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AnimeWill MMO Reviews and Opinions

Whether you care what I think or not. Here is my view on the world of MMORPG's.

Author: gom276

Why There Should Be A Pokemon MMO

Posted by gom276 Saturday April 5 2008 at 5:19PM
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So I was sitting down with my 4 year old son to watch Pokemon, and thought to myself. "I wonder why they haven't done a Pokemon MMO"  I mean c'mon talk about an idea that just begs for an MMO.  Kids who go on adventures to find and capture more pokemon.  Pets that you raise and battle.  Heck even some raids if you watch pokemon or have kids your familiar with some of the more powerful pokemon who often times take hundreds of players to battle.  You could give guilds the ability to set-up gym's where players could come in and challenge them for badges to compete in the tournaments.

Am I the only one who sees the potential here in this already over marketed brand.  Seriously, would this not be a great and fun MMO.  Even if you hate the american basterdized version of the show the idea alone would be huge fun.

Hunting for rare pokemon, by battling wild pokemon.  The loot could be power-ups for pokemon like poke-block or berries and evolving stones.  Also vendor junk so you can buy new poke-balls to give you bonus modifiers for catching pokemon.  You can level up your pokemon and teach them new abilities and skills based on how you fight.  such as if you constantly use iron tail and quick attacks your agility and strength will gradually increase making those skills more effective.  While if you use Lightning and thunderbolt your spirit and endurance would go up.  This way no two pokemon would evolve the same making for some great pvp matches.  question is do you battle as the pokemon during matches or as the trainer calling out to the pokemon what to do.  Both would be interesting to play.  With the latter offering for even more customization on game play.

When hunting for rare pokemon in a group each person gets a chance to catch it when its weakened the one with the best result or (dice roll) wins the prize.  This could also apply to raid mobs giving each party member a chance to catch it.  With the option that all fail and the mob regains some health and they start again.  Even if failing they receive loot that is dropped when the pokemon flees.

This will encourage people to raid and keep raiding and improving the quality of their gear and thier pokemon skills.  With thousands of pokemon species out there and the thousand more they can dream up content is already there.

With the various towns and guild tournaments and questing to save the world and battle team rocket and the other two evil factions I think there is plenty of quest content also to keep us busy for a long long time.  Not to mention the appeal to much wider audience.

So why hasn't anyone made one yet.  I mean c'mon I would get an absolute kick out of playing with my kids and friends.

so whom ever owns that license get a good dev team (please dont go free to play cash shop model) and hire some american development company to make it.  I think this would be great fun and look forward to maybe one day playing it.

What do you all think?

MuppetHero writes:

I am not a huge fan of the game, but I do agree this would make a great MMORPG

Sat Apr 05 2008 5:25PM Report
Ipanema writes:

I really like the idea, I had already thought of why they don't make a better version of Pokemon Snap, where you can walk around freely without being stuck in that railcar. (

You could include this Pokemon Snap idea in the MMO. Like in quest, in which you have to make photos of Pokemon and get rewards by the quality of you photos.  Like this you would avoid the "bring this item from A to B" or "catch 5 items of Pokemon X". 

Sat Apr 05 2008 5:38PM Report
ElRenmazuo writes:

There is already a monster rancher mmo coming anyway.

Sat Apr 05 2008 5:48PM Report
kordos writes:

That is such an awesome idea, and it doesnt have to just about pokemon battles - people could become pokemon breeders and sell pokemon, or become pokemon doctors or even have a gathering system in place so people can make their own powerups and tonics etc for themselves or set up a shop amd sell them

Sat Apr 05 2008 6:46PM Report
Gishgeron writes:

monster rancher!?!?  MMO!?!?!


There is a god, and he is good.

Sat Apr 05 2008 7:00PM Report
JohnD212 writes:

I have ALWAYS thought there should be a Pokemon MMO...or at least a Pokemon RPG....Nintendo just isn't interested in making it more complex then they already have.  I remember ther first time I played Pokemon Snap and I felt like I was moving around in the world of the Pokemon..I was addicted. Maybe someday....sadly...I doubt it.

Sat Apr 05 2008 7:34PM Report
Rajai writes:

they have kind of I've seen a couple knock offs since the one that came out a couple years ago.. and there's the ds version..

Sat Apr 05 2008 7:47PM Report
Rajai writes:

it has the gameboy graphics though but it's been out for a long while now

Sat Apr 05 2008 7:49PM Report
ElRenmazuo writes:

there is the moster rancher mmo on PC.

Sat Apr 05 2008 7:52PM Report
KlausAidon writes:

Heck, do they even have to go that far? I think I would be happy, if they make a MMO thats almost exactly like the regular games, but with the feature to see, and chat with other players, freely battle, and trade pokemon/items as easily as you can do in any MMO. I had hoped that Diamond/ruby would be like that, but was seriousally disappointed by the trading system, and the fact that you can neither chat, nor battle with other players without their friend number, thus requiring the use of a third party forum to get someones friend number, and going through the hassle of setting a time, and crap.

Sat Apr 05 2008 8:44PM Report
warpowerness writes:

Omg i was thinking the exact same thing a couple of days ago. You would start off in the starting place like in the game for gameboy and just continue from there. Challenge other players and fight them. Either level your pokemon like in the game for gameboy or just have it so you try something out and practice it like on the show. I hadn't thought of the gym idea but thats a great idea.

Sat Apr 05 2008 9:08PM Report
TheHavok writes:

Its funny you brought up pokemon because last night i actually  saw screen shots of world of warcraft where they have a pokemon mod/emulator onscreen, a game within a game. Two players were actually battling each other with the mod while looking at each other ingame.  I know its not a pokemon mmorpg, but it still made me laugh.

Sat Apr 05 2008 10:23PM Report
TheHavok writes:

Oh, and I think there should be a dragonball z mmorpg before a pokemon *_*

Sat Apr 05 2008 10:24PM Report
smartkidz writes:

The funny thing is that there is a Dragonball Z MMO coming out "pretty soon" actually. :)

Sat Apr 05 2008 10:37PM Report
TheHavok writes:

Ohhh yea i heard about that.  Isn't it only for japan though?

Sat Apr 05 2008 11:20PM Report
Fwankling writes:

There are at least a couple of no-brainer reasons, one of which being that the game would not generate as much revenue as its hand-held counterparts. Another minor concern is the on-line community and its predators (ha). More significantly, this new Dev team would have to come up with a working battle system from scratch just for an MMO.

I can agree to it being a great game, but the making it an MMO would significantly numb the quality of the current battle mechanics... I'm still having trouble figuring out (not that I'm putting much effort into it) a decent battle system for a pokemon MMO.

Do note, that your typical pokemon game is "easy to play, hard to master"; the rock/paper/scissor type matching system together with the switch mode battle format system alone makes strategic planning and execution within a pokemon team an integral aspect. An MMO of pokemon would need a new battle mechanic; one that abandons the almost perfect system adopted by the games right now.

I really do expect to see a pokemon online in my life time though, however, the folks over at Nintendo, like many other publishing companies, are patiently waiting for the young MMO industry to grow out of puberty and become reliable enough to invest their money in.

Sun Apr 06 2008 12:44AM Report
neum writes:

There is a pokemon MMO being worked on

Sun Apr 06 2008 1:46AM Report
GazMc writes:

Man, i have totally been thinking about a Pokemon MMO for ages. Would be so cool. It wouldn't just be for kids either as im sure a lot of mature people would play. I know i definately would. Yu Gi Oh MMO would also be amazing. Prob not gonna happen though

Sun Apr 06 2008 4:39AM Report
smartkidz writes:

I have no idea if its japan only.

Sun Apr 06 2008 10:29AM Report
Mequellios writes:

As much as I hate anime, the gameboy game wasn't too bad. I guess it would be a good market for an MMO. I wouldn't let my kids play it though.

I don't like how addicted kids become to anime. It's scary.

Sun Apr 06 2008 11:31AM Report
confusedgoat writes:

It wouldn't make a good MMO because there is only so much to do. This game suits a gameboy because of it's simple battle system. You tell a monster to do something, and it does it, and has a certain effect.

The game also has a life span. You can only do so much. Capture loads of pokemon, become the best dueller, in a rather boring battle system, and then what?

The game lacks the need for team work and party adventures, and the pokemon combat system isn't suited for team play or indeed exciting combat.

I agree, it does beg for an MMO, however I fail to see how it would create one that could succeed, given the mechanics of the anime's battles and character progression.

Sun Apr 06 2008 12:05PM Report
Soara writes:

"Only so much to do"

---Exactly!! :D

I have been thinking of a Pokemon MMO for YEARS...but being the lack of the skill to do it, I cannot.
Nintendo really needs to make this. And YES Nintendo.
Give em a shot!


It would be an entirely new kind of MMO...apart from killing people with yourself, it would be your Pokemon vs Pokemon.
Think of all the stuff? The world? HM02 -- Fly on your Pidgeot!. HM03 -- Surf on your Blastoise!

So much to do? That's the point :P

Sun Apr 06 2008 12:35PM Report
Soara writes:

BTW, no there is not a Pokemon MMO being worked on that isn't 3D.

Sun Apr 06 2008 12:37PM Report
Soara writes:


Sun Apr 06 2008 12:37PM Report
gom276 writes:

What about a combat system that puts you in control of the pokemon, you can move around the game field. dodge and dive attacks and launch your own.  Have some kind of stamina and power gauge.  Before the battle you can set at least 5 or 6 active skills and traits.  Once you trow the pokeball.  You take over as the pokemon.  Using the skills and traits set earlier you run around attacking the opponent pokemon.  As your stamina and power gauge's empty out you pokemon moves slower and can perform less attacks.  Depending on the battle type you can call it back and it will recharge in the pokeball while you throw out another.  Maximum of 3 pokemon for each battle.  For encountering wild pokemon you can select from all your pokemon to throw out but once its out you have one shot at winning if you lose the wild pokemon escapes and your left with whatever it drops.  Make it trash loot.

Don't forget in the newer series there are also pokemon contests where you show off their beauty and special rare attacks used only for contests.  You can increase their beauty by feeding the pokeblock.  Then you must perform a variety of coregraphed attacks to show off.  GM's could be the judges.  Same cobat system would apply when the ball is thrown you assume the pokemon controls.

I mean how cool would it be to be pikachu kicking some butt.  I wouldn't imagine it would be too difficult to implement.  As a character you have a active tool bar with pokeballs in it.  Your attacked or fighting you click on one and bam your in control of your pokemon.  The primary role of the trainer, breeder, or all the others will include training, buying gear and stat foods for you pokemon to help boost their effectiveness.

Pokecenters could provide training rooms and upgrade facilities to boost skills or evolve a pokemon. 

The more I think about the idea of this game the more excited I am about the possibility.  This would be the best game... and if they keep it simple... it could even be a wow killer.  Big question is can we all stand the tweens who will undoubtably flock to this game.  At least with no open pvp everything is challenge matches they can't gank you all the time.

as for groups, how would this game not lend itself to grouping.  The wide array of powerful pokemon and quests that take you into enemy faction territory would most certainly require groups.  Heck try taking on some of the boss pokemon from the movies without a group and see what happens.

And you could set t up that trainers who focus on one type of pokemon give bonuses to that type.  As in a trainer who focuses and only has fire type pokemon would get a boost to his fire types lending some people to focus on one type over another.  While others would lend themselves to all types to be ready for anything.  Of course you wont be able to carry all your pokemon at once so you will have to send some to stay in the pokemon centers or send them back home for mom or dad to train and take care of.

I just see a lot of potential for this world.  I hope someone else does and realizes this game into production.

Sun Apr 06 2008 1:22PM Report
sanglant1487 writes:

There is actually a pokemon mmo project that someone is working on. i havent tried it out myself, but it''s basically like the gameboy game, except your in the world with other people, not much for graphics though...

Sun Apr 06 2008 1:45PM Report
Fwankling writes:

Guys, if you haven't played pokemon, you're in for a huge surprise.

The battle mechanics behind the portable games are rather complex. That's right, the opposite of simple. Note my comment

Sun Apr 06 2008 10:11PM Report
Fwankling writes:

(crap, double posted by accident... I wasn't even finished in my first post ><!!!)

BTW, tl;dr - pokemon MMO will work; the problem lies within a new battle system.

As I was saying: not simple. Note my previous (the one before this series of double post) comment regarding the system being "Easy to play, hard to master"; the game itself is simple enough to pick up, but once you pit yourselve against another human player who knows what they're doing, it's extremely difficult to prevail in battle unless you know the mechanics of the game back to front.

Disregarding that, however, as it's plainly obvious that an MMO adaptation of the franchise would NOT have to stay true to its roots in developing a battle system.

Simply put, the game could take on a guise much akin to its animation counterpart. In the anime, the pokemon and their attacks blatantly ignore the mechanics of the game (such as pikachu being able to use electric attacks on pokemon who are usually immune to electricity, for instance) While the show has been slowly gearing its battles towards the game mechanics, it also showed various innovative uses of pokemon attacks and manipulation of terrain/physics/chemistry/anatomy. (for example, excessive use of fire attacks on a rocky surface to create molten lava, using the opponents weight/size against them by redirecting their attacks, taking advantage of a pokemon's anatomical features and using it against them, etc)

Basically, even if the console based games had a touchy battle system that would break its back trying to become a MMO, it's entirely possible to devise a new battle system - which is the meat of the game play - in order to compensate for the transition from a turn-based RPG into a real-time MMORPG.

You guys need to stop focusing on "it can't" or "it wouldn't" and rather, "how can it" or "how would it".

This article has gotten me to contemplate seriously about proposing an MMO variant of pokemon (yeah, I'm being totally serious), with a brand new battle system... urgh, too much ideas to talk about, maybe I'll blog about it somehow @_@?

(For the skeptics who thinks an MMO adaptation would fail due to "lack of things to do"... pokemon capturing/training/breeding isn't enough? Try adding in elements of snap/ranger/rescue teams into the MMO. My own concept resembles the MCC adopted by Granado Espada, where you constantly have two pokemon outside of their poke'balls and assisting you; either through the use of AI or more complex commands... of course, there's the issue of making it too difficult, however, I think it's time we raised the bar on MMO's)

Sun Apr 06 2008 10:27PM Report
auridragon writes:

I am not too sure we will ever see a Pokemon MMO (despite how awesome it would be if there was one). I say this because of how 'kid friendly' Nintendo is with their online gaming.

Take Super Smash Brothers Brawl for instance. If you want to play with friends (as opposed to total strangers), you and your friend must register each other's brawl codes (keep in mind that these are friends).





Mon Apr 07 2008 12:28AM Report
E1io writes:

 A basic fact of life is that Nintendo + Online = not made for each other.

 Nintendo has consistently shown no interest in expanding tonline gaming and i nthe end, they will fall behidn and be left in the dust.

 A shame though.

Mon Apr 07 2008 1:13AM Report
m0joMMORPG writes:

Well i m not the biggest Pokemon fan ( i was when i was younger but all the new weird pokemons not the classical ones got me annoyed somehow) i d still love to play that mmorpg...i d really love it and if it was any good i d probably stay with it. especially in case of good PvP and challenges!

Mon Apr 07 2008 1:25AM Report
gom276 writes:

an interesting idea popped into my head, reading fwanklings comments.  What if the battle system was from a trainer perspective with pokeballs on his task bar, when the pokeball is tossed out his task bar flips to show the skills of that pokemon.  With things like dodge, jump, attack, and special moves.  With some basic AI to handle the general moving and targetting. 

That might be fun, way to handle the battle system.  Just a thought.

Mon Apr 07 2008 10:15AM Report
gameshogun writes:

There is already a graphical Pokemon MMO in existence a year ago, don't know if they survived or the Pokemon owners shut them down.  But it was great ;)  Potential to market for kids and kids-at-heart.  :D



Mon Apr 07 2008 11:42AM Report
Fwankling writes:

Actually, that's not too far off from what I have in mind, namely "you don't assume control of your pokemon".

The game as I imagined it to be is more like having pets who fight for you rather than having full control over what your pets are capable of (that gives me another idea for another game, but I really shouldn't be blurting them out so mindlessly...)

How your PKMN responds to your commands or acts in battle (despite a lack of commands, for example) not only depends on the PKMN's personality, but also its relationship with you as a partnership. I imagined there to be systems to build upon such a relationship in order to make your PKMN more responsive (or the way you want it to be), which would definitely give you an edge in battles.

Hurr~ what I have in mind must be a nightmare for programmers, however. (Oh, I really need to mention this before I forget; there are no HP, just stamina, and using attacks can make stamina go down too)


Tue Apr 08 2008 1:06AM Report
squalleitor writes:

Ive always wondered the same, pokemon begs for a good mmo, as .hack, these are realley, and i mean it, really good histories that would make awesome mmos, too bad the ones who own these names, brands and development dont do anything, if were my i would make it, but im just your regular person with no economic power :o

Tue Apr 08 2008 8:36AM Report writes:
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