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Eudemons online diary

My diary on Eudemons online.

Author: gboy1983

Eudemons Online The Road Toward Jerusalem

Posted by gboy1983 Sunday August 17 2008 at 11:15PM
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The legion of Alchemist already Start its road of Fame among New York Region. It`s our first step toward victory. We can smell the air of victory, we can sense the power of our legion, and we can felt the pleasure of BloodLust running through our vein like savage animal hunting down its prey one by one. The legion itself is not the center power of sources, its the corporation of the Legion that we gain our ability of domination.

Now within our legion there are 3 rules of must obey, 20 rules of penalty, and 14 people of the legion will be chosen to be the central Lord of Feudalism.

There will be 2 Alchemist Sage, 4 Guardiance, 8 Reinforcers.

Alchemist Sage: Must obey the word of the Legion`s Creator, They must swear Loyalty among their name that they will put their life for the sake of the legion, if one who violate the law, should be put on the ultimate Humiliation of returning to a lower peasant member of the legion and plus a fine of 500k.Their duty is to take over the control whenever the Lord of the legion are absent.

4 Guardiance: The power of taxation, they set the rule on how people should donate money in the legion, by certain among or by Percentage of gold each player had. Other power they contain will be Foreign Policy, they negotiate the agreement of allying other legions. Other legion can sent us tribute for their protection, and their usage of our territories. It must be agree by the 2 Sage in order to make laws effective

8 Reinforcers: The will of creativity will be job of the Reinforcers, they create ceremonies a legion could had, they make up Holiday for the legion they think are important. They also makes sure the law are obeyed, rules are fair, and people donate their money.

So Far the left and right Protector were name NightMareShadow and his wife Dark-Haze,

The Four Guadiance will be Makavelli, Trigoras, Lord-Lucifer, and Sharleena

The Eight Reinforcers will be DeathRider,-Seth-, ak, Full*Metal, Lumos, @??npu??y,Bittibrac, and DeathSeeker

So Far i get my member by random inviting, then message them and tell them the benefit of joining, several of them leave the legion then rejoin back again, some even rejoin the legion for their 3rd times. But they later realize this legion had more benefit than other legions.

Our #1 priority is to make sure everyone low level get to get pleveled.

If you want to join the legion when u read this article, please contact me in New York Server by the name of MonoSolo the creator of the legion.


today there are a huge argument in the legion deciding who will inherit my will when i am not in the game, later it change to something that was totally of topic and before i know what happen, people cursing each other with word like Mother______, B____, and word such as  ____head. well later it became normal after i make them to remain silent for 5 minutes and get over it. Afterward the situation was undercontrol and the other guy apologies which cease the feud.


NightmareShadow became level 80 and get pked 20 times a day (breaking the pked record in the whole legion). He gets pissed and log off leaving only his wife wondering alone by herself and some strange man try to hit on her.


I realize i had recruited 400 people within 2 week, and from now on i can get 100 people if i try my best. i feel so proud of myself because sooner or later people will be donating money to the legion and we can buy another booth together. Well, my hot wife never went on anymore to the eudemon game, i think she is getting bored of it or her internet get cut of. Either way, a man had to live alone and continue with his life if his wife isnt on right?

This is MonoSolo reporting our news in Alchemist ANSP channel. Please write me a message if u think you can fit into the legion and contribute to it.

Our legion had all the job for everyone to make them busy and stuff,

MINER: Mine mineral for legion to fix stuff

Trash Eudemon picker: offer legion those useless eudemon in which we us to compose then make money

Donator of Item: If anyone doesnt need item they can donate it to legion warehouse and then we give those item to beginnners to wear (must be refine item).

Advertiser: whisper or talk to ur friend out the legion and ask them to join. Or simply walk around cronus and advertise our legion and then introduce me people who want to join.

So this is it man, i really mean it this time writes:
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