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Eudemons online diary

My diary on Eudemons online.

Author: gboy1983

How to make money in Eudemons and other games?

Posted by gboy1983 Thursday November 29 2007 at 4:11AM
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As a high level Pker and sick of players accusing me of paypalling all my way through to reach level 128 and that is the reason I win them. Most of my gold and eps are made while playing the game. Here goes: 


1) You can pull logs, or joining other business in the game, and insist though it may bring you not that much benefit every time: bought logs  at Cornus outside city) and sell them at various locations. At the top level, you can make 2 million gold per trip (5 to 10 mins depending on location you sell and what mount you are using).



2) For those who need eps or other coins in any games, you can use gold to buy items, then easily sell them for coins in the game 


3) You can pick up goodies from monsters drop off, especially in high level maps such as Lostland and Catamaze . One hour of play sometimes I pick up 3 to 4 gems, lots of level 100 weapons (sold for 20000 to 40000 each). Each hour I play can easily generate 1 to 2 million.



4) Trading - if you know the market price well, you can buy and sell and make a profit. I have bought reds at 65eps and sold them for 82 eps and bought super violets at 145 eps and sold them for 170 eps. There is always someone desperate to buy some kind of gems urgently.



There are at least 10 to 15 other ways to make gold or coins in the game.


I am not sure whether experienced players will blast me if I reveal everything so I leave it to other players to contribute.

Eudemons online: Thank givings

Posted by gboy1983 Thursday November 22 2007 at 8:01AM
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Thanks giving day is coming, and i havent been here for many days, missing everyone on this special days , especially my readers.  lol

on the special days, it seems many thanks should be sent, first thank is for my parents on this day, second for my friend. Third should be on, i have known many games here and really enjoy a lot of pleasure and a lots of friends in many games. the fourth is on game makers, billzard, TQ, sony Inc, and so on, i cannot enjoy so much fun with out your hard effort, the last one is the girl in Eudemons online , without i cannot play this far with love and care. Thank you all, maybe the pic from the game can express more feeling here. At last, thank you for all ppl reading my blogs, with you happy times in your lives on this special days and in the coming Xmas and the year 2008.

Eudemon and God's blessing

Posted by gboy1983 Tuesday November 13 2007 at 3:43AM
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I paid for EO by paypal today, for a item named god's blessing, equals to about 10 dollars, with it i can get many benefit, and it can help my eudemons grow really faster, and gain exp even when I am offline. but for a player above level 80 it is hard to gain level as i was level 1, but the game has many other joys to me to experience. such like legion and family, to join now and get help, or to establish my own legion when i am powerful enough, i havent made my desicion. but it is said if you join a powerful (they would like to accept you first 4 sure) legion or family, i wont get that much pked cos someone can protect me.

btw, in this game it is a bit hard to kill boss, cos many ppl wait at the place where boss is born, but as a newbie, I have a skill named invisibility that can even invisble a monster, so that means i can hide a boss when i saw it, hit it when theres no others, and invisiable it when others pass-by, really a enjoyable task, but since my level is higher, it is hard to gain gems dropped from a monsters even a boss, but i will explore to some high level map to hunt higher level monsters, if you want to enjoy the game with me, i would like to make friend with you, lol!

Eudemons weekend

Posted by gboy1983 Sunday November 11 2007 at 4:15AM
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Weekends, have more time playing game lol

in the game there is a rehold halooween evemt, and i even got a elite helmet, but for level 125, really don't know how i reach that high level, even though now i am level 80. it is said it will cost me months to level that high level, and my gods blessing for new bie also expired. i am considering whether to purchase a ep code by paypal, maybe for some other days. and as a level 80, i got less being pked, at least being pked by level 70 and below, my mage eudemon and warrior eudemon have both reach 5 star, though not strong enough, but can defense the high level monsters.

Third days on Eudemons

Posted by gboy1983 Thursday November 8 2007 at 10:40PM
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third days, really reach level 50, in my expection, and got less pked, cos I learn someting about how to avoid pkers. beside, now i have the feeling of why this game is named eudemons online. When you get in the game, you can get 2 eudemons, and by hunting monsters you can alaos get the eggs of eudemons randomly, then you need to hatch them and compose them, let it being stronger, now i am level 50 and capable of composing my eudemons. many higher ppl say the most important thing to get survive and make your powerful is to have good eudemons, now i can try if it is true. Bless me, have good eudemons and not got pked anymore lol

Eudemons online :level up fast, and got pked

Posted by gboy1983 Wednesday November 7 2007 at 9:46PM
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i have played many mmo games and know that level is a key to survive in the game, in EO also, and with the newbie quest, i found i level up 35 just in 1 day, and it seems i can get another 10 levels or more in the next few days, but i have also consult many other players and they told me it would be harder to level above level 100, there is a item named god' blessing, with i gained many benefit and it is free for a newbie but only for a few days.

however, pass level 35 has its advantage(powerful) but also bring me some side effect. in eudemons online, player under lvl 35 is protected and wont got pked, but for a level 36 and above, i must aviod of being pked especially outside town( in town it is non pk region). i need to run faster if see someone high level and with red or even black names, that measn they killed too many ppl. i will be stronger, not to pk others, but only protect myself and not got pked any more! lol

i am also considering whether to spend real cash on this, maybe after level 60 i will think it

My first day on eudemons online

Posted by gboy1983 Wednesday November 7 2007 at 3:35AM
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today have just find a game named eudemons online, a game made by TQ, which have made CO also. different from that, this game is not based on oriental culture, but on western culture, the download speed is not bad, and the install is also acceptable. I choose a mage as my class cos i like the magic. with the newbie gift i found it is easy to level up and find my way, hope this is a good game.

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