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Whether you care what I think or not. Here is my view on the world of MMORPG's.

Author: gom276

The Ultimate Crafting System.

Posted by gom276 Sunday April 13 2008 at 10:14AM
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OK, so I have this great idea for a crafting system and since I am in no way able to get this idea created myself i figure put it out into the public domain and hope to see it implemented somewhere.  As long as they give me at least an inspired by credit.  :0 )  Or heck I just want to play it.

Anyways I have played many many games over the years and tried and mastered many crafting systems.  As a gamer who prefers action to sitting in a room crafting all day.  I came up with a revolutionary new idea for crafting.  Instead of a system where a person has to choose a particular crafting profession.  My system would allow anyone to create any item in the game.  This would free people up from having to get saddled into one profession and missing out on creating the items they want.

The system would be interactive and interesting.  And here is how it breaks down.



Recipes are received as drops from MOB's or received as rewards from NPC's for quests.

Each recipe has a level and essence requirements. (Which I will explain later.)

Recipe's will also have solo, group or raid requirements. (Also explain later.)


Crafting mechanism (crafting station.)

To craft you must rent a crafting room from the local magistrate or crafting guild.

The crafting room is a dimensional gateway and based on the scroll you received the room changes for the scroll ceremony type. (solo, group or raid.)

It can be huge or tiny based on the scroll and will be different each time no matter what. (no two crafting session will be the same.  even if your making the same item.)


Crafting. (this is the best part.)

To begin crafting you take the scroll into the room and read the scroll which opens a doorway to another dimension.  And the scroll then begins to pull demons through the portal which you then have to kill.  Each type and mob that is killed gives its essence to the scroll until the requirements are met. 

The type of MOB's that come out are random and they flow of MOB's will continue until the required essence are gathered at which time the scroll will close the portal.

Based on the scroll type, solo, group or raid will determine the level of difficulty in creating the item.  The more powerful the item the more friends you will need to help you craft it.  The less powerful it is the easier it will be to craft.  And items at epic level will require whole raids to create.

Once the MOB's have been defeated and the essence gathered the scroll then transmute the power into the item using the creatures essence to create it.  And viola new item.


For non-combat crafters,

we could do a timed event requiring them to click on stones in sequence or arranging artifacts or items in a certain place requiring logic and reasoning skills, the faster they can complete them the possibility for the items to get a bonus.  If they don't complete in time then they MOB's start coming through the portal.

  • For solo scrolls it can be done by one person.
  • For group scrolls the event will require a group to complete the event.  (you stand on this switch and you here and so on and so forth.)
  • There would be no option for this for epic items.


This system takes crafting out of the boring grind in a basement and bring it out into the world requiring friends to help create that new chest piece or new weapon.  And allows solo player to create their own goods.  But this system will make crafting feel more inclusive in the game world. 

Some of the best raids I was on was the first time you were going into some dungeon to craft something.  With this system you would have no idea what was gonna come out at you as a raid... so its not some scripted event you can memorize and repeat over and over.   Or that would get boring.  It could also be a money maker for guilds who could charge services to people to help them craft their epic scroll drop.  Or they could sell them to guilds to raid.

This would make raiding more interesting as well.  While raiding some mob a scroll drops and the guild gets a brand new random raid to do again.

Now I have pondered the idea of the potential for the MOB's you kill while crafting to drop goods as well I mean they are mobs and it is possible while crafting one scroll another one drops.  Or enough trash loot drops to cover the rental fee's for the room.  Or you come out with nothing but the item you went in to create.  But at least that would make it interesting.

The flip side to this is.  If you are killed while trying to create the item you fail at crafting it and the scroll is destroyed to prevent the portal from staying open.  So you lose the scroll the item and the room fee's.  So you best be prepared.

The other side of this is you could also potentially have a rare mob come out and if your successful in killing him you item is upgraded due to the unique essence of the MOB.

I think this crafting system would be the most fun and interesting I have ever seen.  My hope in posting this is that some day I get to play this idea.  So feedback is welcome think of this as open source so feel free to add to it and tweak it to meet your needs.

Dunbarose writes:

It's not a bad idea.  It sounds like it basically comes down to a raid with a pre-determined loot table.  It would be fun if you had a raiding guild and/or enough in-game friends to pull it off, but it really hamstrings the single or small guild players.  Especially if they're playing a game like WoW were a selfless act is an epic drop in and of itself.

Sun Apr 13 2008 11:35AM Report
gom276 writes:

well it will have solo and group drops as well, but for the really elite stuff yeah to get something crafted would require a guild.  But my hope is that this would lend more people to want to participate in crafting.  Since it would of course not be the only way to get uber loots just one way.  Possibly have the crafted elite stuff be a little more ubers just cause of the extra work to get it.

same goes for the solo and group stuff have it be a little better than what drops due to the extra effort and risk.  That should keep people using the system.  And creates lots of "LFG for crafting run." on channels.

Sun Apr 13 2008 11:44AM Report
Mirokata writes:

Its an intriguing idea... but really not "crafting". This is just an item that drops that you can use to start a raid event. The whole purpose of a crafting system is to provide an alternative to acquirring gear from killing.

Sun Apr 13 2008 1:25PM Report
Majinash writes:

While your idea is interesting its very based on combat.  In some ways thats very good (in combat based games) but in more rounded games people don't always want to fight.

One thing I really disliked about Lineage2 was that crafting was completely based around combat. what you could craft was based only on your level (from killing mobs) the recipes you needed were from killing mobs (rarely from quests, which were killing hundreds of mobs) and the materials you needed you got from killing mobs (lots and lots of them).

I personally enjoy non-combat crafting and combat related crafting, and i mean every bit of it.  I don't want to have to kill mobs to get my iron, I want to mine it.  If that means teaming up with someone who doesn't like mining to protect me and splitting it with them, thats GREAT.  that means both the crafter and the fighter can enjoy their type of crafting (your type which involves killing while you protect me.  and my type which involves something else, while i share with you)


I loved EVE's crafting, I sorta enjoyed E&Bs (RIP) crafting though that was years ago before i was really patient enough to take advantage of it.

In fact I really liked E&B's crafting.  giving item % ratings.  everyone can make the same items, but based on your skills you can make a 200% item.  then add in the fact that items slowly degrade when you die and you've solved the problem of flooding the market (and getting 198% items for WAY cheaper cause everyone wants 200%)


give me astroids to mine, give me herbs to pick.  sure i can watch a little progress bar, or make it a mini-game.  but please don't make me kill stuff to craft.

That said, thats what I want, my personal prefrence. I don't think that this is the one true way it should all be, nor do I think its the best way.  I just want to put out there that some of us enjoy peaceful crafting, even if peaceful simply means letting someone else kill stuff for you.

Sun Apr 13 2008 1:57PM Report
gom276 writes:

Mirokata, the main problem with that system is that 90% of player base has no interest in crafting most do it out of necessity to get the things they need or want.  So it ends up as a necessary evil that most hate doing.

My idea was to create a system where everyone could craft what they wanted.  You could trade scrolls, for ones you want, form crafting groups then go "make" your items.  The difference is that your using living components to make it.  By killing them the scroll "harvests their essence and converts it into matter imbued with certain characteristics.

But this system at least lends itself to excitement and risk vs. reward.  But it also ensures that nobody can corner the market on a profession and charge huge rates.  How ever I do see other markets opening up.  Such as groups for hire to help with crafting.  It makes it something more social and involved in the world.  At least thats my hope.

Sun Apr 13 2008 2:08PM Report
gom276 writes:

Majinash, I guess your that 10%, in my system I am not sure there is something that relates to you.  Perhaps there could be a system that through paying a fee to use the room allows you to open a dimension gate and try to harvest your essence using some kind of non-combat system...  maybe through some kind of elaborate ceremony or event requiring timing and speed and reasoning skills.  And every time you go in the event is different and random setup's if you don't complete in time then a flood of monsters comes in...  you can then I guess hire someone to come in and protect you while you finish it.  Or suck it up and die and lose your scroll.

How does that sound?

Sun Apr 13 2008 2:45PM Report
Arioc writes:

I've recently been looking at crafting as well, trying to figure out how it can be reinvited for a new title. I've spoken with alot of crafted in numberous MMO's I play and gotten varrying replies. Some want a more interactive experience like you're designing, something where they're using abilities and hitting buttons alone or with friends to produce a product. Others view crafting a leasure activity that requires minimal effort but gives them the carrot at the end.

I doubt one crafting system will appeal to everyone but it seems that crafting is a form of resource managment that people enjoy much like the ore/gold/wood aspect of RTS's. 

In games like EVE you have a passive crafting system where you gather the resources and blueprints then fire off a build and let the timer expire till the product is complete. This is nice because the player only has to deal with the gathering of resources and the actuall "watching the build meter" becomes a background element.

Personally I've always found crafting to be a complete snore, buy or gather resources and watch a build meter. In WoW the meter is fast, in EQ2 it's ungodly slow for higher end items taking up to 2-5 minutes for one item which gives you a tiny bit of exp. Leveling a crafting level can take hours and hours. It becomes another grind. In WoW it's so quick and easy it's not really a challange, people zoom to max crafting without any effort and only the blueprints are the differance between one crafter or another. This is a more item based system which mirrors their character power development as well.

Do I have a solution? Not yet, still trying to experiment with designing a nice balance of passive resource gathering with interactive creation that dosn't seem too easy and quick and not too drawn out and tedius. Finding that divine balance will require an engine to test it in though, so I can only take the design so far.

Sun Apr 13 2008 3:19PM Report
vajuras writes:

Good solid ideas that is appropriate for a combat oriented MMORPG. Its got a little of nice freeform in there (guilds can acquire ultimate items then trade it). Places a lot of importance on items still but its good for what you're going for I think

I agree with others observations that it traps Crafters into combat. The whole time while reading this one I was thinking gom really enjoys combat hehe.

I personally enjoy EVE Online's approach myself whereas I can just craft w/o combat (well you do if you mine them yourself but besides that). Now- your approach is good as well but for a heavily Combat Oriented mmorg.

I really like the focus on random mobs popping up and unique situations. I like how you are going for Dynamic PVE of a sort. I think it might possibly allienate the raiders of today because they cannot min/max their team composition if they dfont know what to expect

So, if this is a "Sports MMO" where we have Classes, then you want some level of Tactical Transparency. So, for a certain type of receipe, you want to be able to expect the same type of creatures. So, for Sword of Hercule, we should always see Centaurs, Cyclops, or whatever.

If you're not Class Based- then you can pursue Dynamic PVE. Because in a skill-based RPG players can learn any discipline and dynamically adjust to unique challenges.

Classes- they shine when all situations are known. They fall apart when we have Dynamic PVE. This is why C;lass Based mmorpgs have Static PVE and stick to it religiously. Classes fall apart for dynamic encounters

That is the only flaw you may have if you try to go too Dynamic. This is why I keep saying Classes really do restrict a lot of cool stuff developers could be trying out

Sun Apr 13 2008 3:58PM Report
vajuras writes:

Btw there are some exceptions to the above. Like what if Classes were approached slightly differently in your title. So what I wrote above is for sure not the law. I know this not a design doc but would've been cool if more detail about how environments would be laid out would work

I envisioned having a scroll and opening a gateway where mobs walked through. That might be a cool sandboxy sort of thing- allowing players to open gateways in the center of town and causing trouble

But I guess what you meant was everyone needs to walk into this gateway and fight monsters in some other plane or something?


Sun Apr 13 2008 5:14PM Report
gom276 writes:

Yeah, I had envisioned it as you go to this guy standing outside some kind of dimensional room.  Kind of like Dr. Who's tardis.  Walk inside and its another dimension.

You pay for this room.  It's an instanced room as it were.  Then you open the scroll and a portal opens.  Once its opens the mobs starts coming out.  Based on the level of the scroll and its type. (solo, group or raid.) The mobs start pouring out.  Depending on the type you could also have multiple portals opening up. 

I tend to prefer skill based MMO's over class types myself.  And I used to play a lot of older MMO's that have deep boring crafting systems.  I maxed out on most of them and spent ungodly hours doing so.  Only to find myself using it sparingly and never really made a lot of money doing so.  So thought what was the point of all this?

Crafting system never really ends up being a major part of any MMO I have played. (I just can't get into eve no matter how hard I try.)  So it reasons to me that why not create a system that would make it a major part of the gaming experience.

I am in no way a game designer.  You could say I am more of an idea guy.  It's what I do for a living so I get all these great ideas for games and usually just share them with my wife. (I just know she loves to hear them... *snicker's*)  So figured I might as well start posting them in my blog and put them out in the public domain it would be cool is a few get picked up and used.  I could care less just want to get them out there and see what people think.

Sun Apr 13 2008 6:03PM Report
vajuras writes:

What I think would be an interesting feature is allow the players to step through the gateway and get transported to another dimension. In this other dimension, they fight the creatures and gather essence. This way you could enrich their experience with different settings and scenery. Just an idea

Actually maybe this 'room' is exactly what I'm thinking

Sun Apr 13 2008 8:04PM Report
nightow writes:

hey, do you guys know spore?

I would want to have a crafting system where you actually can create your own items, or if you'r a magician to create some own creatures, based on how the form is and what materials you used it should be able to be  used for various stuff. Lets say "I wanna create a weapon" so you click on the weapon build button, where an editor will pop up, where you can define the shape, or which special ( magic items etc ) you want on your item, you need to find a place for them of course. Now if you are done you can either send the Blueprint to a facility which will create you your item for some high price since its a custom item, or you can try to blacksmith it on your own and gather experience in blacksmithing,... i dont want wo write anymore, imagine yourself cya :p


Sat Apr 26 2008 1:58PM Report writes:
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