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Eudemons online diary

My diary on Eudemons online.

Author: gboy1983

Eudemons Online: Paladin Legend Part VII

Posted by gboy1983 Wednesday September 3 2008 at 10:49PM
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Meanwhile, back in NailoTemple - Karuko, Timberwolf and the paladin enter the abyssal darkness that was on the other side of the door. Timberwolf looks up only to see a full moon - and suddenly he is surrounded by a white light. A burst of light comes straight from his body showing the group the way through. They finally get to the door and it easily opens without a thought - Karuko and the paladin run in, curious about what's inside...then there is a loud bang and they look around them, they are in the library all right but they are in a fiery cage. Timberwolf opens up a conversation, its time to tell you - who I really am...

"Karuko, you know me as older brother. This is only partially true, since we share no blood ties. I was found alone at the edge of Heart Lake by the Shepherd and his daughter long ago and brought to your parents to be took care of. But even back then the moon called to me..." Timberwolf looks up towards the full moon with a yearning expression on his face, "I was different I could tell, for I was the only one who could hear the sweet song of the full moon. So when I became old enough I set off to find the truth of my past.

Deep in Volcano, I found what appeared to be a lowly hermit who spoke to me of the moon and of its song. When I asked him of what it meant he transformed the same as you all saw me and he told me of my ancestors.

A tribe of warriors that was renown for their strength and viciousness of the wolves that they used as their crest, they were the defenders of Yartland.

This is not the first time the Apocalyptic for it was the greatest warrior of the tribe who sealed him away using the power of the legendary Oblivia Sword, I soon learned that this infamous warrior was my father who died giving up his soul to seal the Apocalyptic being away.

Having decided that the Oblivia Sword was too great of a power for this world the tribe of warriors broke it into 7 pieces and scattered them so that they may be guarded. But in doing so they angered the Goddess of The Moon from which the power of the Oblivia Sword is derived, cursing them sealing their power so that only by truly proving their heart pure could the power be unlocked with the goddess's symbol."

Timber looks at the paladin and warrior within the flaming cage and to Myra and the Shepherd who still stood by the door. "We have wasted enough time here talking we must find the other six pieces to the Oblivia Sword for the WerewolfHowlBlade is the seventh that binds the other six together."

With a slash of the blade that cut thru the air with the sound of a wolf howling at the moon, Timber cleanly sliced thru the bars of the cage as the force of the wind behind the blow extinguished the flames.

"We must get going..."

Timber wolf led the way out side of the room to meet with the guardian DragonBain to look for any books in the library that might help them find the remaining 5 shards left (one was found in Cronus by Ewok so 5 left ) of the legendary oblivion blade. After searching for many hours through the ancient halls of the dusty library they found the book of twilight a book written by the ancestors of Timberwolf. The book held information of timber wolfs descendants their ways of life, stories/ folk lore everything, including the legend of the oblivion blade but as timber wolf and the gang read through the book they realized the final page describing the shards whereabouts was missing there was a mysterious marking left on the piece of page that was still left the marking of Timberwofl's tribe...
With 2 of the sword pieces having been found the group set off for the great sandy expanse of the Gobi.

"With luck and the Paladins power we may gain access to that ruined temple. When I was younger I went there on a quest, and slew the 9 bosses, and then the one who arose from their collected souls, when he died too I descended down a level to confront the TombKeeper, a horrible worm like creature that seemingly took forever to kill, as he expired he whispered something about a hidden room where an item of great power would be found. So my fellow travelers let us depart to Gobi, and slay any that stand against us."

Once they arrived at GobiDesert, they quickly got their hands on some potions for a small amount of gold then they sprinted off in search for temple. They battled the BigFangs and Golems. But as they passed through the Lizards a Mysterious figure approached them, Timberwolf identified the figure. It was the powerful yet mysterious Elven mage Rihanu. "Timberwolf, is that you after so many years?" Yes, since you departed from my father, replied Timberwolf." you know that's not true...Your father and I were incredibly close friends. Timberwolf then says, of course you were good friends you ended up having me then father said you left him.

To be continued... writes:
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