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Eudemons online diary

My diary on Eudemons online.

Author: gboy1983

Eudemons Online: Paladin Legend Part VIII

Posted by gboy1983 Friday September 5 2008 at 5:01AM
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What's that glowing thing in Rihanu's hand? , said Karuko. Timberwolf shouts, that's the hilt to the oblivion sword. He then snatches it from her hand. Time to use the random teleport, says Karuko...they use it and they end up right in front of....

Ewok, "I was just looking for you guys" he says as he hands them the piece of the Oblivia sword he obtained from the beast in Cronus. "I suppose this means we now have 3 pieces by the look of things", "Timber, what is that book in your hand??", "This is all we could find in the library" replies Timberwolf, "May I have a look?" says Ewok, "Yea but we couldn't find anything, so I don't know if you will", "Don't know till we try now do we?" Ewok replied as Timberwolf handed him the book. He goes straight to where the text of the Oblivia Sword should be and sees the symbol of Timberwolf's tribe. Suddenly Ewok's eyes start glowing with the same color as that of red as the symbol, "Sedeth Ojarmway Dreknegh" he enchants as the symbol slowly fades away to nothing, and there are only Blank pages. He hands the Book back to Timberwolf and asks him to try reading it now, "But there is nothing there" Timberwolf replies. Soon he sees the Text Describing the pieces of the sword and where they were placed in this world, he looks at the 6th piece and reads aloud "The 6th piece is embedded in a powerful soul..." "What does it mean by that?" asks Karuko.

"I can answer that one..." says Ewok, "The 6th piece is one that could not be simply hidden away like the others, for that was what provided the great strength and power of the Oblivia Sword. You see at a Young age I learned of all this. I also learned that the only reason for my Eternal life and Great power and strength, also my Uniqueness was because the 6th part of the sword was embedded into my soul"...

Timber gazes deeply at his one friend that has been with him since that day he was alone out at HeartLake all those years ago. His cold silver eyes grew large as a question rose in his mind. "How will we remove the 6th piece without harming u Ewok?" He asked as fear for his long time friend grew great...

Ewok said ??Unfortunately the only way to rip the shard from my soul is to travel to enchanted hill by placing this magical rune in the center of a portal hidden deep within the ice Labryinth there you will meet the soul shepherd in ancient tongue he is known by the name of Dragonstea Din Tei he will be able to separate the shard from my soul ....

"But before we can get to the Labryinth we must get permission from King Crue" said Ewok. They team traveled back to Cronus for the permission, when they arrived at the castle the king looked as if his world was falling. He had just got message from his most trusted Silver Crusade. His message was about the Labryinth. Just then the King arrived and said, "About time you have returned, there is an emergency at the Icyland Labryinth" announced the king. "Funny that's what we were here for too" said Ewok, "We must all go immediately the fate of Icyland depends on it. I must accompany you. I'm sure whatever is causing this is going to need my help with, you'll also need me to open the gates for you now that there is no more queen..." replied the king. So they set off for Icyland with the help of the Teleporter Pamela...

They arrived at Icyland but some thing caught their eye, it was slouched against a wall with a huge bloodstain going down it. Thud, they look behind them - Karuko says, its...its...its..the...the...the...DarkDragonKing!!! WE GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE. "That's the first time I have seen you scared Karuko, what's the matter it's just a giant black dragon" Said the paladin. "Okay this must be one of the guardian bosses we have to defeat" Karuko said. They battled their way through the monster but the side victorious was...

Timberwolf said, "Don't be afraid Karuko, now listen to me carefully, every Guardian Boss has a weakness...this one cannot see but it can easily sense even the slightest of emotions - both fear and happiness. So don't be afraid, be confident "

Karuko gathered some courage and said to him self "I can win!!" - Just then the DarkDragonKing sensed his emotions, faced him and charged!
"Crap.._I_" said Karuko...

Just as the dragon was about to strike Karuko, Timberwolf, the Paladin and Myra came charging from behind onto the Dragon, combining the effect of their skills and weapon effect, they attacked!
...they where not expecting this, there uber powerful attack inflicted no damage on the Dragon...just then, taking advantage of the distracted Dragon, Karuko came charging, jumped and did a melee attack on the Dragon...

"Awee man!" said Karuko...his sword got stuck between the scales on the Dragon's body...

"That hyper kid...he'll just never learn -.-" said Timberwolf, "Leave the sword Karuko!"
"No, I can't leave this sword " said Kaurko.
"We'll try n get it back just come down !!" said Timber
"NO !! I wont let go of my sword, you made it for me !!" said Karuko

And Timber remembered how excited Karuko was when he made him that sword as a birthday gift or rather as a protection tool because he knew he wont be around Karuko for the rest of his life...Karuko needed to protect himself from this evil world,if ever he wasn't around...and he also remember the promise Karuko had made of never loosing the sword...and winning even the greatest of battles with it..

"We'll have to work some strategy out here...I know Karuko's not going to let go of that sword..." said Timber...Myra n the Paladin nodded...

There is just one way as that sword will return and help us all; Timberwolf explains...that way is to sacrifice my very own soul. As when I made that sword I used the light from my torn soul and mixed with a soul of the gods. In this creation came dark beings in which the spells of the apocalyptic being came into effect as my father knew when he summoned it. My brother that sword has your ancestor's soul's in. just then the sword explodes inside the Darkdragonking's body and immerses itself in a dark shadow as it formed the shape of a dark paladin. The figure walks over...

To be continued... writes:
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