We were buddies for a long while, until I joined <IWCS> then we became distant and not sure why.
When I joined <IWCS> I don’t think I really knew anyone in that guild when I joined. But I was part of that team for a few months. I had my greatest experience in PVP with that guild. I became good friends with GARP, the guild leader.
Aww, gold old PVP Memories!
I met others in my adventures, some will always remain imprinted in my memories, as others were soon forgotten, or slowly forgotten over time. I have so many memories of this game, I can’t even place them all in a time line. They are like a blur, but a blur I wish was more clear in my mind.
Some great things I remember of SWG was, the openness of the game, the ability to do what I wanted when I wanted. I was not told how to do things, where to go, or how I had to do it. I loved the RP, wasn’t super creepy serious, just good fun. I loved the crafting, how in-depth it was, how resources had stats, which changed, how items would drop, some would be crap, but one would have a good “Mind Fire” on it, and sell for millions of credits. I remember my Nightsister Bracer, which in turn, I had 3. Such a rare item, one was found on the bizarre for so cheap I laughed (Snagged that baby up) two others were gifted to me by my different RP boyfriends. People offered me millions of credits for these, but of course I was greedy. (Sorry, I am a girl who likes nice things).
I miss this game in so many ways. Yes, it was buggy, yes there was an imbalance to the game. I didn’t care about instances, or quests. I liked being able to change my skills, by grinding the heck out of them. I had some of the greatest times of my life in this game, and haven’t fully enjoyed a game since I left.
So, why did I leave?
World of Warcraft. I had no idea about this game, or what it was about until the day it was released. I logged on SWG, all my guild mates in <IWCS> were in guild talking about it and how everyone was switching to this game. I was sort of sad, but I followed my guild to WOW. It was the worst mistake of my life, but that is for another blog.
seigard writes:

well only thing i can say.. PVP FOR THE WIN!!!!. Lol the same happened to me too, i felt the pvp hunger in my stomach

Sat Apr 24 2010 6:27PM Report
Coldrain_13 writes:

Dark on Bria or Kettemoor?


Sun Apr 25 2010 4:20AM Report
grneyedvixen writes:

Naritus was my server I played on in SWG :)

Sun Apr 25 2010 10:23AM Report
daffas writes:

This was my first mmo, and it has been the best for me also.  I loved how you could do whatever skills you wanted.  And having friends in the game was great.  Haven't been able to capture that feeling.  Sucked when the nge came out, I only played a few months and then they turned it into another grind based mmo.  In the end I ended up being a smuggler/jedi with the mask that princess leia had on when she was rescuing han from the carbonite at jabbas.  Great times.

Sun Apr 25 2010 11:23PM Report
eisenryu writes:

I enjoyed PvP in all the MMOs I played. I had a knack for it. I just always hated pvp gear. No matter how much better it got, I always wanted gear from dungeons and raids. But truly an amazing continuation to a story.

Mon Apr 26 2010 6:06PM Report
Coldrain_13 writes:

Oh I played on Naritus some. Met some loco ent who has been stalking me in swg by the name of Aliza there. rofl!

Tue Apr 27 2010 12:16PM Report writes:
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