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Eudemons online diary

My diary on Eudemons online.

Author: gboy1983

The Ordeal: Part I

Posted by gboy1983 Sunday July 13 2008 at 9:35PM
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Once long ago, there ruled a prince. His name was Agrus, and his people loved him. It was the time of war. The Northern King had grown tired of putting up with the happy kingdom Agrus ruled, for the King's kingdom was forever filled with woe. War was declared. As Agrus sent out the draft, fathers of children, brothers of sickened ones, and husbands of sobbing wives left they're families, never to return.

Agrus loved his people as much as they loved him, and he grieved for their losses. Then, one terrible night, a prisoner escaped from the royal dungeon and crept into the royal bedroom. The convict took a vial from the rags he was wearing and thrust the black, oozing liquid down Prince Agrus' throat. Gasping, Agrus was only able to see a vanishing leg around the corner of the door before he fell back onto the bed, unconscious.

The next day, Agrus felt a black, oozing pain at his heart. He writhed and screamed in his bedroom. A few minutes later, he found that his chest had grown more muscular and his arms had become ribbed, and his heart had turned to stone. He felt good. He felt powerful. Today was the day to start marching to the North.

"But sire," said his royal advisor, "We have planned to start marching a month from now, and we haven't gathered enough men to fight. Shouldn't we-"

As the old man was talking, Agrus felt heat weld up inside him. How dare this nobody question him? He felt an unstoppable hate for this babbling nobody. He wanted to kill this man. 'But I have never wanted that for anybody. What is happening to me? No, I couldn't even hurt this man.' But even as he thought this, black oozing hate filled his body.

You shall do what I say!" roared Agrus. He unsheathed his sword and killed the old man before he could widen his eyes in terror. "We shall march?? today," whispered the prince to the bleeding body. He smiled. What a waste of human life this wretch had been. He hid the corpse in the dungeon, next to a decaying skeleton.

Then, Agrus sent out a royal decree: "All soldiers are to meet outside the castle wall! The army shall march today! All soldiers are to meet outside the castle wall! The army shall march today??" Young and old, short and tall, fat and thin, the Prince's army arranged themselves on foot and on horses. Prince Agrus rode out in front of them. And his people knelt before them, for they loved they're Prince, some even prostrated on the ground?? in they're rightful place.

"Come!" roared Agrus across the hundreds of men. "Your ordeal begins today! We march for three days to the North, where the enemy scum lurks! If you fall behind, you are not worthy to fight! Come!" The army started foreword. On the battlements, children, women, and men left behind waved to the brave soldiers.

Agrus smiled. He wondered if any of these people needed to be punished for their stupidity, just like the dead Advisor. "We shall see??" Agrus said to himself. "We shall see??"

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