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Mon Macutay (GM Tristan), Marketing Manager for Level Up Philippines, on online games, MMORPGs, Gamer Babes, Level Up and Infotech. News, reviews and more!

Author: gmtristan

Online Game Sweat Shops

Posted by gmtristan Monday November 12 2007 at 6:48AM
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Maybe you’ve heard it before, that there are “sweatshops” mostly in Asia (China in particular) that offer leveling, farming services or selling of gold and items. WoW is the most in-demand game for this.

While the managers and the companies running these sweatshops make millions of dollars every year, a typical employee who does the dirty work takes home only around $150 a month.

These operations are vast and pressure is toxic. But some of those who are in this “gray market” admit that they are helping poor kids earn a little something.


Dragim writes:

Yeah, it is pretty sad indeed. Especially those people who pay for items/gold.  If you think about it though, these kids who are getting payed 150$ a month to sit on their butts and play video games can't be that bad compared to hearding goats.  I wonder what that pays a month. 

 I think that MMORPG makers need to step up their game and accually care about what is going on within it.  I know WoW is the red headed step child of every bad comment said toward a game, but that game has brought so many horrible gamers into the MMORPG community.  Never have I seen so much spam and so many sites for these kind of companys that sell gold and items.  I remember the days of EQ when you would rarely see some random level 60 who didn't know what to do with their character or where any of the high leveled areas were.  These people always got refused for groups and such, but they were the only real stupid people around who didn't know how to play

.  Now I play"ED" WoW, note the ED part of played, and I noticed at level 60, then 70 when BC came out, that there are a TON of people who don't know how to play their character.  I get stuck in a group and I waist an hour of my life due to stupid people.  Now I don't know if these people ebayed and bought these characters or are just that stupid and I wonder how they even got to 70. Then I remember I was playing WoW.  Also WoW was the first game I have EVER seen in game spam or received private tells about going to a website and getting these services.

Anyways, I guess my point is, that companies like those that provide leveling and gold and items RUIN mmorpgs.  These companys who make the MMORPGS need to step up and ban a lot more accounts, and have tighter rules on what these companies do.


/Rant off

Mon Nov 12 2007 1:11PM Report
Karnage69 writes:

/rant on

Dragim, I do agree with you but at the same time you need to see it from another persons stand point.

I made HWL (High Warlord) in WoW a week before I left for Iraq for a little over a year. I returned hoping to still be the "big man on campus" or close to. Low and behold the expansion made my 4 months of pvp grinding a complete waste. So now I look at my fully decked out lvl 60 warrior with full HWL gear and want to throw the game away. I had maybe 1 week of actually using the gear that I worked so hard to aquire. WoW is not just a game, it's an investment. Time, Money, Energy. Everything that you would put into any kind of investment. So now I am stuck with all these lvl 70s running around in season 2 gear choping me down in mere seconds with little or no effort. I had my work cut out for me, roughly 1 month later I hit lvl 70 and am now working on my season 1/2 and pvp gear.

It took alot out of me to continue playing even though I just wanted to throw the monitor out the window and write a very well thought out and distasteful message to Blizzard.

Now what if I were a weaker man? I wouldn't put powerleveling and honor grinding services out of my mind. Infact I probably would have done it if I didn't have a few months off after returning from war.

Now I do not disagree with your statement, WoW has the largest pool of stupid players I have ever seen. I have played many MMO's and it almost disgusts me with the level of skill or lack thereof players generally have in WoW. Power leveling a character from level 1 and playing at max level just doesn't make sense from any REAL gamers view. You miss out on all the things the game has to offer inbetween the start to end. But take a look at other points of view for those who actually DO know how to play. Or those who are screwed over by the "cater to the masses" effect that Blizzard has placed upon WoW.


Just my 2 cents.

/rant off

Mon Nov 12 2007 8:15PM Report
Nacon4 writes:

We have seen with games an underground economy develop you can do one of two things about it.  You can ban it or you can embrace it.

  One of the things that's good about embracing it is that you can TAX it!  Therefore you have some measure of control over it.  More importantly you can design your system better if you know from the beginning you're going to have people try 'uneithical' means to achieve their goals.  You can either a. hand wring about what horrible players they are, or tax them for the privliege. 

Personally, I'd rather see people taxed for paying for items/gold because it means that some of the money would go back into the game, hopefully for it's better redesign and/or new projects!  Either way the people running the project get a cut and therefore, get renummerated for their role in creating/maintaining the game.

Enough of the legislating the morality!  Be practical, people!

Thu Nov 15 2007 8:18PM Report writes:
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