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Grind = Over Firmiliarity

Posted by godpuppet Wednesday June 25 2008 at 5:16PM
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"WoW like any other MMOs has the grind fest..."


So many times have I heard this complaint. Ive heard it said of the classic style korean MMORPG's to the newest to release on the market. What irritates me the most is people havent caught onto the fact that repetition is the nature of the genre.

Complaining about it is as asinine as complaining that the sun shines in your face.

The fact you level from 1-50 is repetition, you are simply gaining numbers (XP), so that you can achieve a higher level, so you can kill more monsters, for more loot and XP. Its a cycle and it is what defines the genre. It is in itself a complete and utter grind.

The true trick behind MMORPG's is the developers ability to distract you from this leveling system. You want to level, you want to get more loot, but you also want to get involved in the storyline and the game world. By presenting a stream of interesting and compelling quests, areas to explore, and players to interact with, your interest is piqued and as a result leveling becomes a sideliner.

Thats why the first character you play in any MMORPG will be the best experience you will have in that game. Make an alt and your just redoing the same quests, conversations and gameplay sequences you've done before, and thats where you lose the magic.

Everything is over firmiliar, those sights you would stop to see to gasp and awe at the sound effects, become little more then passing scenery. Eventually you find yourself doing quests as fast as possible JUST for the XP and thats when you hit the grind.

It is the beauty and the curse of MMORPG's, games and perhaps everything in life. Once you've done it once, twice, three times, to do it further becomes monotomous repetition and even a grind.

Some feel the grind sooner then others, if you feel it from day 1, chances are the game isnt for you. There are older games that in todays standards are a horrendous grindfest, but go back to its peak and it would be considered the standard and at the height of the genre. 

A MMORPG becomes a grind when you are over firmiliar with the content.

People have to accept that at some point all MMORPG's will become a grind, its as much an eventuality as cutting yourself will cause you to bleed.

DaX.9 writes:


Wed Jun 25 2008 6:06PM Report
IceAge writes:

Good said.

PS: Nice avatar :D

Wed Jun 25 2008 7:26PM Report
Calintz333 writes:

Very well said. However I do want to comment and say that companies (Especially Korean) companies Do Less to keep players distracted from the grind than other companies. Take Grind of the new world Granado Espada, oh sorry I mean sword of the new world. And Cabal online. These games are utter grind fest games with little to nothing to do to distract you from the grind. They are Free 2 play but does that mean that they have to suck from the start, With nothing else to do but kill kill kill for 5-8 months and then your ready to PvP which is killing of players....sorry but some games should not even be out. Games with hardly any inspiration story or lore should not be released. There should be FUN in mmorpg playing from the game itself The community is a big part of an mmorpg but if the game cant keep you having fun then its not such a good game.

Wed Jun 25 2008 9:18PM Report
alakram writes:

Well, some players like the grind. I was used to it some time ago and it was relaxing. When I used to play Lineage 2 I loved to spend 2 hours grinding. But well, no more for me. But I agree with you.

Thu Jun 26 2008 3:31AM Report writes:
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