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AnimeWill MMO Reviews and Opinions

Whether you care what I think or not. Here is my view on the world of MMORPG's.

Author: gom276

Tabula Rasa why the hating?

Posted by gom276 Monday March 31 2008 at 2:48PM
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I may be naive but what is with all the hate for Tabula Rasa, I played the game all the way from early CB to live and enjoy the heck out of the game.  It launch was not perfect but seldom ever are.  But the game play is different than any other MMO out there.  It's combat is innovative and a refreshingly new way to play an MMO.  It has random dynamic encounter system constantly fighting of waves of mobs.

So why the hate, from main stream media, and gaming magazines all of them love to rap on TR, I am no fanboy, it has its bad points and while I have an active sub I only play every so often when the mood strikes me.  But this is not due to anything huge or hate worthy simply that I play so many titles I wander from one to the next week by week.  I have been taking a tour through Free 2 Play games recently and they are interesting and fun.  I have 2 wow accounts mostly for me and my wife to play together and we do play that a few times a week also.  I used to have 2 TR accounts but my wife started taking the kids to classes and such so she didn't have time to play anymore.  But she will jump on my account and play there when she can. 

Recently while watching G4TV the hosts were bashing TR but not for anything specific just as some general kind of well at least its not TR.  Which made me wonder why.  I don't know anything about the game that made it a huge failure.  Maybe I missed something or have not paid enough attention.  The community is active and there are always a bunch of people on playing when I am.  So it can't be something like that.  I know the community is not your typical RP community which is given since the play system is very FPS oriented.  And group instances tend to be a rush to "kill everything before someone else" mad fest.  But in itself is interesting in its own way.

The game is different so i would expect many things to be different.  But I would sure appreciate it if someone could enlighten me about the reason for TR being used in such a general term.  I would expect of say FURY which in my eyes was a massive failure.

Anyways please share your ideas or opinions even if I think they stink at least I will know why the haters hate.

Player_420 writes:

hmm in my view...

Way too easy

very few quests starting at mid teens

Terrible PVP content, and lacking endgame PVE content


Good points:


They really payed attention to the world and backlore

Mon Mar 31 2008 3:31PM Report
gom276 writes:

Yeah, they have been continually adding and expanding content.  I would say they spent way too much attention on the lore and writing and less on the actual content.

But even so it doesn't seem to be a complete failure to be regarded as some general example of "horrible game."  That it seems to have.  There are much worse games and NCSoft is continuing to expand its content with quick patches and weekly status updates.  Thats pretty good stuff if you ask me.

I mean look at most SOE games in comparison and TR is pretty good.  :0 )    I have no real love for SOE though...  yet I still have open accounts for some of their games... maybe in hopes that they will eventually fix them.  *naivety showing*

Mon Mar 31 2008 4:24PM Report
Alienovrlord writes:

The game isn't called Tabula Rasa.  It's called RICHARD GARRIOTT'S Tabula Rasa.    By RICHARD GARRIOTT.  Check out the website.  They couldn't even leave the 'rg' out of the bloody http address.

When you hype a game like TR got hyped there will be backlash when it doesn't deliver.   When you have a nutcase for a developer and try to use that as a major selling point for your game, you're going to get hate when it doesn't deliver. 

Garriott has been given some kind of god-status by the MMORPG community because he created UO.   The MMORPG community ignores the fact that UO drove away mainstream gamers from MMORPGs for more than a decade.    Blizzard finally came along and tried to break the standards set by UO and look at the result, MMORPGs become mainstream.

Reviewers don't want to see MMORPGs revert back to their niche market.   Whether UO or Tabula Rasa, neither one was enough appeal to mainstream gamers in today's or yesterday's market. 

The failings of the game are secondary.   The failings of the developer are what has caused the reaction to it.

Mon Mar 31 2008 6:10PM Report
dbuslaev writes:

i dont think TR was failure, however i only played beta.

i would like to try tabula rasa, does it have an official forums where i can ask for 3 day trial invite?

Mon Mar 31 2008 6:26PM Report
N64314 writes:

TR was in no way shape or form a massive failure. Last I checked they still have a very healthy player base and are always adding new content. But I think Alienovrlord was right when he/she said that the game was over hyped.

The hype really even got me. I was so happy when TR was coming out because I wanted a Sci-fi MMO other than EvE or a spaceship MMO. I bought TR as soon as it came out cause my computer wasn't good enough to get into the beta =/ . I had fun for about the first 20 lvls and then sorta stopped. I sort of ran out of quests and then couldn't get a group. But thats just my experince.

I think TR is a good game but it just didnt live up to the hype. I didn't like the progression ladder into your final profession because there wasn't enough choice. There was also like no gun customization or variation. Same with armor. I just thought that there was so much more you could do with the game that wasn't done. It felt...bland I guess. Sort of like a bare-bone FPSMMO. Which is to be sort of expected due to the fact that it was the first of its kind. At least in mainstream MMOs.

And you must remember that I am basing this off of the launch content and the first 20 lvls. Alot could have and probably has changed seince then.

Mon Mar 31 2008 6:28PM Report
teraflop122 writes:

This game just didn't click with me. An FPS that didn't feel like an FPS... An MMO that didn't feel like an MMO... What little lore I encountered during my time had been done a million times in a million games already. The visuals were bland. Every character looked alike. 

I was overwelmed by the underwelming aspects of this game. 

Mon Mar 31 2008 11:01PM Report
Soara writes:

Tabula Rasa is different, that much will always be given.

For me, quests are fine, and leading content is fine -- but currently there is absolutely no endgame or extra-cirricular features whatsoever. You level to 50....then nothing basically (except for level for toons).

Tabula Rasa is ALWAYS updating and has still has a decent player base.

Most people whining of Tabula Rasa is the tweaks to some classes, which, in my opinion, I think are great...but then again I'm a SWG NGE lover -- people find me...different.

Tue Apr 01 2008 3:41AM Report
arryndel writes:

Since UO has been brought into the conversation, let me remind those of you who know about it and played it that UO was an awesome game and much loved until SOE took over. From that point on they made changes to the game that caused loyal long time players to start looking for their next game. To this day I still know ppl that refuse to play anything other then UO even with all of the changes that have been made to it.

RG made UO, and he made it right, SOE took it over and messed it up (not just my own opinion but that of every player I know and knew)  A lot of the "hype" about RGTR was the fact that the game was being made by one of the most respected game creaters (mostly old players of the original UO) and we couldn't wait to see what RG was giving us since we haven't had a game from him since UO.  I wanted very badly to help beta RGTR but unfortunately, even though I did get an invite my PC at that time simply could not handle the game.  I now have a brand new PC that can more then handle it but I've yet to buy the game due to all of the negativity that I've been reading about it.   Another reason I'm waiting is because I still remember very clearly how it was with UO (I beta tested UO then played for a good 3 years straight after release) and I'm waiting for more content to be added before I spend my time and money on the game. But let me tell all of you this, once I'm ready to buy the game, I wont base my opinion on anything that I've read about it, I will base it on my own experiences with the game and judge it on that. 

I've played tons of games since UO, and not a one of them (in my own personal opinion) could live up to the example UO had set back when it was still run by RG.  Sure the graphics have improved greatly over the years, but what about content? Not one game out there has the amount of content that UO gave us.  All of the other games are very basic in comparison.  You get a quest, do what it tells you, turn it in, rinse and repeat or you get a mass of players together and go on raids, and thats about the extent of the game.  The crafting systems are very basic and are done as a "I don't have a group and need X to finish this quest, think I'll work on my crafting for about 30 mins or so" kind of deal.  UO was the only game I've found where you could spend days or weeks just crafting and you still were having fun in the game, or if you were tired of crafting you could fish for a few days, or spend a couple of days redecorating your house and reorganizing your chests in your house.  UO had SO MUCH content, you could actually play for years and still  be able to say  "you know I never did go to X, or I never did do such and such, I was so busy doing other things".

When a developer finally comes out with and "updated version of UO" thats when I will stop all of my other accounts and spend years on that one game.  Until then (for me at least) all other games will fall short of the example that UO set for us when RG created it and ran it.


Besides, what other game do you know of where the creater himself has a char and actually interacts with his community in game the way RG did with UO back in the day? He wasn't just a creater, he was also a player and enjoyed the game he created and put out there for us to enjoy with him, to me thats a true inspiration and because of that alone I will always admire RG as a game creater no matter what the final outcome of RGTR.


Deamonia Angelique - Raven Cross - Raven Night

Baja Shard

currently playing WoW again and the list of games I've played is much to long to list.

Tue Apr 01 2008 7:05AM Report
arryndel writes:

Sorry, I need to edit something that I posted above, UO was taken over by EA not SOE, and it was EA that messed up UO (popular opinion of many players of UO) by some of the changes that were made to the game.  SOE never had any dealings that I know of with UO.

Tue Apr 01 2008 9:17AM Report
Giddian writes:

I don't Hate TR, BUT it is NOT worth paying a monthly fee. If they released it Like Guild Wars. I would play all the Tme. Not trying to bash it, but there is NOTHING  innovative and refreshing about the Combat. The only thing Different is, It's a Gun not a Sword. Grouping is not good at all. the Classes are cookie cutter.

If it had no monthly fee, I would play. As it is....Never.

Tue Apr 01 2008 2:56PM Report
Balmer writes:

Giddian hit two very important aspects of TR that turned me off in beta.

1. Grouping is completely unnecessary and usually more of an inconvenience than real cooperative effort.

2. The classes are not diverse and too few of them.

TR was a great concept that was, IMHO, very poorly implemented.

Tue Apr 01 2008 4:38PM Report
gom276 writes:

But do those negatives put this game in a class of using TR as a general example of a crappy game?  I know they are weaknesses and most games have something to that effect especially just after release.  TR has been out for a while and content has been added almost weekly with bug fixes as well...  it has a pretty active dev community that is open and not secretive.  Things are getting steadily better so it confuses me why it has this sudden reputation as a complete failure.

Tue Apr 01 2008 6:02PM Report
gom276 writes:

Something lends me to believe what alienoverlord said is it less about the game and more about the ego behind slapping Richard Garriotts name on the thing.  It's almost as if people want it to fail just to put RG in his place.  So maybe its less about hating TR and more about hating RG

Tue Apr 01 2008 6:04PM Report
vajuras writes:

alienovlord before you opened you mouth and made that post did you even take the time to play TR? At least have the decency like the rest of us to play BEFORE you slam it

Tue Apr 01 2008 9:25PM Report writes:
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