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Eudemons online diary

My diary on Eudemons online.

Author: gboy1983

Eudemons Online: Paladin Legend Part III

Posted by gboy1983 Thursday August 28 2008 at 2:20AM
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It has been 100 years since that fateful day, and the long line of descendants of that great warrior and of the great paladin have been just discovering their ancestry and they came to find out the greatness of their forefathers before them.

The paladin was still alive and well not at his best strength but sharing his great knowledge as a scholar to new and young paladins. With the average GreenDevil or Madbull wondering into the city now and then, the old paladin kept them hostage and casted spells over them. The spell was called Alpha that made the monsters immortal; to live forever. This allowed him to help test out the new paladin skills out on monsters with ought the risk of the new paladins getting hurt. The king of the GreenDevil's known as GreenDevillvl18 felt all the pain that was being inflicted on the monsters being held hostage, he felt the urge to help them but was too afraid of the old Guardian paladin. With the great power of the paladin, he still knew the hiding place of the monster and start teaching young paladins, to continue guarding the King and Queen....

Very few of the people could make sense of the Paladins story, but considering that he was gaining strength with each passing day, they all wished him well and sent baskets of dried fruits and other succulent food stuffs from all over Yartland. He put his mind to learning more spells and honing his melee skills to become an even more fearsome force in the seemingly never ending battle against the darkness. Recent events had told him that the evil infecting Yartland had only been temporarily banished.

They were all signs of a possibility that the arrival of and Apocalyptic being was being awoken, but there was no word of how or when this being would arrive. But luckily he still had hope that this was false after all it had only been 2 of the 3 signs that it was awakening, he was still certain to look out for them and get prepared for whatever is to come. The other signs that he had to look out for were unknown so the Paladin decided to start patrolling the grounds of Cronus, he noticed a small flame in the sky, that looked as though it was headed towards the portal to Misty Marsh, he quickly gathered his 2 strongest Apprentices and ran over to the Portal with them to warn the guards and other people there training, they reached the portal and got every out of there, and just in time as well, as the meteorite struck the portal completely destroying access to Misty or from Misty, but on the meteorite it said "The Apocalyptic comes to your world to seek destruction. He has destroyed many before him but you may have the way to destroy him, His name is Klimnest and he is a more powerful than the Devil himself, you need to seek the 7 pieces of the Legendary swor...." the rest is worn and unreadable......

He was sure now! The Apocalyptic, Klimnest, had awakened! What about the legendary items though? He went back to his paladin academy to the library section to research Klimnest. He had no findings at all in that library. But he knew what to do, he had to travel to NailoTemple in MistyMarsh there deep in the dungeon would be the hidden library that would reveal all information that was needed to know about anything in Yartland and beyond! But how was he to get to NailoTemple if the portal to MistyMarsh is destroyed...?

To be continued... writes:
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