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The Casual Gamer

Helping put a perspective on the MMO genre from someone who doesn't have time to hit the maximum level inside two weeks.

Author: grimmbot

Ticker: My Age of Conan Experience

Posted by grimmbot Saturday May 24 2008 at 12:32PM
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No, this is not a review. Just a few comments:

1) I'm part of the horde without official forum access due to the fact that when EA accounts were disabled, and the accounts upgraded, they were never turned back on. This is annoying, but I can think of worse that I've gone through. In most MMO launches I can't even play for half of the first week!

2) PvP server ruleset is too unrestricted. Spawn camping abound. Players aren't to blame -- they're only doing what they're allowed to. Funcom is, finally, planning to give resurrection immunity.

3) Combat is intense, engaging and -- dare I say it -- fun!

4) A game company finally figured out that chopping up 3 easier-to-beat mobs is much more fun than taking on one really difficult mob. Hurray!

5) Lack of NPC voice acting after leaving Tortage? ... bummer, man.

6) Group mechanic is too empty. I can't even find my groupmates on the mini map.

7) Resource gathering is restricted to their own zones. ... mmmkay. There are good and bad parts to this, but I want to wait to judge.

8) Death penalty is surprisingly small

9) As a result of #8, long-distance travel is now not as long as you may think: Just die.

10) Trader NPCs NEED to be in. Quickly.

11) Crafting starts at 40. Hmm. Well, if armor continues to scale up as it has been, then it's no big deal anyway because you wouldn't make anything truly worthwhile.

12) Crafting's long-term effectiveness worries me, because items don't suffer from durability loss. I will reserve judgment until I see just how wide open the crafting is.

I started at 8am on Tuesday (Launch Day). Right now I'm only Level 20, but that's after two days of not playing at all due to a real life. I'm actually quite satisfied with how things have been so far, but from what I've seen, my skill and spell gains will slow down tremendously as I level from here on out.

It's entirely possible that I'll feel differently at 40 than I do at 20. I'll let you know.

HumbleHobo writes: I doubt many people picked up AoC for the crafting. *weeps* Sat May 24 2008 8:18PM Report
orodeon writes:

what server are you on?

also resource gathering is not restircted to certain zones..

the resources are just more abundant is certain zones.. for example in poitian    lachiesh plains and purple lotus swamp resources are EVERYWHERE..     in leveling area's such as khopsef province   , wild lands of zaleta  and cimmierian vally there are resources they just are not quite as abundant..    and pvp servers are awesome becuase since the majority of the resources are in the same instance as your guild city you have guild "Wars"  over the resources alrdy..  so far its been fun as hell

Sun May 25 2008 12:24AM Report
grimmbot writes:

You're right. I actually knew absolutely nothing about the crafting system going in.

I'm on Doomsayer (PvP Server) with a guild named Oblivion. I have gotten leather and silk as mob drops, but I haven't had a chance to do the gathering quests yet despite our guild having a keep and four buildings up already

Sun May 25 2008 2:36PM Report writes:
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