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Mon Macutay (GM Tristan), Marketing Manager for Level Up Philippines, on online games, MMORPGs, Gamer Babes, Level Up and Infotech. News, reviews and more!

Author: gmtristan

7 Habits of Highly Effective Guildmasters

Posted by gmtristan Tuesday July 10 2007 at 12:45AM
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Sometimes, MMO players (and their avatars) qualify for the minimum requirements in forming a guild within the current game they’re playing. Be it level requirements, money or item requirements, etc - more often than not, most will say “Hey! I can start my own guild now… let me just hop on over to the NPC and then I’ll invite my friends”.

Sadly, this process is just the start of a long and ardous journey. A journey which is not for the faint of heart, which calls for dedication, leadership and a HUGE amount of your time. So, if you are forming your guild to be competitive and have no idea what you’re getting into, this post of mine might help…



FiresealMMO writes:

I completely agree with all of your 7 habits. I had been a guild master on one MMORPG(in FFXI it's called Linkshell instead of guild) for about 2 years. I had my goal for my guild, it was to be a social guild and on occasions we would group up into alliances(consisting of 3 parties and 6 members in each party). It did take ALOT of my time, I played for a year and a half at least 4 hours each day(I didn't have a life then lol) until one day I had to go somewhere due to RL events. I had missed one day of playing FFXI and I thought 'oh I only missed one day, nothing in my ingame life will have changed'...


Here's the thing, I come back the next day to find that more than half of my guild left the day I wasn't on the game. Turns out that some people had helped others in the same guild and then left the people that helped to die, which then erupted into a huge fight between a few people. My guild had been in rough situations before, like one troublemaker kept booting the lower rank people from guild or one person would cause alot of drama between people inside the guild, but this time it was over some INGAME item. My guild then split into 4 groups...

My point is I agree the most with points 4,5 and 7. A Guild Leader MUST be on the game on a regular basis AND be very sociable and talkative and not just fuck around by inviting a butt load of people, letting people squable over nothing and not taking care of it and not showing up for a month without any notice in advance... SHIT, I was gone for one day, ONE DAY and my guild breaks down in a matter of seconds. Here's the big mistake that I made, I had invited some people and they wanted to invite their RL friends or relatives onto the guild also. AVOID INVITING PLAYERS THAT HAVE ANY RL TIES WITH SOME OF YOUR CURRENT GUILD MEMBERS! Why? Because even if in an agrument, and their brother or sister or rl friend or whatever is obviously completely in the wrong, your guild 2nd-in-command will take their side(or whomever else is related to that retarded person) and turn on you. If they leave because of such an argument, then good, they weren't worthy in being in your guild anyway. This would fall into #7 TREAT EVERYONE FAIRLY! If you're a guild master and can't grasp this concept, then you should break you guild immediately and be a lowly guild member in another guild

To finish here are my comments. The quiet types, people that have relatives in their own guild and the greedy are definitely NOT, I repeat NOT guild master material. kthnxbai =)

Tue Jul 10 2007 11:11AM Report
gmtristan writes:

Thanks for the comment. Very good tips on your part. Let me just add that it's important to screen your members. But whatever happens, it will be difficult to predict their alliegance when factions caused by in-fighting arise in your group. This is what happens when politics (whether taking family-side or simply taking a side) causes problems. That's why we have to be careful too. My 7 tips are merely guides on how you should run your group. Doing the details is up to you.

Again, many thanks for taking time to read the post and best of luck in your current and future MMO games!


GM Tristan

Tue Jul 10 2007 12:26PM Report
Fenerel writes:

Great Post!


Mon Oct 01 2007 1:09AM Report writes:
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