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Dark Age of Camelot CAN be Revived!

Posted by godpuppet Friday June 27 2008 at 12:20PM
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For many, Dark Age of Camelot is a genre classic, having been released just after Everquest, it made a dramatic impact on MMORPG's and secured a place in a relatively new market. However despite its longetivity, its subscription rate has dropped dramatically in the last three years, despite having released three new expansions and no end of trial offers.

For many players, Dark Age of Camelot, provides meaningful PVP in a non instanced enviroment. But for many others, especcially those new to the genre, its a complete grindfest.

Theproblem is, from the moment you start the game you feel the grind, its unavoidable. In the trial version of the full game you have three methods of leveling as a new player:

1# Grind mobs at static game world locations.

2# Do Tasks, which consists of running to an NPC, finding a mob, then running back to said NPC.

3# Do Instances, which consists of running to an NPC, running to static instance entrance, clearing map of mobs, complete said goal in journal (kill all/kill named/kill X of X), return to NPC, repeat.

Its horrific, for a new player coming into a new game world, you want to be gripped and excited from the start. What makes this grinding especcially bad is the lack of other players.

Unless your on a Classic server, higher levels can automatically level to 20 when they start their character, this may sound great to somebody who's already made a gazillion characters, but this has a knock on effect on the amount of players new players can interact with. Further more, the few players that havent maxed out yet are making alts prefer to solo, why? Becuase its faster XP, which again has a knock on effect on the amount of players to interact with. So in the end, with the coupled effects above, then the problem that so few new players are actually filtering into this game, your faced with only one outcome; a long solo grind to 50 and frankly people dont pay for that shit.

I dont like to use the word grind lightly, becuase its not necessarily the monotomous process thats the problem, its the lack of distraction (read my blog on the Grind). Infact I hold firm to the belief that DAoC CAN be revived to subscription levels prior to 2005 and not only that, it can be done easily with little modification to actual game content.


Three years ago Funcom embarked on an curious experiment, by making the original version of their game free to play (no expansions) they hoped to boost their MMORPG's popularity and in turn boost the number of subscriptions. In my experience it was a great success, players flocked to the game, and not just "F2P gamers" as one might expect, but all player archetypes, the community stayed civil despite predictions and most importantly the influx of players boosted player interaction making the gameplay (which is largely group based) MUCH more enjoyable.

I just wish I was able to get hold of subscription statistics for Anarchy Online but they dont appear to have been submitted, therefore the knowledge of AO's success is from personal experience due to play before and during the F2P program. If anyone wishes to dispute that, I'd be happy to debate, but from my experience it was successful.

Its my belief that this same program, could be used in Dark Age of Camelot. Allow players to play the original game for free! Heck, throw in Shrouded Isle too so that graphics are slightly improved. Just as in AO, players would flock to try out this Subscription MMORPG turned F2P. Those that enjoy it and want to progress further in the game can buy the expansions (at a reduced price) and assume a subscription.

What could it cost Mythic, especcially now when Warhammer is in the pipeline and players are just looking for something to keep them busy for a few months. A one ditch effort to get subscribers in their dieing game is better then no effort at all. In AO, this revived the title for atleast three years, and while its popularity has died down now, they still get new players on the F2P program.

This program would bring players into DAoC and provide greater player interaction and greater chance of finding groups, contributing to grind distraction. Player retention would improve and more newer players would hit the max levels which has a knock on effect to the high end RVR (which I hear is suffering on some servers).

This wouldnt be enough to completely revive this game, but it would be a start and it would contribute. Mythic seems to have spent all its time making 1-50 content easy, people dont play games becuase they're easy. People expect a level of difficulty that implys a challenge and gives a feeling achievement once the goal is accomplished. But thats something completely seperate and im deviating. I will however, go into that in Part 2.

Mythic, I cannot emphasis this more:

Make DAoC Original FREE!

5v3nd0ttg writes:

Thanks for the post, I agree.

Fri Jun 27 2008 1:35PM Report
Ascension08 writes:

Yeah you bring up a good point, I really hope Mythic doesn't let DAoC fade away forgotten because WAR takes the spotlight. DAoC is a great game and I hope it lasts a long time...making it free would be a great idea.

Fri Jun 27 2008 1:53PM Report
JK-Kanosi writes:

I couldn't make it past your 3 points, because they are inaccurate and I feel if they are inaccurate, the rest of your post may be. Sure, you can do those three things in the game, but you can also level off quests, or from the BG's by PvPing. Tell me any other game that has so many options to level in one game? Quests, Tasks, Instances, Adventure Grinding, and PvP. Five different ways to level to 50. There is 200% xp too, so the grind is nothing now.

Fri Jun 27 2008 2:21PM Report
godpuppet writes:

@JK-Kanosi: And yet the game is failing. My points arent inaccurate, but perhaps, as you've adequetely put, im missing additional points. Regardless, Quests are limited and only get you so far before you end up doing the 3 points and most players prefer PVE as a primary source of leveling despite the fact you can level through PVP.

Speaking of which, when I did try the PVP areas, they were also lacking in population. Perhaps a statement to players prefered leveling method.

Fri Jun 27 2008 2:28PM Report
Thedrizzle writes:

The game is failing because it is old and dated and well... thats what happend when games get old.  DAOC was one of my favorite games ever, i left years ago and after playing WoW for some time I decided to quit and check out the free trial of DAOC and the first 5 minutes into the game it just felt dated. 

People state that game play > graphics, which can be true to a point. But after playing numerous games since i had left DAOC and then trying to play again a few months ago, it was like going from XBox 360 to Atari2600.

Fri Jun 27 2008 4:59PM Report
Ascension08 writes:

Yeah the graphics and UI feel a little dated, but I think DAoC had some of the best spell effects in ANY game of its time period. They were built from simple colors but turned into elaborate stuff...for example, a Thane calling down Mjollnir and having that massive AoE lightning attack. Or the cool buff that encases the target with a hand of molten earth...and a wizard's shields, they all looked really cool.

Fri Jun 27 2008 6:05PM Report
Alamor0 writes:

In my opinion, it has nothing to do with being outdated.  It's Mythic's design error that did DAoC in.  When did the game begin to lose a substantial amount of players? ~After ToA~ What happens when people begin to leave the game? ~RvR starts to go down~ What was DAoC's primary concept? ~RvR~ What happens when RvR goes down? ~People don't have anything to do~ What happens when people don't have anything to do? ~They stop wasting money and leave~ rinse & repeat!


I whole heartedly believe this game would still be going strong if ToA hadn't been released. By the time they tried to fix it, though, it was much too late for anyone to have any fun without already having a high level and being part of some big guild that organize actual things to do!



Fri Jun 27 2008 10:22PM Report
Noblekitty writes:

Alamor0 comment is 100% accurate. It was Mythic who killed their own game. TOA was horrible. New frontier failed. New BGs failed. The game concept is still there but the structure is getting worse with each new expansion. Why fix something that was not broken? I would never forget the glory time of old Emain and Relic raid...and old Darkness Falls.

Sat Jun 28 2008 12:14AM Report
sundraziw889 writes:

awww :( I miss DAOC why, MYTHIC, WHY??

TOA= Trials Of Assholesthatruinedonedofthebestgamesevar

Wed Jul 02 2008 1:13PM Report writes:
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