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Eudemons online diary

My diary on Eudemons online.

Author: gboy1983

Eudemons Online: The Dawn Blade 2

Posted by gboy1983 Tuesday July 22 2008 at 9:50PM
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My hand shook as the weight of everything that was happening hit me. I was going to die in this hell pit. The ghoulish creatures smacked their lips, probably not having had fresh meat in quite sometime. I was not in a good situation, to say the least.

  They closed in around me, making sure I had no escape route, but with so many of them, and so few of me, I didnt know how I was to survive the fight. I spun around, looking for a possible exit, but other then a large crack, like a fault line, there was nothing in the room. I was done for.

  As they drew nearer, I could sence the bloodlust in their heavy breathing. Something about the syncronized breaths struck me as extreamly creepy. I kept spining around, hoping not to see one of them lunging for me.

As I turned a third time, something I did not expect to happen did. A large crashing noise, like the lifting and dropping of a huge wieght. I spun to look at the fault line, and where it was, was now an open crevice, held open by a large trantula. My day was going from bad, to worse.

But to my surprise, the large spider only seemed interested in ensnaring the ghouls, and was leaving me untouched a majority of the ghouls retreated to the darkness, while a few lay wrapped in webbing squirming about wildly, trying to escape their horrible fate.

The spider, and his large eight eyes where now fixated, almost puzzled at what to do with me. I sheathed my sword, for if it was going to eat me, there would be no sence in fighting it. It was at least 200 times my size, and could easily overpower me, so instead, I stood, and waited to see what it would do.

The spider leaned in close, bending its legs to get in and have a good look at me. Then it whispered. "Do not fear little one, I only eat the ghouls of this caveren...I'm used to their taste. What might be your name?"

I looked up, dumbfounded. I could not believe this spider had just spoke. "M-my name?" I studdered nerviously.

"Yes, unless you'd rather I continue calling you little one..." The spider chuckled generously. I honestly didnt know what to do. I was having a conversation with one of the most unlikely of creatures. I stood in silence for a few more moments, pondering my options.

"You may call me Zealos. I'm a traveller...I was on my way through the forest..."

"When you stumbled upon the cave..." The spider interrupted. "You must be the one of which he spoke..." I looked up at the spider confused. "who spoke of me?" I quickly questioned, the words slightly more demanding then I intended. I didnt want to piss it off after all.

"The one of the prophcy. The one who shall wield the Dawn Blade, and bring the world to the rightful order. Yes, yes it must be you. I was worried for a while there it was him" It pointed to the corpse using on of its feelers. "But it must be you."

At mention of the legendary Dawn Blade, I shook my head. "No, it can't be..." The spider interjected again "And why not?"

"Well, first of all, I'm not hero. I was born from nobility, I dont have magic, or speical powers. I'm just a traveller." The spider eyed me for a moment, carefully chosing its words. "Not all heros are noble, in fact, sometimes, they are the least likely of people, normal, everyday people. The rest of that stuff is what you hear in fairy tales." The spider almost seemed to smile at me.

"Your destiny lies with this sword..." The spider drew up from its nest one of the most beautiful blades I had ever laid eyes on, a perfect hilt, and a crystal, sky blue colored blade, which emendated an eerie glow. She set the sword before me." And the respondsability that comes with it..."

I touched the blade, feeling the smooth cold metal against my skin. It felt...right. perfect even. Like it was made for me. "What do I do with it?" I looked up to the spider as I asked.

"Something dark is comming. You must stop it, and save all the lives in your path. Your destiny is to save the world. Just remember, the sword doesn't make the hero. The hero makes the sword." She dragged her meal into her nest and slowly closed the large rock ontop of it, sealing her away from the billion other questions zipping in my mind.

I stood and exited the cave, and leaving the forest compleatly, the dawn blade tucked neatly in my belt buckle. It was night, and the air was cool, and moist. And in the distance, I saw the town I just left, being set aflame. I knew what I had to do. I began running through the cool night air towards the village. writes:
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