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Whether you care what I think or not. Here is my view on the world of MMORPG's.

Author: gom276

T4 and general WAR beta journal

Posted by gom276 Sunday August 24 2008 at 1:09PM
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I started playing WAR beta back during closed beta a few weeks ago when they opened up tier 4 for us to play in.  Now I started in T4 with a template that put me at 31 with some blue and green gear.  But since I was brand new I had a massive learning curve.  But I was eventually able to figure out a few classes and play.  My concern is that at this stage the PvE end game is severely lacking.   They expect everyone will be PVP by this point and have little to no PvE end game content.  The T4 zones are small and pretty much force you into PVP areas.  Now I can PvP with the semi-best but I am more of a quest reader and lore lover.  PVP offers little to none of that.

The PVP end game looks interesting and I did participate in some of the huge siege events.  The comments on the forums about concerns related to guilds ruling all PVP content was absolutely correct.  There is no possible way for PUG to jump in and participate effectively in end game PvP.  And guild's are going to need to be massive due to the size and complexity of end game PvP events.  Scenarios will be farmed and owned by the best guilds and I expect this will lead to huge amounts of crying and pouting by lesser guilds begging for a chance or ranking system to allow them a fair shot at content.

as for PQ's they are a great new addition that is tantamount to a public raid.  The mechanic is easy to understand if you can read the pop-ups quickly enough before they disappear.  But you are ranked on contribution.  Meaning damage or healing done.  This rates you as gold, silver or bronze.  Depending on your standing you get a bonus to your roll for a bag from the giant glowing chest.  Depending on your roll also depends what kind of bag you get.  Some PQ's have as few as 3 bags other have 5 or more.  This limits the opportunity for loot as a participant.  And offers a bit of an advantage for healers and high dps classes.  But then the random aspect can also let the yahoo that just walked in during the end of the second phase to get a fair shot at the loot also.

This system will lead the massive amounts of whining and crying about fairness and when the guilds start forming and farming these PQ's there will be even more whining and crying.  And lots of bad blood between guilds as they fight for the content.  Especially at end game when there are fewer choices and better drops.

For the solo player this game will be horribly difficult to play.  The good news is the open group mechanic if used by the multitudes will be nice for most.  It allows anyone in the area to join your group just by opening a little ui interface that lists all the open groups and what they are doing with a join button next to it.  Click and bam your in the group.  This will make PUG's a staple of WAR with it's ease of use and intuitive design.

While the UI is not revolutionary and you will recognize a lot of things from your favorite other games, it borrows only some of the more popular and welcome ones.  There is next to nothing bad to say about the UI and its ability to be customized and fine tuned.  UI modders are going to love the ease with which they are able to integrate their ideas.  Not that you will need the mods, as the UI itself is very intuitive and puts just about everything you could want right there for you.

The advancement system is also nothing new borrowing from other games of this genre there are the traits and tree's to choose from as you level you unlock points to put into different trees to power up your abilities and unlock new ones.  There are epic feats you can unlock using your renown points from PVP to further expand your abilities.  It seems that most of the end game will be spent grinding to unlock all the feats and abilities available for your class and race.

The gear of WAR is kind of bland with the mediocre (as of beta worse than WoW) graphics, most of the stats are geared towards PvP even from questing.  There is very little difference in the look and design of gear until you start getting PvP gear and then most PvP gear looks the same for your class.  Now I am sure this is mostly due to lore constraints not having certain classes look to diff then what lore would allow.  and to offset this WAR has a dye function that will allow you to dye your gear to offer some semblance of individuality.  Think a lot like gears of war with everyone having the best PvP gear and simply dying it many different shades and colors.

For the most part the PvP system is as close to perfect as any game on the market, it offers a little of something for everyone with RvR and scenarios with even open world PvP in certain zones.  To limit ganking in these zones they even have a fail safe that will turn anyone entering these zones and stays long enough, a chicken.  With next to no health they will become easy targets.  I expect to see many movies of the chicken run through these zones.

For all that is great and polished on the PvP side there are so many unfinished and omissions in PvE, as many have stated PvE feels slapped on as an after thought which if your making a PvP game does not seem to unrealistic.  As an option to replace WoW I think not.  The PvE feels so unfinished that many coming from other games to try something new and not for the PvP. (Which for you PvP'ers are the majority of the player base of MMO's.)  Will not find enough polished content to keep you there long.  I am sure they will fall back to other games to get their PvE fix. 

to sum up while WAR is not the second coming of WoW it will be a great game for PvP'ers there is a lot of great PvP content and it is engaging enough to keep them satisfied for a long time.  The PvE side is unpolished and often slapped together as a way station to end game PvP.  The game often makes you feel pushed to PvP and limits your options for PvE to encourage you to do so.

The game may convert some non-PvP players to start but for the lore and PvE crowd you wont find your fix here.

augustgrace writes:

Don't agree with your assesment about a lack of pve, but the rest is pretty spot on.

Sun Aug 24 2008 4:55PM Report
Daelus writes:

I really wish people would stop comparing this game to games that have been out for multiple years. Everquest has 200x as much content, less bugs, massive cosmetic variance, and guess what?

I'm still not gonna play it. The thing with MMOs is the longer they are out, the better they get. I'm sure Ultima Online has some really cool features, as well as enough content and classes to drown a nation. The thing is... it doesn't mean anything to the quality of any other games. Just because one game is good, doesn't mean another game is bad for not being that one game.

Anyway other than that, it's always good to read a person's opinion. I like to hear that the PvP in a PvP game is good and polished.

Sun Aug 24 2008 10:28PM Report
jayheld90 writes:

So, Daelus...SWG got better? (from what you are saying)  i think not.

Sun Aug 24 2008 10:59PM Report
zonzai writes:

So you are saying that if we want to PvP this game is great but if we want to PvE it isn't? What if you like to do both?

Also, compared to DAoC, how much PvE content is there?

Sun Aug 24 2008 11:40PM Report
gom276 writes:

Zonzai, if you like to do both then you will have fun like I did, don;t get me wrong I plan to buy this game and play it.  Just offering my assessment of current status.  While trying to show a little bit of everything for everyone.  The PvP crowd will love this game period, but they knew that before the NDA was even lifted.  so wanted to showcase the PvE side of things.  I love to PvE and PvP but I was often found during my time in CB at T4 that there was little to no PvE, content and what was there was pushing me to go PvP as in quests saying go into PvP zone and capture x point.  stuff like that.  That said it was fun to go do that.  But for PvE centric people who are maybe only mediocre at best at PvP it's going to be horrible bacause they will get their butt's handed to them quickly in open PvP.  Let's be honest this game is going to bring the hardcore PvP'ers so if your not you will spend 90% of your time being pwnd while trying to complete quests.

so if you want a break from the humiliation there just is nothing else to do.  In the early levels I have found a lot more PvE content so far but most of it prep's you for PvP as you advance the area designated for PvE shrinks and the PvP zones get much much bigger until T4 where pretty much 70% of the zone is RvR open world PvP.

my guess is they are hoping the PQ's will placate the PvE crowd enough to grind the 3 or 4 in the zone instead of PvP but those get old real quick to be honest.  The first few times it's a blast but after the 10th and still no loot bag you start wondering what the hell your doing there.

and seeing yourself place first in the contribution tally with a gold medal only to lose the roll can be frustrating at disheartning.

While you can say lack of content deals with the age of the game the fact is not the lack of content but the quality and lack of interest in the content for PvE.  The devs just slapped in PvE and it defintely feels that way.

Mon Aug 25 2008 9:26AM Report
Daelus writes:

jayheld90- Sun Aug 24 2008 9:59PM

  • So, Daelus...SWG got better? (from what you are saying)  i think not.

Actually it did. Unfortunately, they pretty much made a new game from the ground up each time they "revamped". The NGE is actually very stable and playable now I hear from friends who went back to it.

Mon Aug 25 2008 2:44PM Report writes:
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