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Whether you care what I think or not. Here is my view on the world of MMORPG's.

Author: gom276

Unrated Versions of Games????

Posted by gom276 Tuesday April 8 2008 at 12:32PM
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So I was thinking the other day with more and more PC gamers moving to direct downloads and digital distribution to get their games.  Should the game companies and publishers start looking to offer unrated versions of the games.  To their adult community of gamers. (Of course.)

I have noticed a great trend of unrated movies being released on DVD, where the movie industry is not required to get or seek the rating boards blessing to distribute their DVD's to outlets.  I wonder if we will see or if we SHOULD see the gaming industry offer uncut/unrated versions of their games for download.  Now i don't think we will see this for console markets but could the PC market possibly get access to these.  As more console games are being ported to PC, and more and more over 18 only MMO's are being released.  Will other game makers start producing these, game equivalent of director cut unrated versions of their games.

I personally would love to have access to unrated versions of some of my favorite titles.  I hear to often about games having to cut lots of content and tone down original content and gore to meet the distribution required MA (mature Audience) rating and avoid the AO (Adults Only) rating.  Could the move of more MA MMO titles offer hope of this as an eventual reality.  And maybe a resurgence of PC gaming?

I have enjoyed some of the newer MA title games with increased gore and nudity, as immersion really includes the seedy side of the world.  We are all humans and basic nature is to participate in some adult activities.  Especially for us adults.  I know of a AO title MMO about to hit beta, that... is a little to far to the AO side than I would like... but some times you have to have those extremes in order for more moderate AO title to get a foot hold. 

But will the increase in digital distribution offer wary dev teams an opportunity to release the game they wanted to.  Without the heavy hand of the ESRB beating them down.  I have not heard this talked about as a possibility and it kept popping into my head so I thought I would throw it out into the public forum and let us gamers debate the idea.

Would you as (adult) PC gamers and MMO players like the option of buying and downloading an unrated/uncut versions of your games?

Is it feasible to do this under the current policies of digital distribution and ESRB requirements?  As I understand it its a voluntary program to get and participate in the ESRB rating system.  As self governance to keep the goverment out of our gaming world.  But could a game not get a ESRB rating for console and sales distribution and then offer to their online customers and direct download for a unrated version?  Since primarily the reason for the rating is because game distro companies and sales companies. (walmart, gamestop/EBgames, etc..)  Said they wont sell AO titles.

By offering it online only, they could control and limit access through age verification systems and tools that are all to common in this space.  Would that be acceptable you think to some of the more vocal critics to AO titles?

Please share?

vajuras writes:

Wasn't you just talking bout Pokemon MMO the other day boy did you do a 360 on us :P

Age of Conan is going to be interesting...

I think this will come bout sure but I think I'll be running the censored versions myself. Would be interesting if they had a censored option / uncensored.

Tue Apr 08 2008 8:48PM Report
squalleitor writes:

Well i guess it would be nice if we could get "quality" content, maybe as the other article about marketing over beta testing, it could end that any game realases some "standard" unrated versions just to bait the customer trashing the quality of the game just for marketing purposes, i think it would be nice if the unrated version came later when the game is already relased as usually happen with other games and viedo or music markets.

Wed Apr 09 2008 6:05AM Report
gom276 writes:

LOL, Vajuras...  I have 2 kids under 5 so pokemon MMO would be great to play with them.  My son sees me playing all these MMO's and wants to play but honestly I am not sure I want him playing some of them.  I let him try wow and at only 4 years old he is now lvl 12 hunter...  All by himself.  He did it through grinding mostly since he can't read the quests and stuff.  But he and I will get on and he will follow me around killing things.  I just wish I had something a little more kid and adult friendly like Pokemon MMO since i would have a blast doing that game.

Now I am also 31yrs old, and enjoy things of a more mature subject matter as well...  so on occasion playing a title that has some blood guts and gore and maybe mild nudity.  Nothing to obscene.  But I would like the option.  Take Requiem a new horror MMO that's 18+ only.  It has mild nudity, violence and horror.  It is great fun for those who enjoy more mature subject matter but not over the top like 3 Feel thats going into beta.  Thats is a XXX adult title MMO that's a little much for me.

Wed Apr 09 2008 8:30AM Report
gom276 writes:

Squalleitor, I think you hit the nail on the head.  A post release after we have played it with the released game they go back through improve on it and release a kind of directors unrated version on the PC for download.  That would be my vision.  Increases re-playability and maybe have it like 3 more hours of new content, increased gore and vilonce with nothing cut out.  Manhunter was an example of they had a game ready to launch and got hit with a AO rating so they cut out the gore and changed the original concept and content to meet the MA rating requirements.  Would you not like to see what the game looked like before they cut it?

would this not allow dev teams to maybe dev what they want for the unrated version then cut to meet the ESRB requirements?  Then release the original cut on DD for PC customers.  I doubt we will ever see DVD ISO versions for 360 or PS3 but it would be cool if they could.

For MMO's I envision something like what AoC says they offer with a gore filter you can turn on or off.  Like they can turn off nipples showing on the models to make them more dollish and less offensive.  But still develop it for the adult crowd.  So we can click an option for the rated or unrated version.

Wed Apr 09 2008 8:39AM Report writes:
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