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Author: gom276

EBgames online and Warhammer CE Pre-order

Posted by gom276 Wednesday April 2 2008 at 8:39PM
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Ok so I pre-ordered Warhammer CE the day it was announced on this site that it was available.  Thats the 26th for those of you who don't check daily.  And no codes?  I e-mail EBgames/Gamestop and am told the manufacturer messed it up and they will send me my codes when they are available.  So as I wait patiently... errr I guess WAITED patiently (since I am done being patient.)  I have seen more and more people who ordered online after me getting their codes.  Now I know it's childish to think this but isn't it usually first come first serve.  Why have online and brick and mortar game stores forgotten this.  It seems the only time they want to remember is 12am launches when they make everyone line up.

Shouldn't they treat every kind of pre-order event or bonus as if it were a special event, set up queues and track orders to ensure everyone gets what they order in the order they should.  Spoiled little me who is used to online shopping usually laugh at the guys who go to the stores because often there are many online only bonuses.  Now I am wishing I went down the corner gamestop and picked it up there.  My friend did and got his code and has been waving it in my face for days now.

I have e-mailed their customer service twice now I hope they reply soon.  My patience is wearing thin, as my excitement grows for this game.  I look forward to getting in early, and getting an edge on the opposing factions who join up on release day.  Mwahahahahaha...  I am sure I will still die often to the noobs.  I suck at pvp, but god I love the rush!!

Good luck to those who still have to order.  With that much stuff cramed into the CE it is probably the first CE thats truly a deal for everything you get.

elvenangel writes:

why dont you just cancel?  Amazon and several other places still have copies.  Gamestop btw lied to you the manufacture did not screw up.  Gamestop corporate screwed up and sent out tons of ticket codes early to idea what their online store is doing.  But I thought they were giving them to you within 48 hours?? 

Sounds like if they can't give you a straight answer then cancel and go somewhere else while you still can.  Amazon gives your codes immediately.  EAStore & Walmart start sending theres on April 3rd but tell you it'll be 3 to 10 days.  (they're sending you a pre order box). 

Wed Apr 02 2008 9:21PM Report
Dethnite writes:

I got mine within 5 to 10 mins worked great for me ordered Thursday 3-27-08 i think that was Thursday =D

Thu Apr 03 2008 1:43AM Report
Ogrelin writes:

What damn codes? open beta? ´what's the hurry to get those? open beta isn't opening in a long time, it's still closed beta you know...

Thu Apr 03 2008 7:55AM Report
Devonsputant writes:
Collector's Edition Pre-Order Program
A new age is dawning. It is an age of bitter rivalry and lethal conflict, of
vile treachery and legendary heroics. It is an age in which mighty armies
will meet on the field of battle to decide the fate of nations.

This is the Age of Reckoning and war is everywhere!

Prepare for the coming war by pre-ordering the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Collector's Edition today. You'll have the chance to gear up with special items and experience the glory of Realm vs. Realm™ combat before the rest of the recruits even set foot in the game world. Only 60,000 units of the Collector's Edition will be available in North America so don't miss out. Pre-order your copy today!

For more information about the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Collector's Edition, please visit

This pre-order information is valid for North America only. Players in the EU should visit the GOA pre-order site for details on the European offer.



Be among the first invited when we begin the Open Beta phase. We will also announce details of the timing of the Open Beta in a future WAR newsletter. Be sure to stay subscribed to the newsletter to get the latest information regarding Warhammer Online and the Open Beta. Sign-up to gain access when we enter the Open Beta phase:

We are not currently in Open Beta. Sign-up to gain access when we enter the Open Beta phase:

1. Create a Beta Center account or log into your existing account at the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Beta Center. If you are creating a new account, please follow the instructions in the confirmation email you receive to complete your account set-up.

2. Once your account is created, enter your Open Beta code in the Promotional Code section of your Beta Center account. Your Open Beta code can be found in the pre-order confirmation email or on the pre-order card you received when you placed your order.

3. Once you have entered your code into the Beta Center you will receive future emails alerting you as to when Open Beta begins. These emails will contain instructions on how to access the Open Beta and download the game files.


Thu Apr 03 2008 11:02AM Report
gom276 writes:

It wasn't about open beta starting tomorrow it's about getting what was promised.  But it looks like it was sorted out they finally responded to my e-mail's and sent me the codes.  It turns out due to some of the mass mailings they were doing to push out the codes once they got them.  They ended up on spam filters for my ISP.  After contecting them and having them re-send the codes it worked.

EBgames/gamestop has renewed my faith in online shopping and now my friend has nothing to hold over me...  Well except the fact that he can whoop me in PVP, on just about every game and console out there... damn his nimble fingers and quick reflexes.

Fri Apr 04 2008 3:44AM Report
jpetrin writes:

I'm having a similar experience, but with the brick and mortar version of EBGames. I preordered on the first day that you could (26th also) and was told that they did not have the "rave cards" in stock yet, and they would call me when they did. Here it is August 10th and they still claim to never have received the cards. Should I be worried? Who do I contact when its the brick and mortar store that is screwing up?

Sun Aug 10 2008 8:07AM Report
Grio43 writes:

EB Ganes has been known to been poor with its Preorder offers. It is not the first time I have had friends complain about it.  When Anarchy-online had its pre-orders EB games never gave the codes for the pre-order bounses and I hear about this from other games.  They have a history of just being piss poor with preorders

Tue Sep 16 2008 2:22PM Report writes:
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