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Eudemons online diary

My diary on Eudemons online.

Author: gboy1983

Eudemons Online: Paladin Legend Part V

Posted by gboy1983 Sunday August 31 2008 at 10:47PM
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"It truly has been too long brother" replied Karuko, He then turns to the Paladin and says "This is my older brother Timberwolf, but what is your name Paladin?" the Paladin Replies "This is no time to be asking my name" as he points towards the monsters. Karuko looks and sees the Monsters preparing for a large attack on the three of them. "I believe we may be in for some trouble" says Timberwolf...

They sat down in the shape of a circle because the Valkyri told them to, they were thinking wtf are we doing but they did it anyway and trusted her. She told them to close there eyes, and as the monsters got closer she started saying words, she spoke in a holy language "Zeuaf Haolet Fogaret" then she spoke English "Melinda, Allyssa, Cupid" they holy language again: "Alost aerosa maioagrater" then English: "Melinda Allyssa, Cupid bless us with protection, bless us with power, combine your will to our will, may we warp to Cronus" she continued the monsters were almost right next to them now! They striked! And what looked like was a portal in the ground under them. Suddenly the paladins fell in screaming! The Valkyri said under her breath "noobs" and followed them in just before being attacked also. 3 of the monsters got into the portal too... but as they arrived at the Cronus fountain, they monsters were destroyed. A Warden approached them, examined them, then knelt in front of the paladin, then said "My lord, who is accompanying you? Never mind that the king and queen want to see you at once! I advise you to see them immediately"...

"I will go see them, but only if these two can come along" replied the Paladin, "Very well then, lets go we have no time to waste" said the warden as he stood up. When the Paladin reached the King he asked "King Crue, what is the problem?", "Whilst you were gone a vicious beast attacked, the guards were only able to send it away, but I fear it will be returning soon"...

"What beast sir?" asked the Paladin. "This is the first sighting in history of this monster, we have no clue of its weaknesses, strengths and attributes of this beast" replied King Crue "But anyway who is these companions of yours?" *The paladin points to Karuko* "This is Kuroko" says the paladin *The Paladin looks around for the Valkyri* "Where is she?" he whispers to Karuko. A familiar voice echo's the building "Oh me, sorry I wasn't sure you would want me to be here. It might overwhelmed the King considering I'm the only Male Valkyri" "Oh its you, show yourself I am sure that he wont be surprised there's no reason" says the Paladin. The hidden Valkyri says "Well alright but-" The paladin interrupts "-No Buts just do it I'm sure he love to see you". The Valkyri appears right next to the Paladin. The king gasps and the guards in the room kneel to him where they are standing. "It's you! Ewok! You have returned!" The king said, all surprised. "You're Ewok?" Asks Karuko "I am, sorry I haven't kept in touch King..." Replies Ewok. "Why is the king so surprised? You must be special! But why?
The king ignoring these lame questions said, "Ewok, but at least your back". You may be the only one that will be able to stop that beast. Ewok says to the king, "Hey Crue, you have any idea where this creature came from? No, it just came from the MistyMarsh portal, says the king. Just then the captain of the guard ran in saying that the beast is on its way. "Brace yourself..."

'Look at the damage of this city!" said Karuko, "There's nothing that can possibly get in the way of this ferocious beast!" "This may be the apocalyptic one that everyone has been waiting for!" Replied the Paladin, "We must flee while we still have the chance" As they ran of with the king, Ewok stayed and yelled "There's no way you'll survive this, but I know that I can. I must stay and protect what is left of the city. You must hurry to MistyMarsh with the guards. Then battle your way through to NailoTemple you must hurry in the hidden library you must find the answers, to not only defeating the being. But now resurrecting Oblivion! Hurry you must go!", "Oblivion?" shouted the Paladin. Suddenly the doors blew open and the guards ran inside blocking the door from the beast. One of them ran to them and shouted "Please we must move a lot faster if we are to survive. A few of us will stay behind while you and the others find the way to defeat the Apocalyptic" "But wait the Oblivion?" said Karuko. "There's No Time Run!" shouted Ewok. With a terrifying loud screech Karuko and the Paladin ran for the underground exit to the mine. There they would have to journey through the MadBulls, GreenGiants, Bullywugs, Gnomes and Dragonkins to get to the portal once destroyed. The Paladin remembered and renounced to the party that 'There is no turning back'. As they arrived at the portal...

They discovered that Timberwolf was already there fighting off monsters as he attempted a ritual that would restore the portal back to its formal power. As the paladin and warrior get closer the see a mob of Dragonkins jump Timberwolf, and even though his skill with his super Demonsong Sword may be great they realize they will never reach him in time. Just as they fear that this may be the end of Timberwolf, suddenly WindBeads cut through mob and out steps Myra. She was a great mage who was Timber and Karuko's mentor back when they first became old enough to learn to fight. Timber looks up thru his blood splattered hair, "This is turning out to be a real reunion for old friends, huh?"

"We must travel through the dangers in Misty Marsh to reach Heart Lake, to find and join with us a fair and wise Mage named The Shepherd if he will help us he may bring with him a legion of warriors and lesser mages that go by the name of The Avengers, they stand for right and honesty and will be a great help to us in ridding the land of thieves, killers and other evil doers" The paladin told his fellow travelers. They looked into his eyes and saw the rightness of his words.

As they passed through the Green Demons, and hordes of EyeBalls they left in their passing a marsh that was now stinking and slippery with the blood of the evil beings they had just slain. Up through the rocky passes they climbed, leaving more bodies and gore in their wake, finally reaching the spot of ground that glowed with power. Stepping upon its magic sent the group to one of the most peaceful, beautiful and monster free areas in all of Yartland: The Heart Lake.

Eudemons Online: Paladin Legend Part VI

Posted by gboy1983 Friday August 29 2008 at 3:02AM
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It was at night, while he was asleep, he had a dream he dreamt: YOU who is the chosen one awake and start training too have your wings up and fly!
In the dream he trained for weeks and finally flew there. When he reach, he was about to go but a beast/human-like monster came and stopped him.

The monster attacked with force but just as it was about to get him, he woke up with a fright!
He called upon his best paladin apprentice in the middle of the night and commanded him to go to the meteor site.

The paladin stared into the portal in front of the site... then suddenly it flamed! Releasing sparks and particles all around it, then the flame turned blue and the portal rose again! With the feeling of being victorious the paladin entered the portal and what he saw wasn??t pleasant, the GreenDevils, Ogres and Eyeballs had multiplied immensely!!! There was no sign of a path anywhere, it seemed the monsters that were stampeding and managed to destroy the paths. With no way for the guards to get back to this place Cronus and the monsters blocking the gates to the ElvenCity, they died of starvation...

The Paladin was Infuriated with his rage but he knew if he were to try and destroy the many monsters here he would surely die. He turned around to go back and get help but he saw that the portal had become inactive...."There is no turning back," he said to himself, finding that he is now trapped here he turns and to see the monsters, and wonders what he should do, then at that moment a mysterious figure approached from the monsters, and rushes forth using Phoenix Berserk to kill the monsters he can to get to this mysterious figure. He soon sees that it is a Strong Warrior wearing Star Ruby Armor and welding a rare Holy Poem Blade, He rushes towards him. The Paladin reaches the warrior and helps him out, they both run back to where the Inactive Portal is to rest as it is still safe around there acting as a point which the Monsters can not see them. The Paladin Asks him "what is your name?" the Warrior replies "My name is, Karuko"....

They were suddenly interrupted as a Greendevil jumped at the 2 heroes. Just as suddenly, thunder came down out of the sky obliterating the monster. Startled the two heroes looked around and finally spotted a beautiful Valkyrie watching them closely. "Even when u think your safe never let your guard down, how many times have I told u that Karuko?" the warrior stiffened at the sound of this familiar voice that he could not quite remember. The owner of the voice stepped out of the shadows and Karuko's eyes filled with surprise and tears as they fell on the face of his older brother, Timberwolf, who had mysteriously vanished 30 years and everyone thought was dead. "Hello, lil brother, miss me?

To be continued...


Eudemons Online: Paladin Legend Part III

Posted by gboy1983 Thursday August 28 2008 at 1:20AM
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It has been 100 years since that fateful day, and the long line of descendants of that great warrior and of the great paladin have been just discovering their ancestry and they came to find out the greatness of their forefathers before them.

The paladin was still alive and well not at his best strength but sharing his great knowledge as a scholar to new and young paladins. With the average GreenDevil or Madbull wondering into the city now and then, the old paladin kept them hostage and casted spells over them. The spell was called Alpha that made the monsters immortal; to live forever. This allowed him to help test out the new paladin skills out on monsters with ought the risk of the new paladins getting hurt. The king of the GreenDevil's known as GreenDevillvl18 felt all the pain that was being inflicted on the monsters being held hostage, he felt the urge to help them but was too afraid of the old Guardian paladin. With the great power of the paladin, he still knew the hiding place of the monster and start teaching young paladins, to continue guarding the King and Queen....

Very few of the people could make sense of the Paladins story, but considering that he was gaining strength with each passing day, they all wished him well and sent baskets of dried fruits and other succulent food stuffs from all over Yartland. He put his mind to learning more spells and honing his melee skills to become an even more fearsome force in the seemingly never ending battle against the darkness. Recent events had told him that the evil infecting Yartland had only been temporarily banished.

They were all signs of a possibility that the arrival of and Apocalyptic being was being awoken, but there was no word of how or when this being would arrive. But luckily he still had hope that this was false after all it had only been 2 of the 3 signs that it was awakening, he was still certain to look out for them and get prepared for whatever is to come. The other signs that he had to look out for were unknown so the Paladin decided to start patrolling the grounds of Cronus, he noticed a small flame in the sky, that looked as though it was headed towards the portal to Misty Marsh, he quickly gathered his 2 strongest Apprentices and ran over to the Portal with them to warn the guards and other people there training, they reached the portal and got every out of there, and just in time as well, as the meteorite struck the portal completely destroying access to Misty or from Misty, but on the meteorite it said "The Apocalyptic comes to your world to seek destruction. He has destroyed many before him but you may have the way to destroy him, His name is Klimnest and he is a more powerful than the Devil himself, you need to seek the 7 pieces of the Legendary swor...." the rest is worn and unreadable......

He was sure now! The Apocalyptic, Klimnest, had awakened! What about the legendary items though? He went back to his paladin academy to the library section to research Klimnest. He had no findings at all in that library. But he knew what to do, he had to travel to NailoTemple in MistyMarsh there deep in the dungeon would be the hidden library that would reveal all information that was needed to know about anything in Yartland and beyond! But how was he to get to NailoTemple if the portal to MistyMarsh is destroyed...?

To be continued...


Eudemons Online: The Tale of Two Legions

Posted by gboy1983 Wednesday August 27 2008 at 2:14AM
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Man against man, woman against woman, kind and against kind. Legions, made to have a group of people to help you through the sometime tough world of Eudemon Online.

Legion have enemies list to put the legions that are against you and your legion mates on. And some time someone to fight every once and a while other then random PKers and the million of creatures that inhabit the world, but what happen when your legion has too many enemies and a leader that can do nothing about it? I am Draven and I am undercover in a legion that is in over their heads.

I will not name the server and will refer to the legion as "WAR". WAR is a legion that started off with very few members and had but one enemy. WAR was started because a legion that will be referred to as "VOX" was lead by an evil and cruel man "Saint". So when things got too bad the leader of WAR "Roxy" started her own legion. Roxy started by recruiting her friends from VOX with promises of high ranks and better treatment. When Saint found out about what Roxy was doing he made WAR his enemy.

A year later they are still at battle. Roxy ran her legion fairly and strictly with rules like no random PKing and no boss stealing. Roxy in the real world is starting college and has been off Eudemon. Her rules that kept her legion safe and prosperous have many times been broken. Members have been random PKing and boss stealing cause other legion members to add WAR to their enemy list. Though WAR is a level 10 legion many of their members are below 100 pot..

Eudemons Online Wand,Eudemon and Murderer

Posted by gboy1983 Tuesday August 26 2008 at 3:59AM
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On a sunny day in summer a few years back I was given two companions to fight the evil creatures which now cover the earth. I managed to pass by the busy city of Cronus and outside I saw fearsome monsters. After destroying many of these so called "MadBulls" I gained a large amount of strength that I felt surge threw me and explode.

I passed through horde after horde of monsters gaining large amounts of gold, getting stronger with every kill, eventually I came to a place that was not like Cronus. It was dark and swampy with a dreadful mist, which was known as misty marsh. It was a magical land and the monsters here where far more fearsome. After ridding the lands of many more demonic creatures I found something, a pink egg glittering, I picked it up and kept it in my warm pouch to keep it from harm and continued on my way. I walked into a hidden city named ElvenCity. I traded with the armorer and blacksmith who forged me new equipment for I outgrew my last set. I gathered supplies and set foot on a new adventure, I was heading towards GobiDesert. As I reached the border between sand and swamp a guard warned me:

" This land is filled with many dangerous creatures and even murderers."

I ignored the guard's words and set foot. On the ground I saw, just laying there, a wand had a glowing aura around it. I held it in my hand and it busted into light, in my hand was a super wand.

But I was not the only one who saw the light. all the murderers in the area saw the rare flash and wanted to steal my new found weapon. They rushed at me, warriors and mages. I could not fend off them. My companions were beaten down by blades and I was falling, but suddenly, a creature jumped from my bag, a four legged demon with a very large head and it used a skill I have never seen, it saved me from a fatal blow using a glowing orange thunderbolt which made the earth rumble. Then the demon did as I wished, it could understand me and I it. Yet this strange feeling came onto me, was it... joy? Was I honestly enjoying slaughtering these men? It then came to me that I myself was no better than the murderers in front of me...

I started to kill all the other adventurers around me, wand now glowing with a lust for blood, tainted by the evil of its wielder. My pet also enjoyed killing...too much so. Eventually I found another egg oddly this one was purple, I took it in and waited, hatching the same pig like creature except this one could merge within me, and it did not use the same skill...

There I stood, my name glowing black, on top of the dunes in GobiDesert. A murderer, wanted criminal, lost in the evil of this world.

Eudemons Online: A Road with No Ends

Posted by gboy1983 Sunday August 24 2008 at 10:08PM
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I was talking to a friend of mine in Eudemons Online today who mentioned a problem a lot of people have with games like EO. That there is no end. There is no way to beat EO. Is that all games are about, the end? That is not how it works in life. 

The end is not important in life, the journey is. It is the same in EO. To use a popular saying: It's not about whether you'll lose but how you play the game. The same is true in EO. Playing the game and enjoying the journey. This game is about improving your character, making friends, and accomplishing little things every day. Just like life and just like life you will get out of EO just what you put into it. 

I know what I enjoy most in this game is not making better pets, getting more stuff, or leveling. It is the interactions, talking with old friends and making new. This is what keeps people playing this game. The people they talk with and play with. They can abandon their characters and pets any day, but not their friends. They also keep the game exciting because you never know when you might make a new friend or what you and your old friends will talk about and do. 

This is why this game does not need or require an end. It is a journey and friends are the most important part of it. Is there an end to friendships? Yes, but there shouldn't be so why do people think EO needs an end when it is a game about friends and the journey.

Eudemons Online The Road Toward Jerusalem

Posted by gboy1983 Sunday August 17 2008 at 10:15PM
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The legion of Alchemist already Start its road of Fame among New York Region. It`s our first step toward victory. We can smell the air of victory, we can sense the power of our legion, and we can felt the pleasure of BloodLust running through our vein like savage animal hunting down its prey one by one. The legion itself is not the center power of sources, its the corporation of the Legion that we gain our ability of domination.

Now within our legion there are 3 rules of must obey, 20 rules of penalty, and 14 people of the legion will be chosen to be the central Lord of Feudalism.

There will be 2 Alchemist Sage, 4 Guardiance, 8 Reinforcers.

Alchemist Sage: Must obey the word of the Legion`s Creator, They must swear Loyalty among their name that they will put their life for the sake of the legion, if one who violate the law, should be put on the ultimate Humiliation of returning to a lower peasant member of the legion and plus a fine of 500k.Their duty is to take over the control whenever the Lord of the legion are absent.

4 Guardiance: The power of taxation, they set the rule on how people should donate money in the legion, by certain among or by Percentage of gold each player had. Other power they contain will be Foreign Policy, they negotiate the agreement of allying other legions. Other legion can sent us tribute for their protection, and their usage of our territories. It must be agree by the 2 Sage in order to make laws effective

8 Reinforcers: The will of creativity will be job of the Reinforcers, they create ceremonies a legion could had, they make up Holiday for the legion they think are important. They also makes sure the law are obeyed, rules are fair, and people donate their money.

So Far the left and right Protector were name NightMareShadow and his wife Dark-Haze,

The Four Guadiance will be Makavelli, Trigoras, Lord-Lucifer, and Sharleena

The Eight Reinforcers will be DeathRider,-Seth-, ak, Full*Metal, Lumos, @??npu??y,Bittibrac, and DeathSeeker

So Far i get my member by random inviting, then message them and tell them the benefit of joining, several of them leave the legion then rejoin back again, some even rejoin the legion for their 3rd times. But they later realize this legion had more benefit than other legions.

Our #1 priority is to make sure everyone low level get to get pleveled.

If you want to join the legion when u read this article, please contact me in New York Server by the name of MonoSolo the creator of the legion.


today there are a huge argument in the legion deciding who will inherit my will when i am not in the game, later it change to something that was totally of topic and before i know what happen, people cursing each other with word like Mother______, B____, and word such as  ____head. well later it became normal after i make them to remain silent for 5 minutes and get over it. Afterward the situation was undercontrol and the other guy apologies which cease the feud.


NightmareShadow became level 80 and get pked 20 times a day (breaking the pked record in the whole legion). He gets pissed and log off leaving only his wife wondering alone by herself and some strange man try to hit on her.


I realize i had recruited 400 people within 2 week, and from now on i can get 100 people if i try my best. i feel so proud of myself because sooner or later people will be donating money to the legion and we can buy another booth together. Well, my hot wife never went on anymore to the eudemon game, i think she is getting bored of it or her internet get cut of. Either way, a man had to live alone and continue with his life if his wife isnt on right?

This is MonoSolo reporting our news in Alchemist ANSP channel. Please write me a message if u think you can fit into the legion and contribute to it.

Our legion had all the job for everyone to make them busy and stuff,

MINER: Mine mineral for legion to fix stuff

Trash Eudemon picker: offer legion those useless eudemon in which we us to compose then make money

Donator of Item: If anyone doesnt need item they can donate it to legion warehouse and then we give those item to beginnners to wear (must be refine item).

Advertiser: whisper or talk to ur friend out the legion and ask them to join. Or simply walk around cronus and advertise our legion and then introduce me people who want to join.

So this is it man, i really mean it this time

Eudemons Online: A Sad Love Story

Posted by gboy1983 Friday August 15 2008 at 1:59AM
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So it was, a day in the life of the game. You think nothing of the random messages that come your way. Someone is selling something again. It`s a message to ignore, especially if you`re rather poor. It was one of these days, I happen to see, someone searching for a companion, someone sweet, like me? Dare I take a chance and respond? I thought "Oh what the hell, what could go wrong?"

My word of advice, is don`t be naive, you never know who might be deceiving. I can say this now, for as it was, a response I gave, later he turned out to be a dud. Sweet, and charming, a gentleman he seemed; but he was playing the fool, and that fool was me.

Some time had passed, I forget how long, not that it matters, now least of all. There it was, the message came. My prince charming proposed and wouldn`t you know, I said yes without hesitation. Now that I think back to that day, I wish more and more that I had just walked away.

Finally we were married, and he showered me with gifts, a flower of red, elite that or this, he claimed they were his, and with this I do not fault but now it was more misleading then I had thought. We continued on, fighting together in the desert and beyond. Side by side, it was such a grand time. Shame it didn`t last all that long.

His comments were wanting of this or that; he repeated how much he wished for what I had. The items I had were not all that great, a few elite things found in the game. I shared so willingly, unknowing, and naïve. The more I gave the less he seemed to like me. Where I went wrong I will never know. But when I gave my cherished pet with his 5-Star glow, everything changed, it was as it seemed, He was after my goods, and left my heart to bleed. He lied through his teeth, and told stories about how life was important and he needed to get out.

It didn`t take long, for him to kick me from the legion and depart my family, within an hour he went as far as to divorce me. Not a word was further spoken, and to this day, I`ve yet to hear about this so called life he used to run away. Heart broken and vengeful is all I can say. Yes I was angry, when I saw he still played.

This story I am telling to you today, is more of a warning for those who might be swayed. Be careful and watch for those smooth in speech for they will take you for all you have. It doesn`t hurt them in the least. Don`t fall for the Power Devine, his is a twisted heart, soul, and mind.

The LostLand, The Foggy Battlefield!

Posted by gboy1983 Wednesday August 13 2008 at 4:08AM
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The LostLand, The foggy Battle Field!

Part 1.

Feet pounded against the docks, Warriors and Mages alike preparing gears and their pets. Under the cover of darkness, we ran towards the waiting ship, As massive as it was, it was just big enough to fit all of us.

We sailed, To the forgotten lands far away from our small homes, I looked back at the little island town i had grown to love, Watching it slowly disappear with the shining moon above knowing, this could be my last look at my home.

Foggy, Was the only way to describe this place, Foggy and dead, no sign of any human activity. We walked slowly, always on guard watching each others backs, we searched for hours, and found nothing. We set up camp on order of our superiors. Normally I would never listen to these people, Always a carefree person, But this was the time of war, no fooling around now.

"This place is deader than Dark's comedy club" One man said. I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Aarg!.." We all turned our heads, and our eyes widened, A slash mark, all the way down from a mans head, to his pelvis, We watched in horror as the mass slid in two. Even more shocked by what was behind him, A SilentKnight.

Part 2.

After we saw that, Panick settled in, As we all tried to ready ourselves, More came seemingly out of nowhere, Slashing at more of us. Our fires suddenly went out after a harsh gust of wind. All was silent, Until a loud thud came from the middle of our camp.

"It's a Berserker!" I shouted charging for a Thunder. I released my power, Summoning a massive strike of thunder, Scorching the area and the berserker.

After that, we all charged, We hacked, slashed, thundered, and windbeaded for hours. I stopped, and looked around me. The destruction was far spread, Our camp long destroyed.

"There's too many, we should..."A man started to yell, cut nearly in two by a vicious berserker.

I looked around again, we were winning, "Of course," I though, "We have the upper hand in power." Releasing a torrent of windbeads.

We killed many, But there was too many, It seemed for every one we killed, three took it's place.

Dawn would be in a few hours, We had to act fast, Watching in horror as around ten of our army was over powered and fell to the bloody blades of SilentKnights.

I closed my eyes and sighed, we needed a miracle, I though.

Suddenly, I felt a power surge to my right, I saw a man, who I have never seen before, And with... Wings? I was amazed, At the wings and the skill level he showed, Many more of these men and woman came flooding in, Allies thankfully, The completely destroyed everything in site. Not our army of course.

Soon the battle was won, Our miracle had come! we were thankful to have such luck. We cheered, We had finally done it, tore apart the threat to island for ages! We were so happy. I felt a sharp pain, Looking dozen I noticed the rough edge of a silentknights sword, I coughed blood and fell to my knees, vision blurring I fell into a peaceful slumber, thinking only of my Island home thankful that I got one last look...


A/N: Just a little something I had on my mind and divided to write it, Hope you like it I do not have much experience in writing. Well, I wasn't basing this on the game so much, More realistic, And Yes, I know an army of people wouldn't die from The monsters of LostLand, But however this is a fic and it can be however I want it xD.

Paranoid For A Reason

Posted by gboy1983 Tuesday August 12 2008 at 2:07AM
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So there was this mage who's trying to enjoy his life and explore the world beyond his eyes ever seen and beyond his mind ever imagine. He started out pretty well killing some mobs outside Cronus while following what's in the GuideBook. And starting to enjoy his simple life. No, he doesn't want to be the strongest nor the richest he just want to have lots of friends and surely enjoying every grind in every field he have been on. Also he strive hard to gain money for his own and trying his best to compose some eudemons.

Till he reached level 36+ he went to GobiDesert he's now beginning to open his eyes how ugly and cruel in the world he is living. Because at that moment while his buying large amount of potions and when he got into the place where BigFangs are, he didn't expect anything will happen bad so bad. The truth is he's even excited because of the new monsters and places he'll be dwelling on also new friends to meet along his way to exploring this world.

Suddenly while he was at his moment of joyful and one of the most cherish moments of his life. He... got... PK'ed!!! Sadness and down falls are the only things he have been feeling after that incident. He never knew life could be so thoughtless and cruel.

After that he lose hope. He ran out of pleasure at grinding nor meeting other people around him. Until that day he is seldom being seen leveling and hanging around at the towns. He never expected that this day will come, He was alone in the darkness, sulking and trying to think of one of his best times while he was still enjoying his life.

His fear and boredom consumed himself. Then he never trust anybody else, He sees the world in a different way, the complete opposite way of before. He was aware of grief and darkness are lurking anywhere. And then that time comes that he couldn't bear living in the world of cruelty. He decided this decision he must have decided even was before... He quit... his... life...

Till then let us just hope he's in a better place right now. He was a man of being paranoid for a reason. A reason that he hope that will be heard. He had enough with PK'ing.

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